Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rambles and Red.

I'm having one of those days that don't happen too often, but when they do I appreciate every last second of it. The rain is bouncing down outside,I am home alone with my two dogs who have spent most of the afternoon asleep, the living room coffee table is full of my junk Nail polishes, notebook, Diet coke, I have a whole boxset of Gossip girl to get through, oh and it's 3pm and I'm still in my PJ's (well my boyfriends PJ bottoms and a vest) which kinda makes me feel gross, but I'm cozy so whatever :)
Barry M 'Bright Red' no shiz!

I can't get the idea of doing a DIY ombre job on my hair, it looks so simple, I have been advised against it but have a bee in my bonnet now and I know myself well enough to know that it's only a matter of time until I reach for the bleach...

The father in law dropped me his old DSLR camera to play with, I was excited until he told me he had left the memory card at home *boo him!*<3

I re-discovered my Sleek primer palette at the weekend and have used it every day this week, I don't think this palette gets enough attention. It doesn't give long lasting crease less perfection but for quick and easy glossy, grungy sultry looks it's a total winner.

This week my Son has been off on his jollies with my parents in Cornwall, and me and the Boy have taken the opportunity to behave like we did when we were young, free and single...(well maybe not exactly) maybe we are really boring but we haven't exactly been out painting the town Red more a light milky pink...ho hum!Our week has basically revolved around food, drink and films (and Peanut M&M's)...we have been really into thriller/action movies just lately, I definitely recommend seeing Limitless, Taken, Inception, Shutter Island and The tourist, all amazing, edge of the seat films, you will love (if you like that sort of thing)!

I had better attempt to drag the PJ's off and get ready,We are finally going to see Harry Potter tonight after 3 failed attempts at getting to the cinema for 7:30pm...
Living the dream!<3


  1. We're doing the ombre Natalie, there's no getting out of it now! :P

    Glad you and your man are having some time alone hehe bless your son though I bet he misses you!

  2. I love days like that! Had one today :) your week sounds like my perfect one! xx

  3. @Yu haha it's gotta be done right?!Thanks lovey,I wish he missed us just a little bit, but he's made loads of friends on holiday and is having way too much fun he's too busy to even come to the phone half of the time lol! :) xxx

    @Rachel They are great! especially when its raining :) xxx

  4. Thanks hun, It's a lovely polish :) xxx

  5. That polish is a lovely colour! :) It looks fabulous on you!!!

  6. Gosh i miss watching movies with the boyf sooo much, we did that alll the time. And good movies too, seen all of them lol. Bit of a movie freak :P

  7. @Rachinald Aww bless :) So am I, I could watch them all day xxx


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