Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Festive FOTD and Fun times :)

It's the first time that I have had the house to myself in about 5 days, the boys are off playing laser tag and I wasn't invited! Boo hoo, naaahht! Im happy sitting here in silence drinking tea, eating mince pies and tapping away to you guys!

Since I have mainly been surrounded by boys for the past week the first topic that I want to talk about is Make-up!! Daz very kindly bought me the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette (which luckily for me Gem was selling) for Xmas! It arrived a few days before Christmas day, and as much as part of me would love to keep it in pristine condition forever, I can't help but be a greedy l'il make-up whore want to wear all of the pretty colours so that's what I did!
Also I discovered a couple of product combinations that work really well (foundation and lips) it was like a mini Christmas present from me to me ;) I will be popping up posts on both shortly.

Festive FOTD

Foundation- Revlon Photo ready + Jemma Kidd Light as air
Blushbenefit Coralista
Highlight- Vivo cosmetics baked bronzer (shade 3)
Powder- Laura Mercier universal invisible loose setting powder
E/S- Various colours from the Urban Decay Alice in wonderland palette 
MAC 'solar bits' pigment
Mascara- Loreal Telescopic 
Eyeliner-MAC Kohl pencil 'smoulder'
Lips- Collection 2000 creme puff (powder puff) + NARS Velvet matte lip pencil (Bolero)

Eyelashes- Individuals wonkily applied after a bit too much  (OK the whole bottle) of this..
Wonky nail varnish courtesy of the first half of the bottle ;)

Fun times...

Xmas morning! 

This has pretty much been mine, Darren and Ben's Christmas in a nutshell. We have had one of the most lovely chilled out Christmas' in years just spending time together, eating, drinking and playing games! Luckily we don't have to get back to reality for another week, I love Christmas!!!

I hope you have all had/are having a lovely Christmas break!!! 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Latest Photo shoot...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!
I just wanted to pop up a quick post to say hey! I've been super busy as Im sure you all have, getting everything ready for Christmas, and it's now been over a week since I blogged, booo! :( Anywaaaay...

A couple of months ago I did the Make up on a shoot where the brief was 'Gypsy themed' and until now I have been unable to share the pictures, as the shoot was up for publication and apparently the magazines don't like to publish "second hand" images (my term, it's probably all wrong lol)

So Yesterday the images were finally published in an online magazine called AVA which is basically a magazine where the creators pick out shots from up and coming photographers and feature them as editorials.

So here are a few of my favourite pictures from the shoot...

Model: Bex Lendon 

Make-up used

Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer
Laura Mercier universal powder
NARS 'Deep throat' blush
Urban Decay NAKED palette
Vivo cosmetics brow kit
Collection 2000 "pump up the volume" mascara (on a disposable wand, the wand that come's with it is awful but the formuation is pretty good!)
17 'pink posey' supreme shine lipstick (love this!!)

I hope you like them :) I'm really pleased with how they turned out!! 
This really was one of the most fun shoots I have ever done! I have worked with the Photographer. Ella before (on this shoot that ended up featured on the Vogue Italia website!) and as you can see she really knows her way around a shwishy camera, she is so,so talented and she's only 18, can you believe it??
Also the model Bex was amazing, you know when you hear model's saying that modelling really isn't a glamorous job? They aren't kidding! Poor Bex risked life and limb to pose in those tree's (well maybe that's a slight exaggeration lol) not too mention having to get changed 2 or 3 times out in the open in the middle of November! It was so cold, but we had such a laugh and I am pretty sure we will get to work together soon so I can't wait for that! 

Right now though I can't wait for santa to come down my chimney tonight!! Sannnntttaaaaaa, I know him!! ooh dear the Christmas delirium has started already lol ;)

I heart Buddy!!

I just have to pop into town and pick up a few last minute bits and pieces to take to my Nan's house tomorrow, and as usual I have all of Ben's presents to wrap up tonight (with a cheeky Xmas tipple or 2 ;)) which is a tradition that I really love, it makes me feel sooo festive!!

Anyway I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, I can't wait to hear about what everyone gets up to via twitter and you tube! ooh except I don't think I will have Wi-fi at my Nan's house, so I will have to go off in search of a high hill to climb hmmmm....that should work off some of the mountain of food I plan on eating tomorrow! ;)

Merry Christmas Lovelies!!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

EOTD (Shock) Adriana Lima's signature look using only drugstore products

Channel your inner Victoria's secret Angel 

*Apply foundation over eyelid then blend over with translucent powder

*Apply the palest colour from the MUA innocence trio over the entire lid and blend slightly using a fluffy brush

*Apply the mid toned colour from the trio over lid just up to the crease and blend

*Using a tapered crease brush apply a black shadow (I used the one from the Sleek Acid palette) 
onto the outer V of the eye and blend into the crease

*Apply a gel liner (I used the Maybelline drama liner) all the way along the upper lashline

*Line both waterlines using a waterproof kohl pencil 
(I cheated slightly here and used MAC Smoulder)

*Take the mid toned colour from the MUA innocence trio on a liner brush and apply underneath the lower lashes thickening the line as you reach the outer corner.

*On the same liner brush apply black eye shadow under the lower lashes starting from the outer corner and tapering off at the centre of the lower lash line.

*On a small detail brush (or a small flat e/s brush) apply a pale gold highlight on the tear duct area. (I used one from the MUA heaven and earth palette)

*Curl lashes and apply black mascara. (I used bourjois volumiser of which I am not a fan!)


If my 'typetorial' made no sense,  I made a short video on my You Tube channel
(Complete with awkward narration)

I adore the Blue eyes and dark hair combo.
I would chew off my right arm for those blue eyes!

So being a good blogger I did my research on the beautiful Adriana Lima and let me tell you if ever there was a surefire way to kickstart a diet then watching the Victoria's secret fashion show is it!
My new phrase is WWAD (what would Adriana do!) I even refused chocolate cheesecake and carte d'or ice cream when I visited the rents last night!! 


*Yesterday Babyliss tweeted me to let me know I have won one of their Volume waves stylers in the Christmas competition that they are running...I'm hoping that this tool will aid me in my mission to be a VS Angel (ahem)

* My lovely friend and fellow One direction <3'er Charli bear has asked for my address and is sending me something that she is keeping a secret (to do with Aussie haircare) through the post :)

*Also speaking of one direction loverrr's it's Hayley bear's (sense the bear theme, I can't actually stop) birthday today YAY! Happy birthday Hayley!! we are trying to get Zayn from 1direction to tweet her, so if you have time please pester him and tweet "@zaynmalik please could you give  @HayleysXO a birthday shoutout #comeonZayn :) it would make her day" 

Hopefully you aren't sick to the back teeth of seeing close up eye shot's, I promise to mix it up and pop up some reviews, quite a few of you have been asking me what I think to the Jemma Kidd light as air foundation and to be honest I still haven't made up my mind on it, I plan to wear it constantly for the next few days so that I can give it a fair review. 
Also I have a rather spesh e/s palette on it's way to me which I will most definitely be posting about!  ;) 


Friday, 9 December 2011

Xmas Party IOTD: Feline green

Hey girls,
Firstly that's not a typo in the title, Of course I was going to name this post EOTD but I felt like a bit of a fraud doing so as this is not a look that I have being sporting for the whole day also sadly I am not attending any sort of Xmas party shenanigans this evening, oh no, its a True blood sofa fest with my boyfriend up in here tonight!
So the IOTD was born (Idea of the day) wow Im a pioneer! ;) 

Type-torial (pioneer I tell ya ;)) 

*Apply black kohl pencil over lower lid concentrating on the lash line (it will look messy don't worry)
*with your ring finger smudge the colour upwards to create a 'smoked out' effect that finishes just above the crease of your eyelid
*blend over with a clean fluffy brush 
*neaten edges with a cotton bud and (non oily) eye make up remover
*Dampen a flat (lay down) brush and use to apply the green pigment over the lower part of your eyelid 
*lightly blend upwards with another clean fluffy brush
*On a tapered crease brush apply a sparkly black pigment into the crease and blend
*blend the outer edges using translucent powder
*On a pencil brush mix black pigment (or e/s) with the sparkly black and apply under the lower lashes
*using a push liner brush line the upper lashline with either a black eye shadow or gel liner
*Line both water lines with a waterproof black eyeliner
*Apply two coats of black mascara, and false lashes if you have them (I didn't)

Et Voila!

Colours used
*MAC Dark soul pigment
*MUA shade 3 pigment
*Lumiere cosmetics starry night pigment

This is a very messy look to recreate, always have make-up wipes and non oily eye make-up remover soaked cotton buds handy to minimise mess (and stress) and always, always do your eye make-up first.

And now in video 
(This is not the best video, I must warn you but all the steps are there ;))

Also I realise that it has been getting very eye orientated around here of late, I kinda think it could be the next big thing, d'ya reckon Apple might like the idea of the iblog ;)

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday night!


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Holy grail mascara!

After the last mascara review that I posted I swore to myself that I would never write another, mainly because to be honest, as much as I love it, I find mascara a pretty dull subject to write about.
     This morning however a little black package was delivered and here I am tapping away, fickle as ever ;)

What's the bad boy in question?

MAC Zoom lash 

I love MAC (I even have a MAC song and dance, don't judge me) I would go as far as to say it is my all time favourite cosmetic brand, so it's strange that I have never owned or wanted to own one of their mascara's I usually see them in store think 'meh' and head off to the lipsticks.
When I received this 1.4ml sample with an online order I was intrigued and quite excited to give it a go.

When it comes to new mascara I usually brace myself for disappointment, in my experience 90% of the time proceedings unfold like this...
 "Ooh new mascara gonna have me some sexyyy lashes tonight"
...20 mins later sobbing in the bathroom removing the clumps and starting my whole eye make-up from scratch.
So over the years the thrill of getting a new mascara has worn off somewhat.

One coat 

Zoom lash is something else! From the second the brush hit my lashes I could swear I had an out of body experience, heard angels sing, fireworks went off, the whole shebang! The wand gripped my lashes with brute force and held on to the very end leaving them volumised curled and separated. I was actually blown away by it hence (and sorry for) the overly dramatic post! 

9 hours later my lashes feel exactly as they did upon initial application, still perfectly curled and there hasn't been so much as a hint of flaking or smudging.
Needless to say I am going to have to purchase the full size as soon as possible *goes to check price* £13.50 It's actually only a pound more than my old faithful Loreal Telescopic, happy days :) 

What is your Holy grail mascara? Have you tried Zoom lash or any of the other MAC mascara's?