Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some dodgy old pics and a Loreal sublime mousse hair colour review

I am luckily/unluckily blessed with with the most amazing natural hair colour,its the most perfect chocolate brown ever!...Before you delete this tab and delete me from Google connect...I'm not saying this too brag ooooh noIi am not! Notice i also said 'unluckily'.....

About 7 years ago,after years of dreaming about being a blonde,I took the plunge by having a load of blonde highlights put in my hair! I had no idea,or just wouldn't listen to the hairdresser when she told me 'Never ever dye your hair,you are so lucky to have this colour,I would kill for it!'
The 19 year old me thought she was high on crack or something 'It's brown!!' I told her and hurried off to my boyfriends hairdresser uncle and demanded blonde highlights!! I cant remember his advice if indeed there was any but nevertheless I got them so,its a moo point! ( I cannot type,or say that without thinking of Joey in friends! Is anyone else the same??) And it's a decision that from time to time I regret massively!

The hair files .....

My hair right this minute
Sorry for the dodgy pic "/

Anyway this post wasn't an intentional a trip down narcissism lane...although I hope that is obvious from the inclusion of the PJ/wig hair pic!! As you can see in the above picture my hair is a pretty dark and witchy,and with spring in the air I'm fancying a bit of a lighter look.

So yesterday I bought this..

Loreal sublime mousse

And this is apparently what I should expect from it....
Maybe a Little reddish and I may regret this....

So what's different about a mousse dye to a regular one, erm nothing as far as I can get the same kit as with most dye's and mixing is the same,the application is slightly easier (Imagine rubbing a tanning mousse into your hair!) but it didn't stop the product from winding up on my head and ears as you can see!! The removal and wait time pretty much the same as any other although you cant beat Perfect 10 dye for the impatient among us!!!

Patience and a mirror required!!!!
Half an hour later....

The boring bit!!


WHOA!!!! Shine much?????
The picture above was the first time I saw the finished colour as I blow dried my hair upside down without a mirror,needless to say I'm pretty massively impressed with this result! It also has made my hair feel more lightweight and soft than it has ever felt with any at home hair colour WOW!!!!!
The only problem I have is that as it is still miserable in the UK the sunshine that was there pre-colour was replaced with darkness in the blink of an eye so I will take extra pics tomorrow and compare them with a before pic.

sublime mousse is available at superdrug in a range of colours.
Managed this quickie before I was dragged out for a family meal...sorry about the flash!!
Has anyone else tried Loreal sublime mousse?


  1. gorgeous colour! looking good. :)

  2. Aww thankyou! :) Im really liking it actually because it knocked the black down a notch but kept it just dark enough with that wicked shine :) I would recommend this one xxx

  3. i just bought exactly the same shade today. It looks amazing on you. :) does it look a bit reddish on your hair or just cool brown? because reddish brown doesn't suit me :(

  4. Hey hun,
    Thankyou :) It has a very slight reddish tint in it,I dont like red in my hair either and its so slight that I barely notice unless I really have a good look at it,Its just a really nice warm chocolate brown,Id say the darkest colour before black hope tht helps :)
    Love Nat xxx


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