Wednesday, 28 September 2011

'Acid eyes' using the Sleek Acid palette

Hey girls,
Haha I know 'Acid eyes' just sounds wrong! But I thought it was perhaps the best way to describe this crazy eye look that I came up with using the Acid palette!
As I only had one Sleek palette in my make-up collection, which is the 'Oh so special' palette (which I love using!)Yesterday I decided it was time to immerse myself fully into the world of Sleek and went to town to pick up a couple more.

Fortunately (for my boyfriend, who's debit card I used) Sleek palette's are pretty inexpensive because I showed little restraint and slammed 3 into my basket (Sunset, Acid, and Original) oops! My justification for this (to the boyf) was that it would cost nearly £400 for the same amount of eye shadows in MAC and he should think himself lucky that there isn't a store close to where we live, so I got off the hook. Phew. hehe ;)

Anyway enough of my wittering and onto the make-up.

Eeeeeeeek! How insanely bright are these colours?? I love this palette so much and had so much fun playing around with it last night. I love that it also includes more wearable shades, so that it isn't made redundant when you don't feel like sporting acid bright's!

I also made a video on my You Tube channel so if you are interested in this palette or how I did this look then pop on over :)
Do you own the Acid palette?


  1. ooh wow these are very bright! Very unique though, you're so talented at eye make up! x

  2. I do not own an Acid Palette but the neons colours looks nice. Great video

  3. I have always ran a mile whenever I see this palette in superdrug, You have managed to create A lovely look from it! The colours look supprisingy very flattering and pigmented :D


  4. I've been far to scared to buy this palette as the colours are far too bright but OMG does this look amazing! Wish I was even half as talented as you are when it comes to my eye make up xxx

  5. This look is incredible- I would definitely wear this! I like to be noticed and this would certainly do that but still manages to look AMAZING! xx

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  6. You do this so awesomely but i wouldn't DREAM and wearing most of those shades - yellow? YELLOW? Pass.

    You, on the other hand, can pull it off. Jealous. xxx

  7. Wow, that looks amazing...I love it! So perfectly applied too.

  8. @Corrie Thank you chick :) They are sooo neon haha

    @JoJo Thanks hunni :)

    @Joselin Thanks hun! Yeah they are really well pigmented, they are quite powdery so best to do eyes first but so amazing :)

    @Charli Thanks so much babe! mwah :)

    @Rhi Thank you hun! You should def get it and wear it out :)

    @Jo Thanks chick!Your comments always crack me up!! Yes YELLOW, It's totally normal ;) Go buy it I dare ya!!

    @River Thanks so much hunni :)


  9. WOW! This look is stunning. Fantastic job. Makes me wanna dust off my Acid Palette and use it right away!

  10. @eyegraffiti Thanks so much :) Oooh yeah go play ;) xxx

  11. I love the acid eyes look. My eyes are big and dark, so they can handle a lot of eye makeup like this. I love how these stand out so much!
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  12. @Holly Aww thank you so much chick :) xxx

  13. Wow looks amazing! I'd never be able to do this, you're very talented!

  14. @Cherry Thank you hunni :) Im sure you could do it, it looks harder than it is! have a go :D xxx

  15. I think i'll be attempting this myself tomorrow! It's stunning! <3

  16. @Katie Lou Brilliant! :)) Thanks chick xxx

  17. Looks great on you but there's no way I'd be able to pull that off! Wish I could!

  18. Love the look! How did u get it so pigmented?! Even my UDPP does not make it this bright for me!!!


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