Monday, 13 June 2011

Skincare for dry skin

Just lately my skin has really been on it's best behaviour, (touch wood) I haven't had a single patch of dry skin for over a month which is the only real problem that I get with my skin and it drives me crazy as my foundation will inevitably end up gathered on the dryness and it doesn't look pretty!
I thought I would share my latest skin care routine that I believe has helped me loads with you lovelies.

I was very kindly sent the Liz Earle cleanse and polish to try out around 2 months ago now I have been using it twice daily and am so pleased with it. What I love the most about this cleanser is the thickness of the formulation that actually makes it feel moisturising which is something that you don't always find with cleansers, and something I really appreciate with having a dry skin type. Also it removes make-up so easily and leaves skin feeling so super clean.This product definitely deserves it's cult status in my opinion.
2-3 times a week for the past month I have been using the Vie skin sparkle system (of course the name suckered me in!) Its a 2 step system the first being the vitamin C crystal polish which you massage into the skin gently for a minute, secondly the activating serum is applied and left on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off. I haven't always gotten along with exfoliators as they tend to cause a flare up of dry skin after I use them, which is so weird as they are supposed to remove dry skin?!?! But this one has never caused that to happen so it is definitely a winner.
Moisturising is my favourite part of my skincare routine as I love the feeling of a freshly moisturised face so much! Nivea soft moisturising cream for face body and hands has been my go to moisturiser ever since I ran out of my Oilatum face repair about 2 months ago, and I actually think its so similar to the Oilatum and leaves my skin feeling just as hydrated that I wont have to go splashing out the £8 on that again any time soon.The smell of this moisturiser is so addictive as it has the same smell as Nivea sun cream and reminds me of holidays! Aside from the smell I also love how quickly this absorbs into the skin and makes a fantastic base for make-up.

So there are my 3 miracle products that have most definitely kept dry skin at bay and my skin feeling the best it has in a long time, I would really recommend trying them out if you also suffer with the dreaded dry patches. The only thing I am missing is a decent face mask,I cant seem to find one that I really love at the moment "/ Does anyone have any recommendations?
what are you loving skincare wise at the moment?

Friday, 10 June 2011

Benefit freebies

It feels like such a long time since I wrote my last blog post! The truth is I haven't been feeling overly inspired lately, that plus the school holidays, a bit of decorating and barely any shopping at all (aside from a cheeky Urban decay NAKED palette which I will do a post on as its amazing! :) ) has left me a little lacking in anything worth writing about, and I don't want to bore you all so I thought it best to keep schtum! ;)
But today after what feels like an age since reading about it on Fee's blog  I got my hands on 3 copies of this months Glamour magazine which nabbed me a posie tint, a benetint, and a high beam from benefit cosmetics (each 4ml) collectively worth £28, which as always with these high end Glamour freebies makes it so worth buying as many £2 copies as you like. Strangely as these are 3 of benefit's best sellers, I have never owned any of them, in fact the only one that has ever slightly intrigued me was high beam as I really love a good highlighter! I'm not much of a lip and cheek stain type of girl but I wont turn my nose up at a freebie and am rather looking forward to testing them all out!
benetint-Rose tinted lip and cheek stain 

posietint-poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain (Id say it was a bubblegum pink colour though)
This was more difficult to remove than the benetint which surprised me!

high beam luminescent complexion enhancer
The swatches are making it look quite likely that I will have to attack all the newsagents within a ten mile radius especially for copies with posietint and high beam attached!!

Will you be stocking up on Glamour this month and which freebies will you go for?