Thursday, 31 March 2011

Much Loved in March

So as the end of March is already upon us (seriously,it'll be christmas soon!!!) I thought Id post a round up of the items that I have been reaching for the most this month...

Eye shadow
The ones I have been wearing mostly this month are 'woodwinked' and 'sumptuous olive' by MAC.Both effortlessly wearable,they also look great when applied together or with 'sumptuous olive' as a contour colour.

I have been using MAC 'Vellum' eyeshadow as a cheek highlighter.I also apply lightly over my cupid's bow to add definition to my lips.


This month I have worn MAC 'chatterbox' lipstick more than any other shade,an amplified creme finish, it's non drying,long lasting and I love the instant bright look of it when applied full on,straight from the tube.

Lip Gloss

I haven't actually been wearing as much Lip gloss as I normally wear this month,as mainly I have been pairing a more subtle eye with bright lips and cheeks.If I have picked out a gloss it's been the Barry M bubblegum pink shade.Why does Barry insist on not naming his Glosses? Come on Bazza!!

Check out the rim of the Pan to see how much I have been wearing this!!
(I've only had it about a month!)

Without question my most recent favourite is Sleek blush in 'pixie pink' I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I did originally pick it because of the name! But now I can hand on heart say that it is my new number 1 blush!

Still loving the 'One by One' Mascara by Maybelline review here.

Eye liner

RMK gel eyeliner 'Deep Blue'. I love the colour of this liner as from a distance it looks black but is actually a deep royal blue which looks great against brown eyes without being too 'in your face' for daytime wear.


Garnier summer body gradual tanning lotion.
I love everything about this tan,from the bright yellow sunshine-y packaging to its fresh summery scent! It gives me a light,even tan in one application,but I do like a bit more colour (basically I wanna look like J-lo!) and usually apply it 2-3 days consecutively for my personal tastes.The colour is my idea of tan perfection and never leaves my skin feel grubby as I find it does with some self tanners! Does anyone else feel like that or is it just me?


At the moment,I only have one bottle :'( which is Angel by Thierry Mugler. I do usually have more but for some reason I just haven't been willing to stump up the cash.I did pop into Boots last week with the intention of buying Vivienne Westwood's 'Naughty Alice' but it was way too sweet for me,It smelled almost exactly like Kenzo and very similar to guerlain 'insolence'.
 I think my next purchase will be Armani code or Lancome 'Poeme' which I haven't had for years, but spritzed myself with it on the above mentioned trip to Boots,and the scent lasted all day,which is something I don't find happening too often!

Nail Varnish

If you read my last post,you will be aware that I purchased Chanel 'Black pearl' Polish yesterday, so this is now my Ultimate favourite ! But other than that I have mainly been wearing Barry M 'Dusky Mauve' which is an absolute awesome dupe for Chanel 'Paradoxal' I would definitely recommend saving yourself £15 and picking up the Barry M over Chanel.I'm also loving Barry M Pastel and coral shades on my toes now that the British weather has got it's act together!

Phew rather a long post there!! 
What has been much loved by you this month?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Kim Kardashian made me do it!! Chanel Black Pearl!

Ok I was going to let any desire for this beauty of a Nail polish pass me by,I mean I have really never been a massive nail polish obsessive (until recently!) and although I am admittedly somewhat of a spendthrift,spending £17 on one nail varnish is not something I have ever done before and seems like a crazy amount of money to fork out on one small bottle of polish!

But as the title says...this frivolous purchase was not entirely my fault, ooooh no it was not! After watching 'Kim and Kourtney take New York' ,I noticed Kim wearing it in a couple of episodes and it just looked so gorgeous that I couldn't get it out of my head,anyway I had a couple of hours to kill in town this afternoon while my dog was being hacked at the groomers (they literally scalped him!!!) So I took the plunge, So actually Teddy is to blame aswell as Kim ha! 

I literally couldn't get it on my nails fast enough..and here are the results... 

Defo needing a manicure by the looks of my cuticles so close-up!! But that aside,I am so happy I purchased this! It applies like a dream is opaque in two coats and each coat dries in less than 5 minutes! 
I also now feel one step closer to becoming Kim Kardashian haha! 

A couple of other purchases I made today which I have no one to blame other than myself for!!

1. Sleek Pan-Tao Blush from the Avoir la peche collection 
2.MUA Lipstick- shade 7
3.Sleek Pout Polish- Powder pink

And the swatches...

Sleek Pout Polish-Powder pink
MUA Lipstick-Shade 7
Sleek Pan-tao Blush

Im really pleased that the Pan-tao blush was back in stock at superdrug today as I was so gutted after swatching it last week when I found that they had ran out! Anyway these few little goodies will be keeping me happy for a while.
Im obsessed with Sleek and MUA at the moment especially the lipsticks and Blushers in peaches and pinks!! 

What have you been obsessing over lately??

Giveaway winner...

Thank you to everyone who entered my 100 follower giveaway,and for letting me know your recent make-up discoveries! There is definitely a lot of love for ELF! I need to get in the game as I have never used any of their products!
Anyway sadly there could only be one winner! Congratulations to Love Lucy!!!
I Will send you an email today so that you can get in touch with your address chick!
Thanks again to everyone!!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Essie polishes for peanuts!

Beauty express is a site that somehow I have managed to forget about since I worked in a Beauty salon and used to order from them for my boss,but an e-mail I received earlier on today listing their newest additions to the Essie nail polish range captured my attention... Essie Polishes £4.65 with free next day delivery (if ordered before noon) niiiice!

I love Essie Nail Polishes,the colour range is fantastic and they last for ages! I'm also a sucker for anything with a cute name! Saying this the last time I used Essie was a couple of years back when I used to paint my nails with whatever colour caught my eye in the salon,it was like having my own personal collection I really loved that!!

Anyway when payday rolls around I have my eye on these beauties!

Mink Muffs mwah haha (childish, but I bet you laughed! )

Jam N Jelly- Perfect for toes!

Mint Candy apple 

Over the top-Is this a Dupe for Chanel black pearl??
 I'm thinking its a contender!

With nearly 80 shades to choose from I could add at least 10 more to the list but these 4 are my top picks and I'm excited to try out 'Over the top' and see if it will save me £12 on the Chanel although I have got my mind pretty much set on it now, I'm sure Kim.K had it on  Kim and Kourtney take New York last week and ever since I cant stop harping on about it!!

Check out Beauty express' Essie range here

What are your fave Essie colours?

Monday, 28 March 2011

My first Blog award :)

This week I was given the versatile blogger award by the lovely Lucy who writes the fantastic life thru lucylasticas lense blog! I was really touched to be given this award and think its a great way to share some love with your fellow bloggers as everyone who receives it gets to pass it on to 7 other bloggers (That haven't already received it) and make their day!!

Also as part of receiving this award I have to tell you 7 things about myself which you don't already know,this is the reason why I haven't posted this sooner as I'm sure that there isn't too much that I have kept to myself,even though my blog is only 2 months old!!!! 

Anyway this is what I came up with...

1. I run a cleaning business with my Mum,which gives me a bit of extra money.

Image from

2.I have very tiny feet,a size 3/4! I fit in my 9 year old son's shoes!!

Image from we

3.While training to be a make-up artist during 'bald cap' week I rushed out to get a sandwich at lunchtime and ran into Paddy Mcguinness filming the 'Greggs' advert,he gave me a funny look and patted my bald head haha!! 

Image from

4. I LOVE Guitar hero and am pretty good at it (except when i've had one too many drinks),I beat most of my boy friends except one (Martin) who is just a complete GH freak!!

Image from

5.I'm a film geek! whenever I love a film, I have to watch all the extra's and find out every last little detail about it! My faves are the Twilight saga,Inception,Blow and anchorman I hate horror films though,they freak me out!

Image from

6. I am a qualified beauty therapist. I got my NVQ 2 and trained in Clarins facial a few years ago, I worked in a salon for a while but preferred being on the reception desk to doing the treatments.
Image from

7.I have been with my boyfriend Darren for nearly 11 years (since I was 16) we met on holiday in Newquay in 2000 when I was on my first girly holiday and he was on a stag do!

Image from

The 7 Blogs that I nominate for The versatile blogger award are:

Tara and Jade at The style Rawr


Charlotte at Charlottes obsessions  

Nicoletta at Nicoletta's beauty space 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found some new blogs to follow!

I'd also like to mention and say a big thankyou to the lovely Ke at for nominating me for this award the day after Lucy did! 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Haul:from Naked for £1... to Chanel badness!

 I have been a busy bee this week, i've gone from doing virtually no shopping to the point of having withdrawels ( I kid ya!) to finding myself shopping on two separate occasions and in the mean time the postie has dropped off parcels full of goodies that I ordered a week or so ago! 

First up I took a trip into Savers, I'm not sure if these shops are all over the country or not,and to be honest its a shop which I seem to forget about for some stupid reason as there are so many amazing bargains to be had, from household products to top perfume brands!! Here's what I picked up...

1. Naked 'be smooth' cocoa butter body cream 
2.Imperial leather foamburst 'shower and shave'
3.Revlon Nail polish 'peach smoothie'

Can you believe these 3 products total came to £3.29???

The whole 'Naked' range is £1 in savers!!! I nearly died!!!!

Next I popped to Superdrug to check out the 'Avoir la peche' range from Sleek,but aside from the eyeshadow palette's which to be honest doesnt float my boat, had all sold out :( I did swatch the 'Pan tao' blush and 'sugar may' lip polish and really need to find them at some point!! 

In my disappointed state I mooched around and picked up these beauties!!
1.MUA Lipstick in shade 04 (LOVE this it's a very sheer pink and tastes like sherbert)
2.Barry M Nail paint in 'mushroom'
3.Barry M Nail Paint in 'blueberry'
4.GOSH 'holographic' nail polish
5.Barry M Lip Gloss shade 104 ( I cant stop applying this!)
6.Collection 2000 'Big fake' mascara (Ive heard so many good things, I cant wait to try this out!!)

The second shopping trip of the week,which I will be totally blaming my Mum for,as she wanted me to go to Primark 'Pyjama shopping!' with her..."hmmm...OK!!' 
To be honest, Primark and the rest of the high street clothes shops pretty much sucked for me this week All I picked up was a pair of Knickers and a couple of vests which I wont bore (or gross you out!)  with pictures of ;)

So what happen's when Clothes shopping royally disappoints?? We hot foot it to Boots of course! Unfortunately for me at the top of the escalator are the beautiful bright lights of the Chanel counter!....and the results of that are...

A totally random purchase, I was actually not planning on buying foundation for a while,but I don't have a compact that I like at the moment and the lovely SA applied this over the 'Sheer glow' foundation that I had applied that morning and it just made my face look luminous and refreshed! Also when you run out you simply repurchase the pan at £26 which saves you £8,SOLD wrap it up it's a Bargain!! :)

And in the post...

I ordered these eyelashes about 10 days ago from they only cost me around £3 for both pairs,!!! They don't come with glue but who uses the crappy glue that usually comes with false lashes?

And Last but not least,my order from the ASOS/Groupon deal came this morning!!

1.NARS 'Belize' Lip Gloss
2.yes to carrots 'cotton candy' lip tint

I picked up NARS 'Belize' lip gloss which is a definite 'my lips but better' shade,perfect for lazy, 'mouching about' days. I also got a 'yes to carrots' lip tint in cotton candy which to be honest has disappointed me by tasting like mint! and not having much tint at all! saying that these two products only cost me £12.50 so I am chuffed to bits!

Phew,so that was my week! I will post up some reviews of these products soon :)
I will definitely not be buying anything for a few weeks I'm even tempted after this lot to join the beauty bloggers that are doing project 10 pan *ponders this for a minute* hmm...we'll see!!!

I hope you have all had a good one my lovelies and have been enjoying the random sunshine in the U.K! Speaking of which where the heck has it gone??

Friday, 25 March 2011

Celebrity Juice and my Boyfriends paparazzi pics!

I mentioned a few posts ago that my Best friend and her Boy had tickets to be in the Celebrity Juice audience,and finally on Wednesday we were on our way to London  (my boy kept telling me Hammersmith isn't really London,but for a country girl like me its close enough!!) 

I bloody love road trips,and was probably annoying the hell out of everyone in the car by yelling 'LONDON BABY' every time we passed a sign for the capital city, also feeling very patriotic and giddy decided to sing the National anthem when we arrived in Hammersmith (although this was just to wind the boys up!!) 

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the studio which was a bummer but my boyfriend flung himself wholeheartedly into the midst of the paparazzi outside the studio with my Panasonic Lumix compact camera gaining himself some very funny looks from the paps! Bless him!!!

This is as close as I got to a pic in the studio (I had to be so sneaky!!)

Kimberley walsh-How stunning is she???

I told you he was in the middle of the paps haha!!! Love him!!

The Bum shot! he was v.smug and grinny after this (perv!):)
Im loving her hair!!


None of us knew who this is but the paps went mad for him??? does anyone know??

I dont watch soaps but this is Michelle someone from corrie! she was lovely!

And of course there's always time for swatching!!

Mine and my Besties lipstick and glosses swatched!

It really was one of the most fantastic days out I have had,the show was amazing and made our faces ache,I would totally recommend it to everyone!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lilly Belle/Kee boutique official pics

Hey girls,
Last week I got the finished shots back from the Lilly Belle/Kee boutique shoot that I did make-up for.I thought I would share them and put my amateur shots to shaaaaaamee Thanks to Ella Ruth Coeperthwaite for being an awesome photographer!

I hope you like them!
Lilly belle accessories are available at
Kee Boutique clothing available at

Im off shopping now for the first time in what feel like forever!!!! So hopefully I will have a haul post up later 

Monday, 21 March 2011

NARS Enchanted creme blush-peachy perfection for summer nights

I am no different to anyone else and am completely embracing the peach/coral craze for spring 2011! As we speak I am wearing a Coral lipgloss by GOSH and Barry M nail polish in what else? 'coral!!' I literally cant get enough of it and was on the lookout for the perfect peach creme blush, as the ones I have are pinks and plums (the plum colours i tend to mix with lipgloss and wear on my lips as i find them a bit dirty looking for my face at times!)
So searching through ASOS beauty shop I stumbled upon the NARS section (ok I went straight to NARS! Its my latest obsession!!)  and checked out their range of creme blushes there were three that caught my eye out of the five colours these being :

Cactus flower-shimmering poppy (looks stunning,but is out of stock atm and I have a very similar MAC one)Lokoum-Rose coral with shimmer.And finally...Enchanted-Soft peach with Gold sparkle.I picked enchanted, as it's so different to any creme blushes or in fact regular blushes that I have,and had high hopes for it and how it would sit very nicely on my Holy Grail NARS sheer glow foundation and add the 'glow' onto my cheekbones that weirdly 'sheer glow' doesnt (I dont love it any the less for this error in product naming!!!) see my review hereHere's the blurb..'Creme blush by NARS featuring a rich,moisturising creme formula with a velvet texture,
the pigmented blush offers a sheer sweep of colour for a natural, luminous look.'

sounds promising!!

First impressions

Upon opening I was immediately loving the colour,which is what I can only describe as a sunset peach,It reminds me of a yummy cocktail that you might have on holiday or indeed a beautiful Greek (I love Greece, enter personal preference here) sunrise.

As you can see I have really given this blush a fair trial over the weekend!

The swatches

Heavily Swatched 

  Regular swatch on the left and blended on the right

As you can see it's an absolute beauty of a peach creme blush and very well pigmented.
What you cant see from the images above is the gold glitter that runs through this
blush,which is actually alot more apparent than I expected it to be and transfers like crazy if you go OTT on application. Definitely a creme blush more suited to finger application so as to keep the product concentrated on the area's you want it or you will end up looking
like a disco ball!
(Yes this was my personal experience! eek) 

I have worn this blush both day and night and find the gold glitter to be far to much for
daytime wear although in the evenings it looks fantastic when the light hits!!
In my opinion this is definitely an evening blush that would be best worn on tanned skin and
depending on whether glitter is your thing or not!
I will definitely be wearing this over the summer months when I have more colour and
have learned the phrase 'light application!' off by heart!

 Check out the NARS Creme blush range here

ooh and also please excuse the erratic text in this post,I think it's something to do with cutting and pasting text from ASOS I have tried to put it right but its just not having any of it :( xxx