Thursday, 8 September 2011

F/EOTD and a chat x

Hey Girls, 
I thought that I would check in and have a little chat with you all :)

Today's make-up was inspired by a Demi Lovato look that I saw online a while ago, unfortunately I did it from memory without having the visual in front of me, and obviously I have a memory comparable to Dory the fish and the colours I used are pretty far off the mark...see...
I really am a moron sometimes! Oh well haha! 
You may have noticed that I have done away with the Ombre hair, it just felt wrong and in person the ginger tinge was really obvious, so much so that my parents took to calling me Ron Weasley,( they think they are soooo funny :-p) So my time of having "cool" hair is over waaaah! sad times.

I organised my make-up yesterday (finally) as it was in such a mess and it had been stressing me out (I like being organised). So while everything was all neat and tidy, I took the opportunity to film a room tour for my You Tube channel and so far the uploading has taken over 4 hours, I don't know what that is all about? I think it's because I filmed on my digital camera instead of the webcam or something. Oh GOD I just checked on it's progress and it is going to take another 934 minutes!!? As much as I love modern technology, sometimes it really pisses me off!

I know my latest post's have been very 'eye make-up' orientated and I hope you aren't getting sick of seeing up close pictures of my pupils! I have just been feeling really inspired and creative and enjoy posting make-up looks and things that inspire me, as its what Im really passionate about, I'm just a bit unsure of how to incorporate it into my blog without boring you all "/ If anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful to hear them!! 
<3 xxx


  1. Ah your eyes look gorgeous! You're so good at doing eye make up.. jealous! x

  2. I Love your eye makeup! Very pretty :)


  3. No ways I love reading them :) aww sad to see the ombre go but I did the same :P can't wait to see the next look :) xxx

  4. Its not boring at all you silly biscuit, this look is gorgeous, I LOVE the gold especially, I don't have a gold and this has made me want one!

    Well done for organising everything always feels better when everything has its own place xx

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  5. Aww thanks for your lovely comments girlies :) xxxxxxx


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