Sunday, 13 March 2011

FOTD & Chanel Ombres de perlees disappointment

Hey Girls,
Hope you are all having a great (sunny) weekend!

 As I don't really have anything particularly new to review I thought I'd post a FOTD from our family sunday lunch (which was at Frankie and Benny's because the carvery was heaving!) and sadly a bit of a rant/ramble...

Camera close up=Moody face  ;)
Camera far away=Happy face ;)
Products used :
NARS Sheer Glow foundation 'Deauville'
W7 Bronzer 'Africa'
VIE Skin dew highlighter
NARS Lipgloss 'Scandal' 
I was expecting a hot peach/coral shopping online=disappoining
But I'm liking this non the less :)

Applied sheer (and grumpy by the looks of it hehe)

(iphone)Swatch,there is no glitter in this product,its on my hand for some reason

Chanel Ombres de perlees palette 
Maybelline One by One Volum' express mascara
MAC Powerpoint eye pencil 'bordeauxline'

As you can see It has been given a pretty fair trial,not sure what the specks are on the mirror??
I have waited a while to give a review of the 'ombres de perlees' palette which is Chanel's Limited edition spring 2011 palette,when I first bought it,it was Love at first swatch,and as you can see I've had a fair bit of use out of it. 
The reason I am disappointed is that compared to the first swatch,where I fell for the colours,which are incredibly beautiful and swatched like butter on hot toast,I just cannot seem to get the same effect on my eyes,no matter which way I use them.The colour payoff is incredibly disappointing.
VERY heavily swatched,the colours are beautiful but sadly do not apply to my eye in the same way :(

The shadows are all pearlised and go on very sheer even the darker colours need a really good building up to get a slightly strong colour.
I have tried applying them with every make and model of brush possible,my fingers,I even used the sponge applicators which were included!!I've used them wet and dry,as a base for other shadows and layered on top of my other shadows(which has proved to be the most successful)....Nothing makes these stand out for me!
I also find that my eyelids  feel dry after a few hours wear. 
I'm gutted about this,especially as I paid over £30 for what I was expecting to be the HG eyeshadow palette!!
On the eye So dull!!! Dammit!! 

I intend to find a way of getting the best out of the ombres palette,maybe I just have weird eyes??
If not it'll have to be ebay for this baby :'(

Has anybody else got any disappointing products to rant about?


  1. aw what a pain about the chanel! your skin looks awesome though, I'm gonna have to get some sheer glow x

  2. I knoow,I love Chanel aswell Im so sad :'( hopefully its just me coz its such a stunning palette!!
    Ooooh Thankyou,yeah sheer glow is rocking my socks hehe,I cant wait to put it on each morning #sad!!
    Love Nat xxx

  3. Oh yes, that absolutely sucks when the color seem amazing swatched on the hands, but are so sheer on the eyes. I've had quite some bad experiences with these )=

  4. Yeah the swatches really sucked me in, its really crap especially when you have paid alot for a product...:( They do look nice over a smokey eye but thats about all i can get out of them ;/ xxx

  5. That palette looks fake...

  6. Well if Chanel counters in large Boots are selling fakes then I would be very worried!! its 100% Authentic Thanks

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you have such trouble with this palette. I didn't buy it because I simply didn't fell for the colors, they sure are nice & everything, but they didn't wow me enough to spend so much money on them. I've heard from others that they find the color pay off to be great, I guess it depends on skin texture or something like that if you like them or not.

    Would you mind checking out my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  8. Great reviews. It's a shame about the Chanel palette.
    Your make up looks lovely.
    I'm off to purchase my first NARS lip gloss now :)xx

  9. @Tabatha

    Thanks hunni,yeah I'm sure it must work on others ,I would have loved it to be right for me but sadly not :( Im pretty determined to find a use for it and it wont put me off buying Chanel in the future no way :))
    Of course Ill check it out and follow xxx

    Thanks lovely!!
    Oooooh whatcha gettin?? Im after Turkish delight but ASOS have sold out atm gutted!! "/ xxx

  10. Fingers crossed you'll find a way to work with it, for the price it better delivers!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I'm following back now :-)

  11. Thanks Chick :) If nothing else it does go on over other shadows alright and it looks so pretty on my dresser hehe :) xxx

    Looking good !!!

  13. haha yeah i like to sneak an odd one in so you know i really exist,haha cheers Jim :) xxx


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