Monday, 22 August 2011

Blush crush #3

I do love me a Sleek blush, Pixie Pink was my first blush from the range and admittedly I originally purchased it because of the name, pretty lame I know but I will always be a sucker for a cute name and packaging regardless of what crappy product may be inside. Fortunately Pixie Pink doesn't fall into the great name, crap product category, in my opinion it is delicious! Here look.....

Swatched (left) and blended (right) on my freshly St.moriz'd arm 

At first sight it looks a bit garish and to be honest it is a little brighter in real life than these pictures are showing. It's the kind of blush that you could do some serious clown cheek's with, should you so wish to!
Halloween idea's aside, with a light handed application Pixie Pink adds a really pretty, flush to the cheeks which for a matte hot Pink looks surprisingly natural even when my (NC20) face isn't tanned.With a tan it looks stunning either blended out for a pretty natural flush or built up for more impact.

This is definitely a blush I recommend having a play with the next time you visit a Sleek stand, don't let the thought of dolly cheeks scare you off, it really is a beauty!


  1. I bloody love that, sooo gorgeous :D I wish they sold sleek in ireland :( boo!!! Love your new header too baaabes xxx

  2. Don't Sleek ship to Ireland? Or is it just a total rip off?? Aww Fanks Han :) xxx

  3. I love this too its one of my favourite sleek blushers. Unfortunately i smashed mine by accident so need to get another xx

  4. It's gorgeous isn't it? So much more wearable than it looks :)xxx

  5. oooh, the color is equivalent to nyx cream blush in hot pink, which i'm wearing today. me likey

    Vonnie of

  6. I have this , I love it x plus its a bargain

  7. @socialitedreams I really want to try nyx, hopefully they will be at IMATS in Jan :) xxx

    @Make-up your mind It's lovely isn't it? yup total bargain :) xxx


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