Sunday, 6 March 2011

Brand New City,Brand New Haul...

Hey Girls and Boys!!
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend,If you follow my Tweets you will know that I took my son to see 'Horrible Histories' In York on Friday night,and we decided to make a weekend of it as York is such a beautiful town with Loads of quaint and quirky little shops.

Sooooooooo,here's a few pictures of the weekend and a little haul from Ye olde York town! 

How pretty are these shops??

I had to ask 3 members of staff if I could take pictures in this AMAZING little shop,It was chokka with Make-up,perfume,false nails,Nail polishes and accessories from floor to ceiling and all at really LOW prices!! It was like Heaven!
I'm really annoyed with myself for not remembering the name,and also for getting claustraphobic when it got busy, and leaving without having a really good rummage.

And onto the haul...

So whats in the swag bag?!

    • Oilatum Natural face repair cream- For anyone that hasn't heard this mentioned by Pixiwoo, I have to say this is an amazing cream for anyone with skin that is prone to dryness,I haven't stopped applying it since I picked it up yesterday, and from first use I can really see and feel the moisture that has been injected into my face LOVE IT!! Luckily York has 3 Boots and unluckily  it took me until the third to find it!
    • Stargazer Nail Polishes- I got the Pink chrome which i'm not sure i'm 100% sold on as it kind of reminds me of a pearlised pink my Nan used to wear,it's definitely gonna be a Marmite polish is this one!
    •  I also picked up polish number 306 there is no colour on this,but its a fab black/grey glitter I have it on now over Barry M Black and I'm Loving it!
    • Cosmpolitan Eyelash curlers-I love these sooo much! They have proper handles,so no more putting your fingers into uncomfortable metal holes and squeezing until you have big red dents on them! I have been using the cult shu uemura curlers for about 3 years and the cosmo ones have now officially replaced them!
    • W7 Cheeky cherry and ravishing raspberry lip balms-Cute little slide open tins with vintage pin up girls on the front...once again I was suckered in by the packaging!!! 
    • The Pink Cow 'Vanilla biscuit bath&shower gel' and 'Coconut creme body scrub'- The whole 'pink cow' range was on offer in Boots everything only £2 So I picked these up mainly because 'Vanilla biscuit' caught my eye and Vanilla is my favourite smell ever!! 
    • Maybelline 'one by one' mascara-The one with the 'lash catcher' brush,I have used this twice now and have to say it has given me seperated lashes and a good bit of length to boot,I will do a full review of this once I have used it a few more times.
    • Loreal 'Sublime bronze' face tan-I was going to pick up St.tropez but remember a friend raving about sublime bronze and thought I'd give it a go.When I have used it a couple of times I'll add a review.
    • Nivea soft Hand,face and body moisturiser-Actually I find this pretty similar to the Oilatum face repair,Just gorgeously (<so surprised spell check didn't pull me on that!!) hydrating and I love that it's multi purpose.
    • A Cosmopolitan vent brush-Nothing exciting it was just really cheap in TKMAXX! FYI York has a rubbish TKMAXX I was v.disappointed! And while I'm on a bit of a rant It doesn't have a Primark!!! That is the only thing wrong with York in my opinion.
    • Good things 5 minute facial mask-I'm not sure why exactly I bought this,I think the intention was to go back and relax and have a pampering session (It didn't really work out like that!) But my boyfriend used it and said his skin felt great so thumbs up so far!

I know its a pretty small one especially considering that I was surrounded by really cute shops,but it was really busy and the shops were all pretty small and seriously jammed with people, so it made for a somewhat stressful shopping experience.
 I'd like to go back on a weekday or a Sunday when its maybe less crowded and I'm able to hear myself think!

What are your favourite cities for shopping? 


  1. I got the Vanilla Biscuit bubble bath from Boots yesterday too - I loooooove vanilla! I wish I'd bought body scrub too..

    I really like York, it's such a nice city and I'm a bit of a history nerd so I love the fact that there are so many old buildings and history-related things to do haha.

    For shopping though it has to be Manchester. I *might* be biased because I've lived there for ages but since moving to Sheffield I've really missed the vast array of shops all close together in Manchester! xo

  2. I love York for a day out... i used to go quite often when i was living up north. Interested to see how the Sublime Bronze turns out, i used to use the body tan and kinda liked it but it took aaaages to dry! I like face tan through the summer, i'm using St Tropez Everyday at the minute but it takes a few applications to really notice any difference. xxx

  3. @Katie Marie...Vanilla is theeee best! I could have Vanilla in everything and never get bored,cant stop sniffing the vanilla biscuit shower gel mmmm delish!!
    Ahh yeah Its gorgeous,The buildings are amazing! and I love the castle walls and little castle shaped pubs so cool!
    Oooh Yeah Manchester is amazing,probably my ultimate favourite even though ive only been about 3 times!!! I used to live in Sheffield the town is pretty rubbish compared to alot especially as its such a major city,Meadowhall is pretty good tho (when its not rammed!!) :)

    @Jo Heey hun ahh yeah Its so nice!I kept bleating on about how I wanted to move there,think after yesterdays all day shopping my boyfriend would happily pack my bags 4 me!hehe!
    Yeah I wasn't too fussed with the sublime bronze body either,or the facial spray tan come to think of it,but I thought I'd have a go with this one for a change because I keep on using St.Moriz mousse on my face and i'm not sure that its too good for the skin! I'll let u know how it goes :) Yeah I never got St.tropez everyday because my mum said it was rubbish and I really wanted it aswell,I bet she only used it once then decided it didn't work haha...I'll let her know about that Cheers hun xxx

  4. Yeah I agree about Meadowhall, but it ALWAYS seems to be busy when I go! If I have a day off uni and go mid-week when kids are at school and I think it'll be quiet it's still rammed! xo

  5. Sounds and looks like you two had fun! I'd love to shop in NY!

  6. Hiya Debbie :) Yeah It was a fab weekend thanks hun! Ooooh I'd love to shop in NY tooo so much! When we went to Florida we bought so much stuff back and wished we had took empty cases with us hehe xxx

  7. Aaah Katie Marie I know its a nightmare!! The best time I used to find was literally first thing in the morning on a and my friend used to go and have a full breakfast about 8:30 before the shops open then have a couple of blissful quiet shopping hours! Dont think I could do that now I live 30mins away but defo a good plan :) xxx


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