Friday, 9 December 2011

Xmas Party IOTD: Feline green

Hey girls,
Firstly that's not a typo in the title, Of course I was going to name this post EOTD but I felt like a bit of a fraud doing so as this is not a look that I have being sporting for the whole day also sadly I am not attending any sort of Xmas party shenanigans this evening, oh no, its a True blood sofa fest with my boyfriend up in here tonight!
So the IOTD was born (Idea of the day) wow Im a pioneer! ;) 

Type-torial (pioneer I tell ya ;)) 

*Apply black kohl pencil over lower lid concentrating on the lash line (it will look messy don't worry)
*with your ring finger smudge the colour upwards to create a 'smoked out' effect that finishes just above the crease of your eyelid
*blend over with a clean fluffy brush 
*neaten edges with a cotton bud and (non oily) eye make up remover
*Dampen a flat (lay down) brush and use to apply the green pigment over the lower part of your eyelid 
*lightly blend upwards with another clean fluffy brush
*On a tapered crease brush apply a sparkly black pigment into the crease and blend
*blend the outer edges using translucent powder
*On a pencil brush mix black pigment (or e/s) with the sparkly black and apply under the lower lashes
*using a push liner brush line the upper lashline with either a black eye shadow or gel liner
*Line both water lines with a waterproof black eyeliner
*Apply two coats of black mascara, and false lashes if you have them (I didn't)

Et Voila!

Colours used
*MAC Dark soul pigment
*MUA shade 3 pigment
*Lumiere cosmetics starry night pigment

This is a very messy look to recreate, always have make-up wipes and non oily eye make-up remover soaked cotton buds handy to minimise mess (and stress) and always, always do your eye make-up first.

And now in video 
(This is not the best video, I must warn you but all the steps are there ;))

Also I realise that it has been getting very eye orientated around here of late, I kinda think it could be the next big thing, d'ya reckon Apple might like the idea of the iblog ;)

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday night!



  1. that's a MUA pigment :O im shocked

  2. Oh, I thought for sure you just mean 'I' as in a short version of 'eye'... =p

    Absolutely love this look!

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Wow, this looks is absolutely stunning x

  4. Ha! Nat you crack me up with all your I's but I love this, its absolutely gorge although I am in no way shape or form even ever going to attempt it as I will end up looking like a green glittery mess... Me and pigments just don't get on haha!


  5. So pretty! The green is beautiful on your dark eyes. Loving the Lumiere pigment too. I've never heard if that brand, will have to keeP an eye out for it.


  6. Ohmygod this look is gorgeous! The green is so pigmented and beautiful! xxx

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  7. Gorgeous look! Will absolutely be recreating this! Loving your IOTD :D Keep them coming! xx

  8. @Rach They are pretty amazing especially for a pound :)

    @Lauren haha Thank you hunni :)

    @Summer Loren Aww thank you so much :D

    @Charli hehehe!! I was in a mess just get them baby wipes out and go for it lol Thanks babe! :))

    @Sara Thank you hunni! They are an american company and have some amazing pigments I will do a blog post on them soon :)

    @Rhi Ooh thankyou lovely! :D

    @Kim aww yay!! Thank you so much, I dont want people to get sick of seeing my eye but I do love doing these posts so will probably do a couple more before Xmas :)

    @Just me Leah Thank you so much! :D


  9. @Charlotte Sparkle Thank you hunni :) xxx

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! That green is stunning. xx

  11. This is absolutely stunning xx so eye catching pardon the pun xxx

  12. @What Larry Loves Thank you :D

    @Nic Thank you lovely! :)

    @Lipstick Fridays haha I love a good pun! Thank you so much! :)


  13. WOW i love this look! absolutely gorgeous! I am new to blogger and have to say i LOVE your blog. I also must get my hands on the starry night pigment after reading this, it's gorgeous!

    Please check out my blog :)

    Kayleigh xXx.

  14. haha, iotd..sounds fab because i usually do my best work on days when i'm not even leaving the house. me likey

    now for this look; FABULOUS!


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