Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mario Testino Portraits:Cameron Diaz inspired look

I have a fair few books that I reach for when Im in need of inspiration for make-up ideas/looks.One of my most treasured is the Mario Testino portrait book which includes some seriously beautiful images of celebrities shot by the world renowned fashion photographer.

I have bookmarked a few of my favourite images which I especially love the make-up in, in fact I bookmarked them a few years ago now and my favourites remain the same (maybe im not so fickle after all ;))

So tonight feeling a little inspired and not wanting to watch Scunthorpe V Newcastle (seriously why do boy's have to watch every single match) I skidaddled upstairs book under my arm and did my interpretation of my favourite look from this magical book which is the beautiful Cameron Diaz and this stunning bronze/smokey look.

Obviously I am no Mario Testino (and certainly no Cameron Diaz) but I am seriously thinking of going on a photography course as I really enjoy taking pictures and would really love to know what Im doing!


  1. you look so pretty! I' starting an evening course in fashion photography in jan so maybe other places have the same course? worth looking into :) x

  2. aww thanks so much my lovely! Thats just the kind of thing that I want to do, I have had a little look around but haven't come up with anything yet. Im sure there will be something though xxx

  3. Wow what a gorgeous look you have done a great job with it and it suits your eyes so much. Gorgeous xx


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