Wednesday, 28 September 2011

'Acid eyes' using the Sleek Acid palette

Hey girls,
Haha I know 'Acid eyes' just sounds wrong! But I thought it was perhaps the best way to describe this crazy eye look that I came up with using the Acid palette!
As I only had one Sleek palette in my make-up collection, which is the 'Oh so special' palette (which I love using!)Yesterday I decided it was time to immerse myself fully into the world of Sleek and went to town to pick up a couple more.

Fortunately (for my boyfriend, who's debit card I used) Sleek palette's are pretty inexpensive because I showed little restraint and slammed 3 into my basket (Sunset, Acid, and Original) oops! My justification for this (to the boyf) was that it would cost nearly £400 for the same amount of eye shadows in MAC and he should think himself lucky that there isn't a store close to where we live, so I got off the hook. Phew. hehe ;)

Anyway enough of my wittering and onto the make-up.

Eeeeeeeek! How insanely bright are these colours?? I love this palette so much and had so much fun playing around with it last night. I love that it also includes more wearable shades, so that it isn't made redundant when you don't feel like sporting acid bright's!

I also made a video on my You Tube channel so if you are interested in this palette or how I did this look then pop on over :)
Do you own the Acid palette?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blush crush #4

Afternoon pretty ladies!
My latest blush crush is Coralista from benefit, which I received as part payment for helping to promote the new benefit mascara in Boots a few weeks back now, I did a video on that over on my You Tube channel so if you are interested in what other goodies I got and what went on, here is the link to it (Video)

At first glance I thought that Coralista was too similar to NARS deep throat blush, which I already own and love to bits (blush crush #1) and wouldn't really be worth getting. However luckily I had Lisa with me who loves it and convinced me that I did in fact need it in my life.

Coralista is a stunning pale coral/pink with a subtle gold sheen, the way I think best describes it is, If NARS Deep throat and NARS Orgasm had a baby, then this would be it, although the gold sheen in Coralista is a lot less obnoxious which makes it more universally wearable than NARS Orgasm.

Besides the colour, what I really love about Coralista is how incredibly finely milled, pigmented, and soft in texture it is, which makes it apply like an absolute dream, so can be worn as a subtle wash of colour or can be very easily built up to get a much more intense colour payoff. I also love how you get a massive 12g of product, which means I wont be having to splash out £23.50 for another one any time soon, happy days.
Top Coralista swatched lightly,
Bottom swatch built up heavily.
Do you own this blush, or any other benefit boxed blushers
What do you think of them?

Ooh just a quick p.s, I was so chuffed to guest blog over at the lovely Kat's blog yesterday while she is on holiday. It's just another EOTD using the Sleek Oh so special palette but in case you wanted to see here's the link (Clickandmakeup) :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

ASOS Goodies! First impressions and swatches.

Evening lovelies :) 
I was kindly asked by the PR at ASOS if I would like some products to use in tutorials etc and of course accepted! So for the first time in what feels like forever, the postman actually knocked on my door this morning, I greeted him somewhat bedraggled and with last night's black eye liner smooshed around my face (this is a regular occurrence since I ran out of LE cleanse and polish!) and restraining myself from screeching in his face, took my little brown box of joy and tore into it faster than Charlie and Grandpa Joe with a Wonka bar!! (honestly, the lack of shopping just lately has sent me wappy!)

Inside the box was a Jemma Kidd Classic couture lip colour, Stila Perfect and correct foundation, and a NARS velvet matte lip pencil.eeeeeeeek!!
(please excuse the dodgy photo,the sun was so bright today!)
Stila Perfect & correct foundation
You might already be aware that I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to foundation, so when I opened this one and saw the unusual, funky helter-skelter style way that the foundation is presented in the transparent bottle I had to let out a bit of a squeal! There are a number of claims on the side of the box that made me extra excited to use this, like how it helps to control oil while still keeping skin hydrated, and is swirled with an advanced moisturising primer, something I have never seen before! Also this foundation does not contain an SPF so I am really looking forward to seeing how well it photographs.

There are 6 colours to choose from, my shade is medium, from swatching it I think the colour is too dark for my natural (NC20-25) skin tone but with some self tan I should think it will be just fine, also when blended it appeared a touch lighter. I will keep you posted on this one.

Jemma Kidd Classic couture lip colour
This is the first Jemma Kidd product I have ever owned, I have to say, loving the packaging, bright pink box and a sleek black tube with hot pink print makes a (sad) package hoarder like me v.happy! The colour I received is 06 retro a deep warm brown shade, and not something that I would ever pick for myself, but it will come in handy I'm sure when creating Autumn make-up looks.The lipstick itself is highly pigmented, gives a gorgeous glossy finish (oh and it smells amazeee!)
NARS Velvet matte lip pencil (Bolero)

To be honest anything that comes in a NARS box excites me! This bright almost neon peachy pink is gorgeous! I was going to pop up a lip swatch for this but my lips are so dry at the moment, that I know I will have to get the blistex and an old toothbrush on them before it's worth even attempting to wear anything matte.This was released as a limited edition colour for Summer but I just checked and you can still get it at asos.I can see me using this alot, so expect to see it on my face soon ;)  

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wearable bright Green/Yellow eye tutorial and exciting news!

Evening girlies,
I am a bit gutted that I missed out on the #bbloggers Twitter chat tonight (which was all about making tutorials), as I have just started doing tutorials on my You Tube channel and am sure I will have missed out on some amazing tips!!

So I missed the chat because I was having a total mare editing this video down to the 15minutes that You Tube allow, only to find a message congratulating me on my account being eligible for longer uploads, when I clicked the upload button grrrr!! haha sods law eh?

The image that I used for inspiration was taken from the ifabbo home page, an amazing bright colourful eye with glowing, healthy looking bronzed skin. I love it!

I hope you enjoy it guys :)
I was so excited last night to receive an email from a photographer that I worked with a few months ago telling me that two of the images from the shoot were featured on the Vogue italia website yesterday eek!

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw or something hehehe! I would sooooo spill at Vogue! 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

F/EOTD and a chat x

Hey Girls, 
I thought that I would check in and have a little chat with you all :)

Today's make-up was inspired by a Demi Lovato look that I saw online a while ago, unfortunately I did it from memory without having the visual in front of me, and obviously I have a memory comparable to Dory the fish and the colours I used are pretty far off the mark...see...
I really am a moron sometimes! Oh well haha! 
You may have noticed that I have done away with the Ombre hair, it just felt wrong and in person the ginger tinge was really obvious, so much so that my parents took to calling me Ron Weasley,( they think they are soooo funny :-p) So my time of having "cool" hair is over waaaah! sad times.

I organised my make-up yesterday (finally) as it was in such a mess and it had been stressing me out (I like being organised). So while everything was all neat and tidy, I took the opportunity to film a room tour for my You Tube channel and so far the uploading has taken over 4 hours, I don't know what that is all about? I think it's because I filmed on my digital camera instead of the webcam or something. Oh GOD I just checked on it's progress and it is going to take another 934 minutes!!? As much as I love modern technology, sometimes it really pisses me off!

I know my latest post's have been very 'eye make-up' orientated and I hope you aren't getting sick of seeing up close pictures of my pupils! I have just been feeling really inspired and creative and enjoy posting make-up looks and things that inspire me, as its what Im really passionate about, I'm just a bit unsure of how to incorporate it into my blog without boring you all "/ If anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful to hear them!! 
<3 xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Playing with the Sleek Oh so special palette

Gateaux all over lid
Noir blended over Gateaux
Celebrate in crease and outer V
Noir smudged under lower lashline
Gateaux in tearduct and lower lashine

Hey girlies,
as the title suggests, I have spent part of the afternoon playing with the Oh so special palette from Sleek (the rest of the afternoon was spent coming up with a catchy post title ;))
The Oh so special palette is actually the first palette (aside from the primer palette) that I have purchased from Sleek, I have no idea why this is, and I'm pretty sure that I must be the only beauty blogger/MUA in the UK not to own at least the storm palette!
I knew that I wanted the Oh so special palette as soon as I set eyes on it and I do really like it, it has a great mix of matte and shimmery neutrals with a couple of gorgeous matte peach shades also included, which I used for the next look...

Ribbon all over lid
Organza blended into crease
Glitz smudged into upper and lower lashlines
Bow to highlight brow bone

Gateaux is my favourite shade from the palette, it's a really pretty duo chromatic soft peachy pink with gold sheen, in the first look I did where I layered noir over it, the gold really shows through and turns to a metallic olive shade when the light hits, I love it!
There are a couple of colours in this particular palette that don't rock my world ie.The mail and boxed which is just personal taste and why I didn't use them today (well actually I did, but hated the look so haven't added it hehe) But aside from that I am looking forward to picking up a few more Sleek palette's soon. 
Which Sleek palette is your favourite?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Steamy EOTD

Evening honey's,
This EOTD came about from a funny mish mash of inspiration from fellow bloggers. Last night I read Muhsine's latest blogpost in which she created a beautiful eye make-up using Humid e/s from MAC, this morning I 'shopped my stash' after reading Fee's latest post in which she had been inspired to do the same by Laura and found that I actually had humid and had for some strange reason pushed it to the back of my eye shadow drawer, in a MAC palette of the shadows I don't really use...lost yet? It continues! This afternoon I had a little twitter convo with Yu about Humid and Steamy (my favourite ever green e/s from MAC) and decided an EOTD using both would be a good idea, so here is what I came up with.

I used to wear Green's so much more and really have gotten myself into a neutral eye shadow rut lately (I blame Urban Decay!:)), which is a big shame as Green's really compliment brown eyes. I think this is going to be the look I go for on my next night out with some false lashes for some added ooomph!

Products used

When I originally bought the NARS EGEA duo, I thought that I had royally wasted my money, however this was another product I found today when 'shopping my stash' and I fell a little bit in love with it (fickle,me?) It worked so peferctly for this look used all over the lid as a base, and as a brow bone and tear duct highlight.

 I hope you guy's like the look :) let me know what you think, ooh and also let me know what are your favourite Green eyeshadows! Im just off to try and catch up with the last half of the #bbloggers chat on Twitter, might see some of you there xxx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

TAG:My cosmetic dream team

Afternoon lovelies!
So in my house the start of the football season is a huge deal, living with two boys means that  for the next 8 months or so I am pretty much widowed to the fucking game beautiful sport :)

On a Friday night my Boyfriend's best mate comes round and they spend the best part of an hour playing at being a virtual team manager and sorting out their fantasy football teams, I have to laugh at them,they really do take it ever so seriously! This has gone on in my house now for the past two years and although I really couldn't give a crap about football, I do rather like the concept of fantasy football (It kinda reminds me of playing The Sims or something) basically what I gather is that fantasy football is where you are given a certain amount of money to create your dream team, Im pretty sure there is more to it but, that, I'm afraid is where I start to glaze over and lose interest and yesterday I got to thinking about it in terms of cosmetics as you do...and came up with...

  *11 items that make up my ultimate cosmetic dream team...

1.MAC face and body foundation
I am a foundation slut, always flitting from one to the next, however the one foundation that I have remained faithful to for the last 3 years is MAC face and body it builds effortlessly to a medium coverage, gives the most gorgeous natural finish, photographs beautifully, and at £23.50 for a huge 120ml It is one of the best value for money foundations you could buy, it last's forever!

2.DUO (clear) eyelash adhesive
Lovers of false need this in your life! Other lash glue's just don't cut the mustard compared to this bad boy! If you want your lashes to stay on all night, throw away the pritt stick esque trash that generally comes with lashes and grab a tube of Duo asap.

3.MAC Angel lipstick
A really pretty, soft creamy pink which I wear most days.For some reason Angel is a frost finish but It doesn't have a frosty or shimmery appearance at all, I find the finish to be comparable to that of a MAC cremesheen which is my favourite :)

4.Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser
 The Daddy of cleansers! My cleanse and polish recently ran out and my skin has really noticed it!
While I was using Cleanse and polish my skin was in the best condition of it's life.My complexion was alot brighter and the dry patches that I always get around my nose and on my cheeks were none existent! When I next visit a John Lewis I will be stocking up big time!

5.Primark tweezers
Without a pair of tweezers, I would look like Helga from "Hey Arnold" Since I started plucking face at age 14 I have been through just about every brand of tweezers on the market from tweezermans to well,Primark.Surprisingly my holy grail tweezers are these slanted ones which were 2 for £1 in Primark (The other pair are pointy and I don't really care for them) 
I am praying that when the Primark make-up is discontinued these don't go with it!

Nostalgia for the 90's Kids :)

6.NARS Deep throat blush
My go to blush, a perfect peachy pink which gives the nicest, most natural looking flush to the cheeks.

7.Loreal telescopic mascara
I love trying out new mascara's but the one that I will always go back to is telescopic.If I am in a rush to get ready and want my lashes to look great this is the one that I know for sure I can rely on.

8.The MAC 217 brush 
Aaargh words cannot begin to express my love for this brush! If I could only have one make-up brush in my life this would be it without question.If you don't own it and want to invest in an eye shadow brush, I would definitely recommend checking out the 217.

9.MAC Smoulder eye kohl
I just love this!! It is super soft, super black and so versatile. It's the most perfect pencil for creating really quick sultry, smudgy, smoky eyes!
Unfortunately I recently lost mine, :( And I have heard a rumour that the new formulation is not as good,and that it has a green tinge to it (I really do hope not)

10.Urban Decay Naked palette
 I don't think an explanation is in order, the Naked palette is just a beautiful creation!! :)

11.Benefit Hoola bronzer
I have only owned this for a week now, but have worn it every single day.I can see myself repurchasing this forever!
 I would love to see what products make-up your cosmetic dream team, so thought I'd turn this into a TAG post,and to get the ball rolling (haha im so funny "/) I specifically TAG...
Lisa from Gorgeous M.E
Hannah from Hello beautiful
Adrienne from The Sunday girl
Yu from lets make yu up
Charli from secrets behind the closet door
Fee from make-up savvy
George from make-up wishes

* Yes, I had to google to find out how many players are on a football team in order to make the analogy work...