Monday, 28 February 2011

Happy Monday Blog Love...

Image from weheartit

Probably the least catchy Post title ever!! But I had a long think and It was the best I could come up with (Nothing goes with Monday!)

Basically I want to brighten up a few fellow Bloggers Monday's by making a list of my favourites each week...

  • Charlottes Obsession's... which quickly became my obsession,as she reminded me of myself so much! Charlotte is a Huge MAC addict and  full on girly girl who loves to shop! 


A.Have a massive urge to go to MAC
B.Arrange 'Date night' with your boy!
C.Be desperate to hit the shops (that might just be me but Charlotte is my fave enabler!)

  • Sofia's Journal...An absolutely gorgeous blog,from header to footer! The cozy sock,laptop combo on the header invites you in immediately and makes you want to get the kettle on and get cozy ready for a bloody good read! And that's exactly what you will get! Sofia writes about everything from food to fashion,in the most charming way possible!! I want to live in Sofia's village and eat at the cozy little pubs that she goes to..Nom!


A.Wish you Lived where Sofia does,and be desperate for a cozy pub lunch!
B.Buy a Filofax (spesh if you are already a stationary junkie!!)
C.Go to Ikea for a cheap piece of furniture and renovate it!!

  • Notes from a small dressing table...Written by the lovely Jo,who works at an accountants by day (feel for you still hunni!!)and is a fab beauty blogger by night!! A really lovely girl who know's her stuff and writes in a warm friendly way. I her hair posts as I am clueless when it comes to hair products so Its great to know what Jo is recommending!


A.Have a pampering afternoon session
B.Help Jo in her hunt for the 'holy grail' foundation
C.Try out more hair products (maybe that's just me!!)

  • Make-up savvy...The very first Blog I ever read! I'm not usually behind the times when it comes to all things t'internet,but the word 'blog' was just something I had never paid any attention too (i know,weird!!) anyway I was looking for a Review for something and stumbled upon Fee's blog!!I loved it and went from link to link immersed in all of her tips for finding cheaper products,nail tutorials and savvy awards! 

I have bought many fabulous products from Fee's recommendation,the best one being the cosmopolitan foundation sponge (Amazing,thankyou!!)


A.Feel an intense desire to rearrange your bedroom
B.Create a funky design on your nails
C.Be more frugal when it comes to shopping (my boyfriend likes this blog!!)

Zoella...Probably a huge favourite of everyone's but I have to mention this blog! 
If you are not familiar with Zoe's blog,please take a trip over there now!! A truly fabulous blog that covers shopping,beauty,reviews and awesome hair advice (Zoe's hair is Beaut,I am tres Jealous!!) It will probably take a few hours to read all of the posts,but once you stop by Zoella be warned,you will more than likely stay there for the afternoon and it is worth every pretty l'il second!


A.Create beachy waves in your hair
B.Go spend a few quid in Primark
C.Go to a bootsale

So that's my first 'Happy Monday Blog Love'
 (JEEZ!!I really might have to re-think that!!) 
Hope y'all enjoyed it and found some new blogs to Love!

Loadsa love Nat xxx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday bath,pamper session and a Naked hair mask

My boyfriend has had to work this evening,so instead of monging on the sofa watching films with him I took the opportunity to indulge in a long (well 15mins,as I get bored!!) bath, and a pamper sesh with all my favourite products and a few new ones that I hadn't got around to trying out.
I love blue water so much!!!!
 It reminds me of the sea!!!!

Currently using VIE Hydrotherapy spa range
which smells divine and leaves my skin feeling super clean and energised!!!!

Products from L-R 

Invigorating Bath and shower scrub...
which contains Dead sea salt, Red seaweed and Volcanic sand particles and is infused with Swiss glacial water and spirulina(?) I love this especially before a St.Moriz tan sesh! which I need to do tomorrow morning coz me n the boyf are off to see Mickey Flanagan eek exciting!

Hydrotherapy exfoliator-very green and scrubby!! 

Detoxing Body treatment...
Which contains deep cleansing China clay and again spirulina! You apply this on damp skin 5-10 mins before a bath or shower,which annoys me a bit as i have to shower before having a bath to put it on grr!
But it spreads over the skin really nicely when it is damp as opposed to dry,which i first did and thought 'this is crap' as the product dragged the skin and I ended up using loads more product than neccessary oops!! It is a great product though,its like a face mask for the body and leaves the skin super soft! I don't use this all the time for the reason mentioned above can be a time taker but its a lovely treat when you have time to spare!
Detoxing body treatment-a little goes a long way unless you are like me and don't read instructions!! "/
Hydrotherapy spa detoxifying mineral bath soak
which also contains spirulina (I checked my VIE book it's a blue algae!) and Swiss glacial water.This is the most exciting for me as you can literally smell the toxins that it has drawn out of your body after your bath!!(Gross I know!)
But at least you know that it has done something positive for your body,even if your bathroom ends up smelling of booze/cigarettes/insert own vice here!! for a few hours after. Call me weird but this is the reason I purchased these even though I didn't really need any bath salts.

So onto the hair...
I recently purchased the 'Diamond Dreams' shampoo and conditioner from TIGI's S factor range as I had heard really great things about it and the fact that it is infused with Champagne,cashmere,and pearls swayed me just a bit too...mmmm...posh hair!!!!
This stuff is really expensive retailing at around £15 each!! but I purchased full sized (250ml) shampoo and conditioner from a store on ebay which is apparently TIGI approved for £18.00 with P&P
So far I have only used it twice but I'm already loving it it smells good enough to eat!!!!

and the hair mask...
naked rescue,repairing hair treatment

I mentioned the hair mask last week in the Boots advantage card post,and it has sat on my dresser ever since,I'm usually pretty busy and like to get in and out of the shower/bath with as little fuss as possible wash,shave underarms wash hair and out!!! But Im trying to learn to relax and take a little more care of the important things so I relaxed in the bath with the mask on my hair and my hair now feels crazily soft and smells so lush!!! also FYI this was a MEGA Bargain just £1 from Boots!!!


I have never really had a skin care routine as such,I would usually wipe a face wipe over my face,and then apply whichever moisturiser I had picked up that month from Boots.I have been lucky with my skin in the past but have been getting the odd couple of blemishes and patches of dry skin that I would prefer not to have I decided to pick up some skincare at the last VIE party I hosted and I am very glad I did as I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin and am no longer having the dreaded 'chin breakouts' also my dry patches have calmed down a hell of a lot!!

From L-R 

Skin sparkle system
I'm usually not a big fan of any facial exfoliators as for some reason,each and every one I have ever used has resulted in me having dry patchy skin after..I know it's bizzare as they are supposed to slough of dead skin!! 
So I nearly didn't buy this,but my friend demo'd it on the back of my hand at my VIE party last month and it really did make my skin sparkle so I was suckered in,and so far so good!!

The exfoliator is packed with Vitamin C and feels no different to any other exfoliator, the only difference with this one is that it comes with an activating serum which you apply on top of it and creates a lovely warming sensation,it also doesn't make me feel like I am just scrubbing away at my skin and leaves it feeling beautifully soft.

Second skin restorative cleansing oil
I like using this because it is an oil which is great for my dry patches,it can be used alone or with water to turn it into a cleansing milk and works great with the soap and glory facial mini mitt (review here)

Pure delight beautifying skin tonic
I sometimes use this after the cleansing oil if I have been wearing alot of make-up that day because it works like a toner and completely removes any traces of make-up that has been left behind!

Chanel Hydramax + moisturiser
I was given a sample of this when I purchased Pro-lumiere foundation from the Chanel counter last Sunday,and part of me wishes I hadn't been as It's going to have to be a re-purchase and i've not even dared to check the price!!!!! But it is fantastic,smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling uber smooth!! I love it!!!

I think that's about all for my Sunday pamper session,I can't tell you how refreshed and cozy I feel now i'm in my PJ's watching the Kardashians!! I feel like I've been at a spa all weekend!!!!
(well what I'd imagine as I haven't actually ever been to a spa!)

Have a fab evening girls! Ooh and don't forget to leave a comment let me know what skin/bath products you are using at the moment! I'm nosey ;) 
Love Nat xxx

Friday, 25 February 2011

Photoshoot Lilly Belle accessories and Kee boutique

Hey all,
I'm just back from an amazing shoot and thought I'd share a few of my pics from behind the scenes...
I took over 200 so thought this was the best way to share
Lovely Pretty things!!!

Beautiful scenery and my things messing it up! 
I love this place it's 5mins from my house and I haven't been to it for years

I hope you like them,and when I get the official pics from the photographer I will post them aswell!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Love Nat xxx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some dodgy old pics and a Loreal sublime mousse hair colour review

I am luckily/unluckily blessed with with the most amazing natural hair colour,its the most perfect chocolate brown ever!...Before you delete this tab and delete me from Google connect...I'm not saying this too brag ooooh noIi am not! Notice i also said 'unluckily'.....

About 7 years ago,after years of dreaming about being a blonde,I took the plunge by having a load of blonde highlights put in my hair! I had no idea,or just wouldn't listen to the hairdresser when she told me 'Never ever dye your hair,you are so lucky to have this colour,I would kill for it!'
The 19 year old me thought she was high on crack or something 'It's brown!!' I told her and hurried off to my boyfriends hairdresser uncle and demanded blonde highlights!! I cant remember his advice if indeed there was any but nevertheless I got them so,its a moo point! ( I cannot type,or say that without thinking of Joey in friends! Is anyone else the same??) And it's a decision that from time to time I regret massively!

The hair files .....

My hair right this minute
Sorry for the dodgy pic "/

Anyway this post wasn't an intentional a trip down narcissism lane...although I hope that is obvious from the inclusion of the PJ/wig hair pic!! As you can see in the above picture my hair is a pretty dark and witchy,and with spring in the air I'm fancying a bit of a lighter look.

So yesterday I bought this..

Loreal sublime mousse

And this is apparently what I should expect from it....
Maybe a Little reddish and I may regret this....

So what's different about a mousse dye to a regular one, erm nothing as far as I can get the same kit as with most dye's and mixing is the same,the application is slightly easier (Imagine rubbing a tanning mousse into your hair!) but it didn't stop the product from winding up on my head and ears as you can see!! The removal and wait time pretty much the same as any other although you cant beat Perfect 10 dye for the impatient among us!!!

Patience and a mirror required!!!!
Half an hour later....

The boring bit!!


WHOA!!!! Shine much?????
The picture above was the first time I saw the finished colour as I blow dried my hair upside down without a mirror,needless to say I'm pretty massively impressed with this result! It also has made my hair feel more lightweight and soft than it has ever felt with any at home hair colour WOW!!!!!
The only problem I have is that as it is still miserable in the UK the sunshine that was there pre-colour was replaced with darkness in the blink of an eye so I will take extra pics tomorrow and compare them with a before pic.

sublime mousse is available at superdrug in a range of colours.
Managed this quickie before I was dragged out for a family meal...sorry about the flash!!
Has anyone else tried Loreal sublime mousse?

Review:Soap and glory face massage mini mitt

Hey lovely girlieeees!

Hope you are all good! and Brit girls, hope you are enjoying this bit of sunshine the UK has been blessed with today! :D

Anyway are you prepared for some super product love?!!

So yesterday,when I was in town I popped into Boots to pick up the Chanel spring palette (I may have mentioned this!!,review coming shortly!) before I made it over to black and white heaven however I noticed the soap and glory stand looking well and truly stocked and was lured over before I had a chance to dissuade myself! 
 I got one of those huge boxes of S&G products (the one that goes on offer for £25 every xmas) for Xmas 2009 and subsequently spent the whole of 2010 lathering,exfoliating,buffing and mother puckering my ass off,so aside from sit tight (review here) I have steered clear of S&G for the past few months simply because I was 'pinked out'.

So getting back to Boots,I scanned the shelf skimming over the old stuff and having a quick nosey at the new,when this tiny box caught my eye...

Behold the Soap and glory 'face massage mini mitt'! Now I am not the biggest skincare buff out there so may be behind the door on this type of product but I can't ever remember seeing anything like it!!! 

A bit scary looking from this angle right??

It actually makes cleansing fun!!! The mitt has a little sucker on the back which you place in between two fingers then simply add a drop off cleanser and be whisked off into cleansing heaven!!! I cant describe how good this feels seriously It is the nicest cleansing product I have ever used for my skin! Sod paying £180 for a  clarisonic I'd sooner pay £4.09(?) and take the change to the NARS counter!!!!

Who you callin' a sucker????
Like I said I only found this mitt yesterday so I have only used it once this morning and cant do a review on the long term benefits it has had on my skin...but after said first use I am massively hopeful!!!!

Now prepare for some close up no make-up shots!!
Please excuse the monster under eye baggage!!!!!

I tried for ages to get some good shots but I feel that these pictures aren't showing my skin as it actually looked right after cleansing! I have been pretty blessed skin wise I think that's genetic as no one in my family has ever had bad skin even my grandparents look 10years younger than they are (good to know for the future!!)  But I do get occasional dry patches especially around my nose and cheeks,lately I have been getting more than the odd spot on my chin (this is due to stress apperently!) and a growing concern is that unless I have St.moriz'd I can look Pale and sallow ( smoking and lack of sleep DO NOT help this I need to sort myself out!!) DONT SMOKE KIDS!!!!!

There is actually a typical cute S&G message on the back of the box which says that this kind of massaging mitt is great for tired/smokeaholic skin, so fingers crossed!! But as I said I couldn't be have higher hopes than I'm having for the 'mini mitt'

*I am not affiliated with Soap and glory in any way,I just want you to get your mitts on this (pun intended)*

Does anyone already own this product or anything similar??

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Counter girls..the good the bad and the ugly.

Hey Guys,

How do you feel when you run out of a high end brand cosmetic and realise you will have to brave a trip to the dreaded department store counter's?
Personally I don't care anymore, but I remember how I used to feel when I knew I was going hauling at the queen bee counters...Terrified, self-concious,and Pretty insignificant! It shouldn't be like this! A trip to a counter especially one where you are potentially going to spend alot of money should be a fabulous experience,the staff should treat you with respect and you should leave feeling good about yourself and your purchases! Sadly it seems this is not always the case...

I was over at Charlotte's blog again the other day and read a post about her poor treatment at a MAC counter which quite frankly appalled me! (read Charlotte's post here)

This post got me thinking about my experiences at various counter's and compelled me to write this post...

If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Twitter you will probably have realised that I'm somewhat of a shopaholic, and spend an awful lot of the time I shop perusing the various Make-up counters,therefore have had plenty of experience, good and bad with the staff on them.


When I buy MAC nowadays I always go to the PRO store in Nottingham because I can only get my discount in these stores,When I first became an artist and nipped to the Meadowhall MAC counter,I was given this information rather rudely when trying to buy a foundation there,'fine' so off to Nottingham I went...
I arrived at the Nottingham store and approached one of the assistants who was pretty 'offish' that was until she realised that I was there to apply for a Pro card and to buy a great haul from her! Only after she had had a good look through my Porfolio,c.v and a huge bundle of scripts from T.V jobs that I had done.,did it seem that I had passed her test and was granted permission to be treated like a member of the human race...'thanks love!'

There are, however some absolutely lovely staff at the MAC store in Nottingham and I haven't actually seen the above mentioned girl for ages, this gives me hope that perhaps staff behaviour is monitored and customer service is as high a priority as it so rightly should be.


I don't spend a great deal of time at this counter as my personal experience is not the best,I just find the women here snotty and unhelpful,maybe its my age or the fact that I look about 16 that leads them into thinking I wont be purchasing, and am not worth wasting their time on...Never mind  I'll just pop over to another counter and you can watch me haul it up from the comfort of your high horse!!


Now to me Benefit is a counter where the girls have received some decent training or at least bothered to listen to their training! Every time I go to Benefit I feel as though I have made a new friend in whichever assistant has helped me out.I love it.Fun brand Fun assistants!!


The Chanel counter is a new one for me.Until recently I've always felt it was a brand for 'grown-up's' but I'm so glad my opinion has changed!!! I love my local Chanel counter,the girls are fab!! They are incredibly helpful and make you feel so comfortable,a little too comfortable for my Visa's liking "/!
I went there today actually (for the spring 11 palette!!) and had a lovely chat with one of the girls about the reputation of  'counter girls' and apparently Chanel have got a terrible reputation for having rude,stuck up staff..thankfully she informed me that this is something she is trying to do away with!


OK to me this is where it gets weird,I love Lush as a shop and I realise that the staff are not on a counter but I had to mention it!!  I literally hate going into Lush and would avoid it at all costs if it wasn't for everything in there being so delicious!! Now I'm certainly not saying that the service  here is bad,no,no...its quite the opposite,the staff are too friendly,they don't leave you alone for a second!!!! Each and everyone of them acts as though they are high on a concoction of bath balllistics and happy pills and I personally can't take that level of faux nice!
 It seems to me that there is an extreme method of training for the employees of lush and its one that would have me welcome a dose of rudeness from a clinique girl!

Now I'm not short-sighted enough to blame a particular cosmetic brand for the way their staff treat customers I know many cosmetic companies have almost boot camp like job interviews for staff (MAC in particular)
Obviously the service we as consumers receive depends on the individual salesperson,counter etc but I would like to know why the Image of a counter girl hasn't changed in as far back as I can remember,and which companies are prepared to do something about it!

I plan on doing a little more delving into certain cosmetic companies training and discipline procedures and will be doing a follow up post if I gather up any interesting research.

What are your experiences at the counters good bad or ugly? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What's the value of your Make-up bag?...

According to research carried out by Debenhams the average British woman carries a whopping £265 worth of make-up in her handbag!Their research was based on women carrying 13 items averaging £20 each.

Well no offence intended here but if the average british woman shopped at debenhams for all of her make-up then yeah i can totally see this being true,but im not convinced the 'average' british woman does and why would she when its always more convienent to pop into superdrug and get a trolley (ok, I know they don't do trolleys....they should though!) full of amazing brands such as Barry M,MEMEME,and GOSH !

This did get me wondering what's the content value of my make-up bag...

(This post was planned pre pro lumire so i wont include it.)

Bourjois Healthy mix foundation £9.99

MAC face and body foundation (for a mixer) £23.50
  (Paid £15.25 because of MAC pro discount)

VIE glowing beauty highlighter pen £12.75

MeMeMe blush me! £8.50

MeMeMe Correct and perfect concealer kit £6.99

Rimmel lash accelerator mascara £8.99

Barry M Supersoft eye crayon £4.59

YSL Touche eclat £25.00

Bobbi Brown lipgloss £14.50

TOTAL WORTH... £114.21 

so my everyday make-up bag worth and item count ranks alot lower than the average woman according to the research from Debenhams, even if i had the average 13 items and *each additional item cost me £20 I would still be £70 lower than average!!,although it is still a pretty pricey bit of kit to be carrying around with everyday especially when you think that my camera cost nearly £30 less than that,maybe its worth looking into some insurance....

* You could get two Ombres perlees de Chanel with that! Maybe I should consider joining the ranks of the average woman!!!!!

What's your make-up bag worth?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Too much Make-Up,then this arrives!!!!!!

Exciting right?!

Well, I would usually be excited but if you have read my last couple of posts you will know that I am pretty much chasing my tail trying to keep up with wishlists and new purchases...I'm not complaining really, my head is just spinning a bit!!!


This is a tricky post for me to write,so I'm going to write as I always do and type my thought's exactly as they come to me!
The reason it's a tricky one is because it makes me look like a salesperson,which i am not!
 My official job and passion is being a make-up artist and now a blogger.My opinions are ALWAYS 100% my own and from the heart,I want every one of my readers to enjoy make-up and products as much as i do and am only here to share the things I truly love! 

Recently a friend of mine became a VIE at home consultant and is doing very well,she asked me a few times to join and I squirmed at the thought of throwing parties and selling products,Im a fairly confident person but the thought of selling doesnt appeal to me.
 I can see through someone who is giving me schpiel to sell me crap...dont. like. it. never. will. (Luckily for LUSH i can't imagine life without their bathbombs or Im sure it would be avoided like the plague!!!)

The other week though my friend threw a party at my house,only a few friends and my mum came so it was relaxed and quiet enough to listen and try all the products out...(I was impressed as you can see from my haul)

So I have signed up...never thought I'd see the day! But it's something that I can do,that may or may not make me a bit of spending money that's related to my career which means I can be at home for my son and continue to write my blog as much as I can.

I will add a few of the products in future FOTD and giveaways simply because they are a class product,and I use them myself  but please don't expect to visit my page and see review after review of vie products that wont be happening!! There are as with most products things I like and things I don't and when I find these specific product's good,bad or ugly I'll be writing about them!

There are a couple of products in the box that have got me uber excited though "/

'Everything goes' waterproof eye and lip make-up remover
Correct and perfect concealer
(hopefully this will save me the splurge on Laura Mercier)
 If there is any product anyone wants or a personal opinion on any product from the range just email me and I will reply asap.

Does anyone use VIE or have any past experiences with the brand

Please tell me about it,Comments make my day! 

Love Nat xxx

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Chanel + Advantage card Haul= Girlgasm!!

I heart posh shopping bags

Evening all,

Anyone who follows my Tweets will know that I have been busy hauling my ass off today (not literally off though,sadly)
Anyway I planned to take myself off to Boots to spend the £9.10 that was on my Advantage card,because that was the only way I was going to get a Make-up fix unless Boots had started accepting buttons for payment since the last time I visited !!

Before leaving I checked my Bank balance online and found that the *magic make-up money fairy had left me £40!!!!
I literally Couldn't get to Boots fast enough,even though my legs are 26" long I would have given Paula Radcliffe a run for her money,I mean *magic money doesn't happen every day!!!

I knew that I wanted to get one of the high end brand foundations from my wishlist, So I swatched all three Lancome Teint miracle (beautiful!)
YSL Teint resist (a bit more beautiful!)
and CHANEL Pro lumiere (on par with YSL)

The only reason I purchased Chanel over YSL was because the girl on the Chanel counter(Helen) was so lovely and helpful,also she clearly knew what she was on about and more importantly how to apply make-up on herself.

So when she asked me If she could apply a full face I was more than happy to sit there and be pampered for five minutes!!

Result: Very impressed, good coverage and a beautiful radiant finish!
I will probably do a full review once I have applied it myself and used it a few times.

I now have Chanel addiction though which is bad.
Has anyone swatched (or got!) the limited edition spring '11 palette? I swatched,and sort of wished I hadn't, It's.stunning!!!!!!
 I really hope they have some left next week on payday! <<beginning of addiction documented for when i get sectioned!

Unwrapping eeeeeek!
Who said Christmas only comes once a year??!!
I also left with a couple of samples which I asked for 'chance' eau de parfum which i've had before a few years back and loved! And Hydra max + active moisturiser which to be honest i'm hoping I wont like otherwise it's going to be another penniless month :/

* I am (sort of) aware that there is no such thing as magic money or the money fairy.

Advantage card haul

After the Chanel 'experience' I had gained another £1.30 or so to my Advantage points,so headed over to the Barry M stand,where I picked up 3 polishes Red Glitter,Dusky Mauve and Black. I haven't had chance to paint my nails but the swatches are magical!! I dont think I have ever owned or loved a nail varnish like Dusky me its perfection!!! It has even inspired me to do a NOTD this week :)
L-R Red glitter (150) Dusky Mauve (313) and Black (47)

I also got the coveted Umberto Giannini 'backcomb in a bottle' (3 for £10 on UG products) even though there have been mixed reviews,this makes me want to try it even more and do a post on it.

Then with the couple of quid that was left,pretty packaging in the form of 'softlips' french vanilla lip balm (just tested,yum) was spotted and right near that a 'naked' hair mask cointaining argan oil(?)and meadowfoam(?) 
Is it just me who thinks these ingredients are made up or is everyone secretly bathing in meadowfoam while washing their hair in argan oil??? anyway for £1...the mask swallowed my adv.points,mission accomplished!!

*shameful shopping fact* There was a big clearance section full of Ruby and Millie and Urban decay which i got so over excited about that I pulled most of the shelf down and fell down with it!! Sadly I had no pennies left and the boyfriend is in the middle of 'teaching me how to be frugal' so wouldn't stump up for any bargains (or the Chanel Palette,Or this amazing new top in Primark!!! Seriously go in the stuff is to die for atm)

Ramble over.
Love Nat xxx

Please comment it makes my day!
(especially if you know what meadowfoam is!!)