Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blush crush #1.

This post is totally inspired by my new Blush crush which is the much loved in the beauty community 'Deep throat' by Nars. I wasn't really intending on purchasing this as I had just picked up 'Pink swoon' from Mac literally 20 minutes earlier, but curiosity got the better of me at the Nars stand and I couldn't help but swatch  'Deep throat' and 'Orgasm' to see what all the fuss was about. In my opinion both are 100% worth the hype and I struggled to decide on which one to purchase. The reason I went for 'Deep throat' out of the two was that I felt that it was the one that I would get the most daily use out of, as it is a little more subtle than Orgasm (which I still really want to get!) 

The Nars website describe deep throat as peach with shimmer, I find it looks pinky peach on my skin and gives it that lovely, lit from within look. The shimmer in this blush comes through so subtly and despite there being a small amount of very fine glitter visible in the pan it doesn't transfer onto skin which I think is a big plus! 
The pigmentation is fantastic as I believe the case is with all Nars blushers, I've found that a slight hand works best or it will make you look like a crazed cabbage patch kid! Another thing that makes me love this is that it's so durable, I have put it on in the morning's, cleaned the house, walked the dogs and things like that and it's still in place 6 hours later!
without flash
with flash

Oh I do love Nars for putting mirrors in their lids!

This blush totally deserves it's cult status for me and is worth every penny of the £20.50 it costs. Is anyone else a deep throat lover? (eww pun not intended "))


  1. See, I have NEVER done blusher..... EVER! Should I?? I'm a bronzer girl. No way could i afford a posh one like that tho haha xoxo

  2. I really want Deep Throat, I think its such a gorg colour and I like that it's more subtle than Orgasm. Plus I already have the Orgasm multiple and illuminator so I don't want to go overboard haha

  3. Ooh, pretty! I love how subtle the shimmer is!

  4. @Lisa I think you should def do blusher for a pop of cheek colour you can still wear bronzer with it, It doesnt have to be an expensive one especially if you are starting out with it.Sleek at Superdrug do some gorgeous ones,really pigmented and for less than a fiver :)

    @glamorous Barbie Thankyou so much chick that really means alot :)

    @Rachel ooh you should so get it you will love it!!! :)

    @Susie its so so pretty! Im feeling sorry for my other blushers now as I cant bring myself to use another one hehe :)



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