Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday bath,pamper session and a Naked hair mask

My boyfriend has had to work this evening,so instead of monging on the sofa watching films with him I took the opportunity to indulge in a long (well 15mins,as I get bored!!) bath, and a pamper sesh with all my favourite products and a few new ones that I hadn't got around to trying out.
I love blue water so much!!!!
 It reminds me of the sea!!!!

Currently using VIE Hydrotherapy spa range
which smells divine and leaves my skin feeling super clean and energised!!!!

Products from L-R 

Invigorating Bath and shower scrub...
which contains Dead sea salt, Red seaweed and Volcanic sand particles and is infused with Swiss glacial water and spirulina(?) I love this especially before a St.Moriz tan sesh! which I need to do tomorrow morning coz me n the boyf are off to see Mickey Flanagan eek exciting!

Hydrotherapy exfoliator-very green and scrubby!! 

Detoxing Body treatment...
Which contains deep cleansing China clay and again spirulina! You apply this on damp skin 5-10 mins before a bath or shower,which annoys me a bit as i have to shower before having a bath to put it on grr!
But it spreads over the skin really nicely when it is damp as opposed to dry,which i first did and thought 'this is crap' as the product dragged the skin and I ended up using loads more product than neccessary oops!! It is a great product though,its like a face mask for the body and leaves the skin super soft! I don't use this all the time for the reason mentioned above can be a time taker but its a lovely treat when you have time to spare!
Detoxing body treatment-a little goes a long way unless you are like me and don't read instructions!! "/
Hydrotherapy spa detoxifying mineral bath soak
which also contains spirulina (I checked my VIE book it's a blue algae!) and Swiss glacial water.This is the most exciting for me as you can literally smell the toxins that it has drawn out of your body after your bath!!(Gross I know!)
But at least you know that it has done something positive for your body,even if your bathroom ends up smelling of booze/cigarettes/insert own vice here!! for a few hours after. Call me weird but this is the reason I purchased these even though I didn't really need any bath salts.

So onto the hair...
I recently purchased the 'Diamond Dreams' shampoo and conditioner from TIGI's S factor range as I had heard really great things about it and the fact that it is infused with Champagne,cashmere,and pearls swayed me just a bit too...mmmm...posh hair!!!!
This stuff is really expensive retailing at around £15 each!! but I purchased full sized (250ml) shampoo and conditioner from a store on ebay which is apparently TIGI approved for £18.00 with P&P
So far I have only used it twice but I'm already loving it it smells good enough to eat!!!!

and the hair mask...
naked rescue,repairing hair treatment

I mentioned the hair mask last week in the Boots advantage card post,and it has sat on my dresser ever since,I'm usually pretty busy and like to get in and out of the shower/bath with as little fuss as possible wash,shave underarms wash hair and out!!! But Im trying to learn to relax and take a little more care of the important things so I relaxed in the bath with the mask on my hair and my hair now feels crazily soft and smells so lush!!! also FYI this was a MEGA Bargain just £1 from Boots!!!


I have never really had a skin care routine as such,I would usually wipe a face wipe over my face,and then apply whichever moisturiser I had picked up that month from Boots.I have been lucky with my skin in the past but have been getting the odd couple of blemishes and patches of dry skin that I would prefer not to have I decided to pick up some skincare at the last VIE party I hosted and I am very glad I did as I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin and am no longer having the dreaded 'chin breakouts' also my dry patches have calmed down a hell of a lot!!

From L-R 

Skin sparkle system
I'm usually not a big fan of any facial exfoliators as for some reason,each and every one I have ever used has resulted in me having dry patchy skin after..I know it's bizzare as they are supposed to slough of dead skin!! 
So I nearly didn't buy this,but my friend demo'd it on the back of my hand at my VIE party last month and it really did make my skin sparkle so I was suckered in,and so far so good!!

The exfoliator is packed with Vitamin C and feels no different to any other exfoliator, the only difference with this one is that it comes with an activating serum which you apply on top of it and creates a lovely warming sensation,it also doesn't make me feel like I am just scrubbing away at my skin and leaves it feeling beautifully soft.

Second skin restorative cleansing oil
I like using this because it is an oil which is great for my dry patches,it can be used alone or with water to turn it into a cleansing milk and works great with the soap and glory facial mini mitt (review here)

Pure delight beautifying skin tonic
I sometimes use this after the cleansing oil if I have been wearing alot of make-up that day because it works like a toner and completely removes any traces of make-up that has been left behind!

Chanel Hydramax + moisturiser
I was given a sample of this when I purchased Pro-lumiere foundation from the Chanel counter last Sunday,and part of me wishes I hadn't been as It's going to have to be a re-purchase and i've not even dared to check the price!!!!! But it is fantastic,smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling uber smooth!! I love it!!!

I think that's about all for my Sunday pamper session,I can't tell you how refreshed and cozy I feel now i'm in my PJ's watching the Kardashians!! I feel like I've been at a spa all weekend!!!!
(well what I'd imagine as I haven't actually ever been to a spa!)

Have a fab evening girls! Ooh and don't forget to leave a comment let me know what skin/bath products you are using at the moment! I'm nosey ;) 
Love Nat xxx


  1. Ha! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who gets bored in baths ;) Right now I just pretty much LOVE all the LUSH products. Space Girl is my favourite ballistic & then I tend to whack on any body shop moisturiser. I'm going to make more of an effort after reading this post- I'm just a bit lazy!

    P.S How big is your bath!? <3



  2. ahhhh im glad too!! everyone I know seems to love to relax in the bath,I love the IDEA of it but once in i wanna wash up and get out!! What's wrong with us?? haha!!
    I havent been to LUSH since before xmas,I get irritated by the over attentive staff and it puts me off going in! Which is such a shame coz the products are the best!!! Im usually lazy skinwise i just all of a sudden got the need for a good pampering tonight it might be a few weeks until the next full on sesh hehe!
    ahhh the bath is nice n big...notice how full it is I always forget that im running it eeek!
    Im following your blog now its fab!!! LOVE the RPATZ smokey pic mmmmmm!!
    Love Nat xxx

  3. I've just started following your blog (and many others on your favourites!) and it has given me an evening of reading material so thank you :-)

    The blue water looks amazing :) I'm in love with LUSH products - at the moment I'm working my way through the bath bombs and this has reminded me to use the Honey Bee one I bought last week! I may also pick up that hair mask in Boots tomorrow and have a bit of pampering :) xo

  4. I had a detox bath yesterday with the Vie range!! I lasted 45 minutes which is epic for me as I get bored too but I had a brain storm and dragged my cd player into the bathroom cupboard, so I scrubbed to Lionel and wallowed with Buble!!!!!! Hmmmmmm. I felt totally re-energised, fresh, clean and pretty much perfecto for a rainy sunday! I even belted out a few whoo arrrs myself using my Vie Detox brush as a microphone! We really need to look after our skin from our 20's as we cannot change it like hair colour and body shape! Nobody really thinks about it so young coz you're fresh faced, young and carefree but the sooner you look after it the younger you'll stay looking!!! You'll be giving them young un's a run for their money in your 40's!!!! Great post Nat, spirulina is the future!!!!

  5. @Katie Marie Thanks hun!! Oooh everyone is making me wanna pop to Lush for bathbombs...hmmm..think i might have to do that!! Yeah chick the mask is fab I felt like my hair,body and face had all had a real good treat last night loveeeerrrllyy xxx

    @Jo Aaahh I love havin a detox bath,but I take my ipod dock in and still get bored,i even have a bath playlist (Bubles on mine too haaha)maybe he should release an album...bubbles with Buble Lmao!! Im not sure I can even change my body shape think lookin after my skin is easier than sweatin it out on a treadmill ;) more baths for meeee :) Cheers hun xxx

  6. fabulous packing i am your fan buddy thats the great way!
    natural skin care


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