Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hair bargain of the year!

I am the biggest blog stalker, I love buying new products based on recommendations from the bloggers that I trust the opinion of! Today I noticed a market stall in a town nearby my house selling Matrix hair products super cheap! I read Yu's review on the Matrix Biolage fortetherapie strengthening conditioner a couple of weeks ago and remembered that she was really impressed with it, so when I saw the deal that was on I could hardly resist!
For £20 the package included 
2x 250ml fortifying shampoo
2x250ml fortifying conditioner
1x 1L (salon sized) Fortifying leave in strengthening treatment

Altogether I worked out that we saved around £60 as the shampoo and conditioners sell in salons at roughly £9 each and the leave in treatment around £12.50 but thats for a 250ml bottle not the salon sized one we got

Me and Mum paid £10 each and split the package up, we are going to decant the giant leave in treatment into spray bottles as the lady selling the products said that it works really well as in spray form.

The great thing about all of this is that the ladies will send the products through the mail charging only what it costs them to post, I asked for the number to call so you guys could grab this fab bargain aswell (im nice like that ;)) just give them a call and they will send them asap or if you are in the Sheffield/Chesterfield area then you can also arrange collection from them.
Call Natalie on: 07715989253

I really cant wait to use these new products, I have got high expectations!! Obviously as Ive just purchased them I cant review them, but check Yu's Blog for her review. I will pop up my review in about a week or 2 and let you know how I find them.

And also on a totally random note, Im off to the zoo tomorrow with my son and boyfriend and sooo I picked up this skirt from H&M to wear...
Leopard print skirt £9.99 H&M
I think its zoo-tastic (lame, I knooow!) What do you think?

What bargains have you found lately?

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lipstick TAG

I saw this tag over at Vivianna's blog a little while ago and thought it would be a really fun one to do, so here goes...
Little tubes of happiness :)

1. When you were a child did you use your Mother's lipstick?
Hmm..I honestly cant remember,hold on a sec *Rings Mum* oooh apparently when I was 2 my Mum had me all dressed up ready to go to a Birthday party,and I must have decided that the look she had given me wasn't complete without some red lipstick, which I proceeded to squash into my face and all over my party outfit, I spent the rest of the day with a red face as it stained and wouldn't wash off ooops! 

2. How old were you when you brought your first lipstick?
I remember having alot of lip balm's when I was about 11 I had a  tinted one from natural collection at Boots called sugar plum, which I repurchased for years until they stopped making it. I think my first actual lipstick was Bon Bon from 17 at Boots which I bought when I was about 12, and was another one that I was obsessed with for years!

3. Pink or red lipstick?
I love Pink lipsticks the best and find them a lot more comfortable to wear than reds.I always feel a bit 'on show' wearing a red lip!

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever brought?
The most expensive lipstick's that I have ever bought are from mac,I have been in love with the range of colours from their since I first clapped eyes on the mac counter at Manchester airport about 5years ago. Total LOVE at first sight goggly eyed moment! (My first buy was Blankety) 

5. And the cheapest?
The cheapest lipstick I ever bought was probably one from collection 2000 or natural collection at Boots when I was younger.The cheapest ones in my lipstick drawer at the moment are probably from Barry M and MUA,in fact MUA is probably cheaper than collection 2000 and natural collection were back in the 90's "/ 

6. What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
When I bought my very first lipstick from mac I kept it in the box for ages and kept taking it out, swatching it and putting it back! I loved it so much!

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick brand, what brand would you choose and why?
Definitely mac! the lipstick stand is mesmerising! There are so many different variations of colours and finishes that there will always be something for everyone.I think mac lipsticks are actually addictive, so beware ;) !!

I tag everyone that wants to do this post
Let me know if you do it so I can read your answers :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Blog award :)

I was really happy to be given the Kreativ Blogger award by the gorgeous Rachel from Elsie and Clara,you should check out her blog it's fab! 
Yay!! Who need's an oscar?
The rules are...You must link back to the person who gave you the award,to thank them, nominate 10 other bloggers that you would like to pass the award on to and list 10 facts about yourself.

The 10 bloggers I would like to nominate are...
Yu from Letsmakeyuup
Kaushal from Beauty fulfilled 
Georgie from Dreams that glitter
Adrienne from Adrienne Adores
Jess from Star Violet
Kate from Ghostparties
Krista from Alla Fiorentina

It's so hard to think about 10 facts about yourself, well 10 that might be slightly interesting to read about...hmmm...

1. I had a crush on Tony Blair when I was 11 (what a strange child!)
2. My weird crushes continued into adulthood when I went through a Simon Cowell phase :P
Buuut I am normal and...
3. My dream man nowadays is Johnny Depp
4. I only ever buy clothes from ASOS and Primark
5. I once bumped into Will Mellor in a petrol station and squeaked in his face (goon!)
6. I am one of the clumsiest people in the world,I can trip over fresh air :/
7 . It took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test!
8. I love looking around the Barbie aisle at Toys'r'us... I miss having Barbies in my life!
9. Right at this minute I am excited to watch TOWIE and The crimson petal and the white tonight. 
10. I have an obsession with The Shaytards on Youtube and am currently trying to catch up on their 800 videos (I do this when the boy has the footie on!)

Hope that was a little bit interesting for you guys, and you check out the gorgeous bloggers linked above :) 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blush crush #1.

This post is totally inspired by my new Blush crush which is the much loved in the beauty community 'Deep throat' by Nars. I wasn't really intending on purchasing this as I had just picked up 'Pink swoon' from Mac literally 20 minutes earlier, but curiosity got the better of me at the Nars stand and I couldn't help but swatch  'Deep throat' and 'Orgasm' to see what all the fuss was about. In my opinion both are 100% worth the hype and I struggled to decide on which one to purchase. The reason I went for 'Deep throat' out of the two was that I felt that it was the one that I would get the most daily use out of, as it is a little more subtle than Orgasm (which I still really want to get!) 

The Nars website describe deep throat as peach with shimmer, I find it looks pinky peach on my skin and gives it that lovely, lit from within look. The shimmer in this blush comes through so subtly and despite there being a small amount of very fine glitter visible in the pan it doesn't transfer onto skin which I think is a big plus! 
The pigmentation is fantastic as I believe the case is with all Nars blushers, I've found that a slight hand works best or it will make you look like a crazed cabbage patch kid! Another thing that makes me love this is that it's so durable, I have put it on in the morning's, cleaned the house, walked the dogs and things like that and it's still in place 6 hours later!
without flash
with flash

Oh I do love Nars for putting mirrors in their lids!

This blush totally deserves it's cult status for me and is worth every penny of the £20.50 it costs. Is anyone else a deep throat lover? (eww pun not intended "))

A l'il FOTD

Hey girls,firstly I'm chuffed to bits that my blog has reached almost 200 readers! Thanks so much everyone im really grateful! Another thing I would like to say is that as it is the school holidays and my son is off for a fortnight ive found it hard to spend as much time on my blog and feel that my last couple of posts were a bit rushed and not as well organised as I would like them to be, so thank you for bearing with me!  :)

Anyway enough gushing! On to the FOTD...

Products used:
 Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation
MAC MSF natural medium plus
MAC MSF soft and gentle to highlight cheek and brow bones
Nars Deep throat blush
MAC Paintpot in painterley on lower lid
MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow on lower lid
Barry M brown eyeliner pencil on top and bottom waterline and top lashline
Loreal Telescopic mascara
MUA brunette brow pencil 
MAC Hue lipstick 

I have been really loving Pro Lumiere foundation (which is typical because it is being discontinued!) for the past couple of weeks as my skin has been pretty normal as opposed to its usual dry state, I haven't been drinking any extra water or eating extra healthy so im putting it down to using the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser,the Oilatum dry skin repair cream, and VIE clear thoughts night cream which is so thick and moisturising, I cant believe i have never used a night cream before. I feel like my skin has been really benefiting from all of these things. Does anybody else use a night cream?

Anyway that was a bit of a quick ramble but I hope you like it :) 
I will be doing a review of Nars Deep throat blush soon as im in love with it <3


Sunday, 24 April 2011


NARS have such a fantastic range of eye shadow duo's, I debated for ages over which one to pick up while in Space NK last week. I wandered around for about 20 minutes with the swatches all over my hand like a NARS rainbow! Eventually I settled on EGEA which I couldn't pronounce to the lovely sales lady (seriously the staff in Nottingham Space NK couldn't be nicer!!) and had to stutter my probably totally wrong pronunciation across the shop to her *shame*

The annoyingly named EGEA duo.
 'long wearing crease resistant formula, in a series of uniquely paired colour combinations'
Currently there are 33 duo's available priced at £23.50 and they are definitely uniquely paired. Some of the pairings look as though they shouldn't work, like the hugely popular 'Rated R' but from what I've seen the colours compliment each other perfectly. EGEA is one of those pairings, basically its green and purple (sage green and smoky lilac), not everyone's cup of tea but one that stood out to me as both are shades that I like to wear to make my (brown) eyes 'pop'.
Heavily swatched
With flash
Without flash
I really like the way the sage green reflects the light,sadly this is the only positive thing I have to say about this duo. I find the colour payoff disappointing, the formula hard to blend and too powdery which results in alot of (shimmery) fallout and whichever way it is applied I find the end result to be just blah, its ok and that's about as enthusiastic as I can get about it. Having said that (and hating being so negative!) I really love all of my other NARS products and will most definitely check out the other duo's that are on offer.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on NARS duo's which ones are worth checking out?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Primark (and H&M) Haul...oops!

The oops is in reference to the fact that I haven't managed even a week without shopping, NOT ONE WEEK!!! Total fail!!! But I'm slowly getting over it because I now have some lovely Summery items in my wardrobe that have been making me very happy! Also I didn't even so much as glance in the direction of Boots or Superdrug (the only places to buy make-up in my small town) So at least I achieved something right? "/

It seemed that everyone and their Grandma was in Primark yesterday, it was evil! So I just picked up everything I liked and thought that it would be easier to try on at home and take back what I don't like, hence the two basically identical maxi dresses! £9 each.

These trousers were the first thing I saw and I love them! They are such a lightweight cotton and I love the braces! Cant wait to wear these :) At £12 you really cant grumble! 

Basic stretch boob tube £3 each
Im still umming and aahing over this yellow cardi! Part of me actually thinks its gross!! but the other part loves it! What do you guys think? It was £12.
Loose T-shirt £5.99 H&M I wanted one of these to throw over either vest tops or a maxi dress. I love new white t-shirts!
2 string/diamante bracelets £1.50 Primark
Chunky Rope and Gold chain necklace £3 Primark
How pretty is this necklace? I bought it to wear over one of the maxi dresses. £2.50 Primark
6 pairs of studs £1.50
Stack of 5 bangles £5.99 H&M 
Necklaces sold seperately at H&M £1.99 each. The lengths adjust and they look great worn together.

Honourable mention goes to my Mum for buying me this t-shirt...

Hahaha Yeah Pixies Rock!! How funny! Mum was like "I saw this and thought,you had to have it!" 
I think it needs to be my blogging t-shirt!!!

Oh I nearly forgot the BEST bit! I also bought series one of TOWIE! im so excited to be able to watch it whenever I need an Essex fix!! :D

Anyone else been hauling Primarni lately? 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

House of Harlow 1960 Lusting!

So I am now on a self imposed (crappy) month long spending ban, its been 3 days and Im finding it tough especially when I'm signed up to receive newsletters from a great load of make-up, clothing and jewellery online stores! Of course I don't have to open them, but wouldn't that be rude of me? ;) 
Want that lipstick,please!
I got an email from accessories online yesterday, forcing me to view (ok i had to click to display images!) Nicole Richie's new lines in her 'House of Harlow 1960 collection' I love Nicole Richie's style so had a little cyber wander to check it out! There is also 10% off any orders made when you are signed up to receive the newsletter *dies*im totally broke and can afford nothing! Even if there was 99% off!! But a bit of lusting can't hurt!

14ct gold plated mini Key Necklace

14ct gold plated black leather stack bangle

14ct gold plated set of 5 stacking coin rings

This is of course total wish listing as all I can think is how much stuff you could pick up in Primark for the price of just one HOH piece?! I do really need some rings though and im dying for a maxi dress maybe a little Primark spree wouldn't hurt! 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sinless sun DARING tan eek!!

I have been eyeing up this bottle of fake tan in Superdrug for about a month now (mainly because I like the Soap and Glory-esque packaging) and despite having heard no reviews at all about it or really being able to find any information at all on it anywhere over the internet, curiosity finally got the better of me this week and I purchased a bottle for a little under £11.

Saturday was a peaceful one in my house, the puppies were sleepy and the boys were out footballing and what not, so I had me a l'il pamperoony day which included the application of Daring sinless sun!
My first reaction to the chocolate sauce colour and consistency of this product was terror, it's very dark and very runny and I almost decided against it, but in the interests of providing the facts, I slapped it on like the beauty trooper that I am....WELL!....I looked like I had spent a month in Greece doing nothing but sunbathing from dusk til dawn jeeeeeeeez I was dark, OK I had expected this and bought it on myself! The calming thought that kept me strong throughout was that this was the guide colour and I only had 6 hours of looking like Ross from friends after his unfortunate spray tan until I could shower it off and be transformed into a J-lo lookalike *ahem*

4 hours later in the daylight, and I was freaking out a little, I was looking a little orange and patchy and wishing I had St.Morized instead!!

After showering the (nasty) guide colour away...
Luckily the streaks that were on my hands evened up aswell,which I was shocked about!

Will I be repurchasing? 
After my terrifying OMG im gonna look like Ross episode, Im surprised to be saying that I more than likely will.The only downside is that you have to be very careful with the bottle as the tan is pretty runny and leaks out, but I really like the colour it gives, its very golden and healthy and I have been complimented on it, even from my Mum who usually lets me know when my tan looks oompa loompa-ish!  At just under £11 for 250ml it's reasonably priced and I cant see me having to apply it more than once a week so it should last a while aswell.

What are your favourite tanning products?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

MAC & Space NK YAY!

So this weekend I finally got my MAC fix after being unable to go last weekend when I was *cough* poorly (super hungover!) I might have mentioned once or twice that I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest MAC store is an hour away so sadly I don't get to visit as often as i'd like, this actually pleases my boyfriend immensly!!So that explains why this haul is the size that it is! Some of these items have been on my wish list forever!!

D'ya wanna see what I got?

I did go a little bit mental, I just always get over excited and carried away in these shops, I might have a serious problem because I really feel like Im close to hyperventilating when I get through the doors! Anyone else do this? probably not haha! 
So as there's quite a bit to get through I'll break them down a bit so as not to bog you down with photo's (If you like the pics though let me know because I always take tons!!)


L-R Hue, Angel, Vegas Volt, Creme cup, Impassioned
I did take 6 items back to MAC so got Creme cup for free (sensible shopper right here!)

MSF's & Blusher
Oh and a brush!
L-R MSF in medium plus, MSF in Soft and Gentle, Pink swoon blush.

Eye shadows
All that glitters E/S in the pot, (Top)Gleam and (bottom)Naked lunch

Essential bits and bobs
Select moisture cover concealer NW20,Blacktrack fluidline and Painterly paint pot

And then Space NK happened to be on the way to the car park "/...
Laura Mercier E/S in 'primrose' and universal setting powder.
The most unoriginal NARS purchases EVER! Deep throat blusher and Turkish delight lipgloss! I do love them loads though!!

So after this lot I have officially put myself on a month long spending ban! If you catch me posting a haul feel free to give me a slap on the wrist! Im off to take off my old make-up and reapply some of these shiny new lovelies ready for Sunday dinner at the pub :D
 Hope you are all having a nice weekend xxx