Monday, 15 August 2011

DIY Ombre hair...the 4th time's the charm

Pretty gosh darn Ginger eh? After the 3rd bleaching session (my ends HATE me)
So I finally took the plunge and (after lengthy twitter conversations with Yu and Lisa) went for the DIY approach to Ombre'ing (?) my Dark brown hair...
I used the Loreal perfect blonde highlighting kit which cost me around £5 in Savers (this is also the preferred ombre bleach for LLYMLRS,Zoella, and the Persian babe who all have amazing hair!)
After the first attempt with the bleach which I left on for about 40 minutes which really was too long tbh!  I was actually pretty impressed with how well my hair colour had lifted, but it wasn't exactly how I wanted it and had a definite copper hint that I thought would probably be removed with another 20 minute stint of bleaching, after washing and drying my hair for the second time I was pretty happy with the results but as it was about 11pm I was yet to see the full effect in natural daylight...and I did get a shock this morning as I woke up with the sun beaming on my (orange) hair which was highlighted to it's fullest by the white pillowcase background!! 
Anyway to cut a long story short*, I sent a picture to my hairdresser friend who advised that I pick up an ash blonde colour which would take out the brassiness.(I got the Loreal recital lightest ash blonde)
So after the FOURTH dye job on my hair it finally looks like this...
S'cuse the picture overload I wanted to show how it looks in different lights and angles etc.
So although there is still a bit of a ginger tinge I am finally pretty happy with the finished results which is lucky because my hair definitely cant take anymore today!
I would love to know what you think, more blonde??


  1. It looks gorgeous! I think it looks more unique as it is, and blonde ombre is over used :)

  2. I think that looks soo cool!!! can u use toner on it to make it blondier? xxx

  3. Ah I love your hair- I've been umming and aaahing about ombering mine for ages!! x

  4. My plan was always to do this but my hair still has a LOT of growing to do. I think it looks pretty damn PERFECT for an at home ombre jobby!! That's how i would expect mine to turn out. Hope your poor ends aren't too upset with you ;)

    Great job Natalie!! xxx

  5. I have been really wanting to try he ombre hair when i seen it on zoella! i love yours too, that is the perfect color and my hair is the exact same color so i will def. be hafta coming back to this- thanx for sharing!

  6. @poppyredlips Thank you so much :)I must admit to still wanting it blonder though "/

    @Hannah Thanks chick! I think so, but Im useless with hair so will need to get a bit more advice about what to do next :)

    @Corrie Thanks hun :) Same here,I think if I did it again I would go to the hairdressers but it has turned out alot better than I thought it might

    @Lisa Boo@ waiting for hair to grow it's so annoying :( Thanks lovely and for all the help aswell!!My ends are beyond pissed off right now!!;)

    @Erica J oh Zoe's is lovely I think her hair is a little bit lighter than mine so it took better.Thankyou hun good luck with it :)


  7. this is ammaazziinnggg.
    Only my school wouldnt allow it -.-
    lucy x

  8. Thanks Lucy :) Thats a bit silly what if you were a natural blonde who couldn't afford to get your roots done? lol ;) xxx

  9. Omggg I hope mine goes as well as yours did! I'm thinking of just DIY-ing too tbh, but I hope it looks as nice as yours! How did you get it to be lighter at the bottom than the middle?

  10. It was a bit stressful Yu tbh, If you can I would say go to the hairdressers (much less stress)After the first time I used more product on the ends than the middle to get it lighter xxx

  11. i love love love your hair!

  12. You`ve done a really good job it looks fabulous !

  13. aww thanks hun, Ive changed it back now tho hehe! :) xxx

  14. ive just done this and definitely looking a bit orange! bout to run out and get some ash blonde to hopefully rinse it out a little. thanks for sharing i was freaking a little as a virgin hair dyer!

  15. The styles are nice especially when is it used with the virgin hair products


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