Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Azure Petrol -EOTD

Hey Girls, Thought I'd throw in an eye of the day (my first one) now that I have got to grips with my new camera a little more...

How hard is it to take a picture of your own eye?? I nearly filled the memory card on my camera!!

Products used

GOSH pigment 'AZURE'
Barry M Dazzle Dust 'Petrol'
MAC Liquid last liner 'aqualine' (top lashline)
Maybelline One by One black Mascara-I LOVE THIS!! 
Barry M supersoft eyecrayon (top and bottom waterlines)

Hope you like it...think the mums at school were a bit unsure why I was done up so much on a Tuesday afternoon :)

I'm really Loving the Maybelline One by One Mascara,has anyone else been using this one?, let me know what you think of it.

I had also forgotten what a complete biiiiatch MAC liquid last is to get off,hope the school Mum's still like it in the morning eek! 



  1. I know it takes me forever take a decent eye picture lol. Your eye make up looks gorgeous =] xx

  2. haha yeah it's soooooo hard, and sat in the window aswell hoping the neighbours dont see ya snappin pics of yourself *shame* Thanks so much hunni :)) xxx

  3. lolol I think it came out great.. see this photography stuff isn't easy lol.
    Good work and your eye makeup looks wonderful


  4. Thanks Jim :) yeah not too shabby only took about 200 attempts hahaha!
    Aww thanks so much :) and if u look you can see in the reflection that we had a blue sky over here today ooooh yeaaaaaaahhhhh :D xxx


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