Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Giveaway winner...

Thank you to everyone who entered my 100 follower giveaway,and for letting me know your recent make-up discoveries! There is definitely a lot of love for ELF! I need to get in the game as I have never used any of their products!
Anyway sadly there could only be one winner! Congratulations to Love Lucy!!!
I Will send you an email today so that you can get in touch with your address chick!
Thanks again to everyone!!!


  1. Love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...

  2. @Lucy yeeeeahhhhh chick :))) congrats!!! I have emailed you did u get it? just mail me your address and I will pop it in the post tomorrow :D xxx

    @Opal aww thanks so much! :) of course I will hunni xxx

  3. yup, i replied a while ago :)

  4. ahh great Ill send it off tomorrow then! Hope you like everything you will have to let me know what u think :) xxx

  5. Thank you so much, oh don't worry i'll be trying and reviewing stuff for a few weeks :)

  6. Aww brilliant :) I got your email so I will get to the P.O tomorrow xxx


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