Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Blog award :)

I was really happy to be given the Kreativ Blogger award by the gorgeous Rachel from Elsie and Clara,you should check out her blog it's fab! 
Yay!! Who need's an oscar?
The rules are...You must link back to the person who gave you the award,to thank them, nominate 10 other bloggers that you would like to pass the award on to and list 10 facts about yourself.

The 10 bloggers I would like to nominate are...
Yu from Letsmakeyuup
Kaushal from Beauty fulfilled 
Georgie from Dreams that glitter
Adrienne from Adrienne Adores
Jess from Star Violet
Kate from Ghostparties
Krista from Alla Fiorentina

It's so hard to think about 10 facts about yourself, well 10 that might be slightly interesting to read about...hmmm...

1. I had a crush on Tony Blair when I was 11 (what a strange child!)
2. My weird crushes continued into adulthood when I went through a Simon Cowell phase :P
Buuut I am normal and...
3. My dream man nowadays is Johnny Depp
4. I only ever buy clothes from ASOS and Primark
5. I once bumped into Will Mellor in a petrol station and squeaked in his face (goon!)
6. I am one of the clumsiest people in the world,I can trip over fresh air :/
7 . It took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test!
8. I love looking around the Barbie aisle at Toys'r'us... I miss having Barbies in my life!
9. Right at this minute I am excited to watch TOWIE and The crimson petal and the white tonight. 
10. I have an obsession with The Shaytards on Youtube and am currently trying to catch up on their 800 videos (I do this when the boy has the footie on!)

Hope that was a little bit interesting for you guys, and you check out the gorgeous bloggers linked above :) 


  1. Someone else who loves shaytards! I do too and I'm also trying to catch up! I've managed it once and then got behind again! Congratulations on the award :) xxxx

  2. aww totally! I want to move in with the Shaytards haha!!Wow I cant imagine catching up with all of the videos! I think i need a Shaytard marathon asap! Thankyou chick :) xxx

  3. Awww thanks sugar, you are too nice to me :D

    Hahahahaha, love that you 'squeaked' at Will Mellor. Ace!


  4. @Classified thankyou very much :)

    @Jo Your welcome chick! I love your blog!! I knoow what a loser, he gave me the strangest look! Then my boyfriend embarrased us more by going up to him and telling him that he was a big fan!! Seriously!! I don't think anyone is a big Will Mellor fan (he was fit though!!) ;) xxx


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