Friday, 15 February 2013

Review: NARS Sheer glow foundation revisited

To be honest it's rare that any beauty product comes along that I can hand on heart say, for want of a better saying "rocks my socks." With every new cosmetic product release, while deep down I'm still always full of hope I have found myself becoming increasingly cynical due entirely to many past experiences of product let downs and in my 28 years (most of which being beauty obsessed) I have little more than a handful of products that make the holy grail list, this little bottle of magic (dramatic moi?) being at the very top!! 

NARS Sheer glow foundation

I did a post on this after first purchasing it a couple of years ago and if I remember rightly I declared it holy grail upon first use. I don't want to waffle on all essay style on yo asses, so I thought it best to break down the reasons why sheer glow has remained top of my cosmetic dream team...

A perfect medium coverage which can be built up to achieve a medium/full coverage. Application wise this works into skin best using fingertips or a damp beauty blender sponge which will give you the sheerest result.Another thing to point out is that if you have slightly dry skin then this works best applied straight after moisturiser for extra "Give" to blend into skin perfectly.

In a word...flawless! Although the name sheer glow still baffles me a little bit as it is hardly sheer nor does it give the dewy finish you might expect it is much more of a satin finish, however if you are after immaculate doll like skin from your foundation this is the one for you

Suitable for
I would recommend this for most skin types however those with very dry skin and mature skin should definitely steer clear as this will cling on, cake on any dry areas and look very heavy and unnatural on a mature skin, I will avoid using it if I am having a dry skin week.

Staying power
Sheer glow is in it for the long haul, even though as I have a normal/dry skin type I don't tend to use a primer or powder this gives me a full 8 hours of wear before any touching up is needed.

Shade range
20 shades from pale to dark skin and varying undertones. I originally purchased Deauville which is light with a neautral balance of Pink and Yellow undertones which towards the end of the bottle I found too pale for me and have purchased Fiji which is a light shade with a yellow undertone and perfect for my (NC25) skintone. 

A bit of a "type your pin number in whilst looking away" £30.50 for 30ml, however a little goes a long way, I wear this most days, always for a night out (as it photographs well) and a bottle of this lasts me around 4 months. 

Available at NARS counters and various on line stores (ASOS, John Lewis, Selfridges etc.)

And that's it, no bad news here folks I could be picky and point out that Mr. Nars could have chucked in a plastic pump to make up for the price tag but I won't instead I must bow down and kiss his feet for creating this foundation! 
    Go and buy it and then come back and thank me in the comments when you do hehe ;)