Saturday, 3 September 2011

TAG:My cosmetic dream team

Afternoon lovelies!
So in my house the start of the football season is a huge deal, living with two boys means that  for the next 8 months or so I am pretty much widowed to the fucking game beautiful sport :)

On a Friday night my Boyfriend's best mate comes round and they spend the best part of an hour playing at being a virtual team manager and sorting out their fantasy football teams, I have to laugh at them,they really do take it ever so seriously! This has gone on in my house now for the past two years and although I really couldn't give a crap about football, I do rather like the concept of fantasy football (It kinda reminds me of playing The Sims or something) basically what I gather is that fantasy football is where you are given a certain amount of money to create your dream team, Im pretty sure there is more to it but, that, I'm afraid is where I start to glaze over and lose interest and yesterday I got to thinking about it in terms of cosmetics as you do...and came up with...

  *11 items that make up my ultimate cosmetic dream team...

1.MAC face and body foundation
I am a foundation slut, always flitting from one to the next, however the one foundation that I have remained faithful to for the last 3 years is MAC face and body it builds effortlessly to a medium coverage, gives the most gorgeous natural finish, photographs beautifully, and at £23.50 for a huge 120ml It is one of the best value for money foundations you could buy, it last's forever!

2.DUO (clear) eyelash adhesive
Lovers of false need this in your life! Other lash glue's just don't cut the mustard compared to this bad boy! If you want your lashes to stay on all night, throw away the pritt stick esque trash that generally comes with lashes and grab a tube of Duo asap.

3.MAC Angel lipstick
A really pretty, soft creamy pink which I wear most days.For some reason Angel is a frost finish but It doesn't have a frosty or shimmery appearance at all, I find the finish to be comparable to that of a MAC cremesheen which is my favourite :)

4.Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser
 The Daddy of cleansers! My cleanse and polish recently ran out and my skin has really noticed it!
While I was using Cleanse and polish my skin was in the best condition of it's life.My complexion was alot brighter and the dry patches that I always get around my nose and on my cheeks were none existent! When I next visit a John Lewis I will be stocking up big time!

5.Primark tweezers
Without a pair of tweezers, I would look like Helga from "Hey Arnold" Since I started plucking face at age 14 I have been through just about every brand of tweezers on the market from tweezermans to well,Primark.Surprisingly my holy grail tweezers are these slanted ones which were 2 for £1 in Primark (The other pair are pointy and I don't really care for them) 
I am praying that when the Primark make-up is discontinued these don't go with it!

Nostalgia for the 90's Kids :)

6.NARS Deep throat blush
My go to blush, a perfect peachy pink which gives the nicest, most natural looking flush to the cheeks.

7.Loreal telescopic mascara
I love trying out new mascara's but the one that I will always go back to is telescopic.If I am in a rush to get ready and want my lashes to look great this is the one that I know for sure I can rely on.

8.The MAC 217 brush 
Aaargh words cannot begin to express my love for this brush! If I could only have one make-up brush in my life this would be it without question.If you don't own it and want to invest in an eye shadow brush, I would definitely recommend checking out the 217.

9.MAC Smoulder eye kohl
I just love this!! It is super soft, super black and so versatile. It's the most perfect pencil for creating really quick sultry, smudgy, smoky eyes!
Unfortunately I recently lost mine, :( And I have heard a rumour that the new formulation is not as good,and that it has a green tinge to it (I really do hope not)

10.Urban Decay Naked palette
 I don't think an explanation is in order, the Naked palette is just a beautiful creation!! :)

11.Benefit Hoola bronzer
I have only owned this for a week now, but have worn it every single day.I can see myself repurchasing this forever!
 I would love to see what products make-up your cosmetic dream team, so thought I'd turn this into a TAG post,and to get the ball rolling (haha im so funny "/) I specifically TAG...
Lisa from Gorgeous M.E
Hannah from Hello beautiful
Adrienne from The Sunday girl
Yu from lets make yu up
Charli from secrets behind the closet door
Fee from make-up savvy
George from make-up wishes

* Yes, I had to google to find out how many players are on a football team in order to make the analogy work...


  1. Omg you have SOOOO many products that I want/love - I can't even be bothered to type them all out! I am so jealous of your collection :) Thanks for tagging me! :D

  2. This is such a fab tag, I agree with everything you mentioned :-) I feel your pain about football season it's double trouble with both my dad and brother driving me insane.

  3. I agree with pretty much everything on your list! I would love M.A.C Angel, & Nars Deep throat blush!

  4. WOWEE!! This may be a toughie. Will get my thinking head on ;) xxx

  5. I love the Hey Arnold screen capture!! I watched some of the episodes on Netflix cause I was longing for the days of being a kid and having no worries, waking up early to watch cartoons :)
    Love love love my Naked palette! Mine hasn't been used as much as yours though! lol I followed :)


  6. @Yu well you can tick of the naked palette now yay! :)
    @Claire Thanks chick!Oh I know it drives me bonkers aswell lol! :)
    @The cosmetic crave They are really lovely definitely worth buying :)
    @Lisa Get thinking girly! :)
    @Makeupp Haha good idea! I know what you mean, I love a bit of nostalgia aswell :) Thankyou hunni


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