Saturday, 26 March 2011

Haul:from Naked for £1... to Chanel badness!

 I have been a busy bee this week, i've gone from doing virtually no shopping to the point of having withdrawels ( I kid ya!) to finding myself shopping on two separate occasions and in the mean time the postie has dropped off parcels full of goodies that I ordered a week or so ago! 

First up I took a trip into Savers, I'm not sure if these shops are all over the country or not,and to be honest its a shop which I seem to forget about for some stupid reason as there are so many amazing bargains to be had, from household products to top perfume brands!! Here's what I picked up...

1. Naked 'be smooth' cocoa butter body cream 
2.Imperial leather foamburst 'shower and shave'
3.Revlon Nail polish 'peach smoothie'

Can you believe these 3 products total came to £3.29???

The whole 'Naked' range is £1 in savers!!! I nearly died!!!!

Next I popped to Superdrug to check out the 'Avoir la peche' range from Sleek,but aside from the eyeshadow palette's which to be honest doesnt float my boat, had all sold out :( I did swatch the 'Pan tao' blush and 'sugar may' lip polish and really need to find them at some point!! 

In my disappointed state I mooched around and picked up these beauties!!
1.MUA Lipstick in shade 04 (LOVE this it's a very sheer pink and tastes like sherbert)
2.Barry M Nail paint in 'mushroom'
3.Barry M Nail Paint in 'blueberry'
4.GOSH 'holographic' nail polish
5.Barry M Lip Gloss shade 104 ( I cant stop applying this!)
6.Collection 2000 'Big fake' mascara (Ive heard so many good things, I cant wait to try this out!!)

The second shopping trip of the week,which I will be totally blaming my Mum for,as she wanted me to go to Primark 'Pyjama shopping!' with her..."hmmm...OK!!' 
To be honest, Primark and the rest of the high street clothes shops pretty much sucked for me this week All I picked up was a pair of Knickers and a couple of vests which I wont bore (or gross you out!)  with pictures of ;)

So what happen's when Clothes shopping royally disappoints?? We hot foot it to Boots of course! Unfortunately for me at the top of the escalator are the beautiful bright lights of the Chanel counter!....and the results of that are...

A totally random purchase, I was actually not planning on buying foundation for a while,but I don't have a compact that I like at the moment and the lovely SA applied this over the 'Sheer glow' foundation that I had applied that morning and it just made my face look luminous and refreshed! Also when you run out you simply repurchase the pan at £26 which saves you £8,SOLD wrap it up it's a Bargain!! :)

And in the post...

I ordered these eyelashes about 10 days ago from they only cost me around £3 for both pairs,!!! They don't come with glue but who uses the crappy glue that usually comes with false lashes?

And Last but not least,my order from the ASOS/Groupon deal came this morning!!

1.NARS 'Belize' Lip Gloss
2.yes to carrots 'cotton candy' lip tint

I picked up NARS 'Belize' lip gloss which is a definite 'my lips but better' shade,perfect for lazy, 'mouching about' days. I also got a 'yes to carrots' lip tint in cotton candy which to be honest has disappointed me by tasting like mint! and not having much tint at all! saying that these two products only cost me £12.50 so I am chuffed to bits!

Phew,so that was my week! I will post up some reviews of these products soon :)
I will definitely not be buying anything for a few weeks I'm even tempted after this lot to join the beauty bloggers that are doing project 10 pan *ponders this for a minute* hmm...we'll see!!!

I hope you have all had a good one my lovelies and have been enjoying the random sunshine in the U.K! Speaking of which where the heck has it gone??


  1. Great haul- very diverse, I like it! Can you review your new Chanel? I'm seriously thinking if getting it but haven't seen a lot of reviews on it x

  2. Thanks Chick! :) I will do yeah,I know that it has replaced the fluid 'teint innocence' foundation which is going to be discontinued! Ill give it a week or so and pop a review up xxx

  3. I want those bad ass lashes.

    Helen, X

  4. fab aren't they? :) I cant believe how cheap they were!! xxx

  5. great bargain :) and the shade is lovely too :) ill have to pop into savers tomorrow xxx


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