Thursday, 10 March 2011

I Want to....

Look like this...

hopefully my new diet will see me into that l'il white bikini by summer,no scratch that it WILL,think positive (and stop craving Galaxy chocolate!) :D Lovin the hair on this chick aswell!!!!!

Repurchase this...

I love Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb,it's in my top 5 perfume's of all time and the scent stay's on my skin for ages. the list looks like this 1.Alien Thierry Mugler 2.Angel-Thierry Mugler 3.Flowerbomb-viktor & Rolf 4.J'adore-Dior 5.Cinema-YSL 

Have a room in my house specifically for my Make-up...
This is my idea of the perfect space for blogging, Im sure I would be the most chilled out girl in the world if I had a room Just like this! I did randomly bump into a really lovely psychic while shopping the other week who told me that I would be moving house,hopefully the new home will have a room like this :)

Have an Alice in Wonderland themed fancy dress party...

I plan to do this for my Birthday which is in July,I have found the perfect girl Mad Hatter costume and now can't actually wait to turn 27 and have a very merry unbirthday!

I really love Alice in wonderland, I love the use of symbolism and philosophies throughout that make it such an amazing adaptable classic.I was so gutted that I missed out on the Urban Decay book of shadows,if anyone sees one in a blogsale please let me know.

Costume from

Take a trip...
To Las Vegas
And New York.
I have got my Son on board for Vegas after showing him loads of the cool hotels,he is now as desperate as me to go and wants to go to ceasers palace (he's into the Romans at the minute)

Finally I want to go and be in the audience at Celebrity juice, but that's actually happening 2 weeks from today,thanks to my amazing Best friend Tracie and her Boyfriend Dave,who snapped up 4 tickets and asked me and my boyfriend to go along eeeeeeek,very excited about it,I couldn't keep it in :))

'So if I dont see you through the week I'll see you through the window!'
(For non Keith fans this is his sign off, im not a stalker ;))

What are your wants this month?


  1. always love your energy & humor and the "chick" is cute lol

  2. Thanks so much Jim :)) Yuuuup that will be me in July hehehe :) xxx

  3. An Alice and Wonderland party sounds like the best birthday party ever!

    Thanks for following me, I love your blog too!

  4. I knooooow I really cant wait to do it :) I would actually order the costume if my bank account wasnt dry courtesy of ASOS hehe
    Your welcome hunni Thankyou xxx

  5. I want that bikini body too! I saw myself in a changing room mirror today and thought *bleugh, need to have a good week* then went home and ate a creme egg and half a packet of biscuits - WTF??!! Must. Try. Harder. :)

    Have a fab time at Celebrity Juice hun!!xxxx

  6. Hahaha Jo thats just like me! always complainin then stuffing crap down my throat 10mins later hehe!
    Ive been doing zumba fitness and weight watchers points(loosely) i had a kebab after ooops!it was chicken though and had salad(and loads of mayo eeek!!)
    Aww thanks hunni,im so excited eeeek!!! xxx

  7. Ohh it would be amazing to have a room like that.. I would also LOVE to have that bikini body, she is gorgeous!! We can dooo it :)

  8. Its so gorgeous isnt it it looks like a really relaxing room :)
    yeah we can do it chick!!!! bit of will power and alot of lettuce should do the trick :D xxx

  9. I think you look better than the girl in that first pic, think you will look great as the mad hatter.


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