Saturday, 23 March 2013

ARIA'S Beachy Waves || Pretty Little Liars Inspired Hair Tutorial

Hellooo there, I hope you are all a lot less bored than I am right now, it has only been snowing 2 days and I have already got full blown cabin fever, that combined with a shed load of caffeine and I am getting ready to explode haha.

 So I have recently become addicted to the TV show Pretty little liars which if you don't already watch it I strongly recommend you have a watch, its soooooo gripping and guaranteed to keep the snow blues away!!

 One of the things that I love most about the show is looking at the 4 main characters different hair and Make-up styles, I always especially love Hanna and Aria's style and so yesterday after watching the season 3 finale show I felt really inspired to copy Aria's loose beachy waves in my hair, because it was so quick and easy and it is a look that I know a lot of people like as it is also quite Kardashian-esque I thought that I would make a video showing you how to recreate the look :)

I hope you enjoy! 


Monday, 18 March 2013

MAC Monday #4 :Vegas Volt

MAC Vegas Volt, a gorgeous amplified creamy coral and a lipstick that I had on my wishlist for what seemed like a lifetime before I eventually got around to buying it, it is such a beautiful colour that even though I rarely steer away from my pinky/peach nude lip colour I wanted to own this if only to look at it, does anyone else have lipsticks that they do this with?

 Vegas Volt has now been in my lipstick collection for around 2 years and I have found that I have gotten a lot more wear out of it than I thought I would. 
Last Monday I was having a scruffy bun, can't be bothered kind of day (you know the ones?) where eye-make up was kept to just mascara, I applied only a light layer of foundation and a bit of bronzer, these are the days that I find it easier to get away with a bolder lip colour, also having a bright pop of colour on the lips makes it look like I have made a little more effort with my Make-up than I really have.

Face: Rimmel wake me up foundation (200 soft beige)
Benefit Hoola bronzer
Eyes: Max factor eye brightening mascara
Lips: MAC Vegas Volt
Eyebrows: clearly ignored :o 

Please excuse the dodgy pose, I think I have some kind of mild mental disorder when it comes to pouting at cameras! 

I hope you are all having a good Monday! 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thoughts: escentric 01 by escentric molecules

To say that I am picky when it comes to perfume is an understatement, I can name on one hand the amount of perfumes that I like and would actually hand over my own money for! I am a creature of habit where fragrance is concerned and I find myself wearing Thierry Mugler's Alien on a daily basis. Perfume repurchases are a rare occurrence, even when I find something I like I will generally become bored halfway through the bottle and go back to my old faithful.
So to purchase a scent on the internet without smelling it first is weird for anyone especially me but that is how the new addition to my small collection came about...

escentric 01 by escentric molecules is somewhat different, most of you are probably aware that it has been given beyond rave reviews by those that wear it (my favourite being from someone who was let off paying a taxi fare because the driver liked the smell so much!)

The blurb behind this scent is that compared to your standard perfumes which contain thousands of molecules, this contains just 1...I'm not going to pretend that I understand what this means, science was always my least favourite subject at school, basically it is supposed to smell so amazing that it stops people in their tracks....sold!

When it arrived, I teared into the packaging like a woman possessed, and this is how the scene played out...
"hmmmm, did I buy CK one by mistake?"
*double check*

So it wasn't love at first sniff, to me it smelled just like the musky older sibling of CK one, I liked it though and was interested in what my family and friends had to say.

And in 3 weeks the feedback I have recieved has been....
Me..."Do you like my perfume?"
Boyfriend..."It's OK"...
Best friend... "It's OK"...
Friend..."Are you wearing D&G Light Blue?"

While I didn't expect them to pick me up and rub me on themselves like a magazine sample (ok i did!) these were not the responses I had expected to get from a perfume that has had such amazing reviews.

Anyway I feel like I'm going off on a tangent so to quickly round up my thoughts, at £30 for a 30ml bottle I think that it's a steal especially since it seems to be building up quite a cult following. The packaging is nothing special.I describe the scent as a citrusy musk,it's almost manly, if that makes any sense.I wouldn't recommend buying perfume on line.I don't dislike it by any means, but it's not love.

So far I have not been asked by any random strangers what delightful scent I am wearing, tragically not been let off paying for anything and if you happen to bump into me in the street and ask what perfume I am wearing I can safely say my reply will be, "Alien."

Have you tried escentric 01?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Review: Garnier Moisture match for dry/very dry skin

So after four weeks of using the same moisturiser, this morning my tube of Garnier moisture match became impossible to squeeze any more product out of and so in beauty blogger land what better time to pop up a quick review?

Firstly a quick bit of blurb
Garnier have quite recently released a range of five moisturisers with different formulations which are tailor made to suit each individual skin type/complaint, they are...

'Goodbye dry' (the one I have)
for dry to very dry skin

'Protect and glow'
for normal skin

'Start afresh'
for normal/dry skin

'Wake me up'
for dull skin

'Shine be gone'
combination/oily skin

 I stumbled across this range while I was on the lookout for a new high street moisturiser (the only one I have ever really liked is the oilatum dry skin repair) to try out and immediately thought how this was a great little niche for the high street, the packaging looked bright and fresh and it was the sort of thing that draws me straight in! 

I picked up 'Goodbye dry' even though my skin for the most part is normal to dry, last month I really felt like I wanted to give myself an extra moisture boost! The first thing I noticed was that it didn't disappoint in being lusciously rich and creamy in texture, however it glides onto the skin and absorbs perfectly quick enough to make a fantastic base for foundation. 
Another thing to point out is the smell...mmmmmm...smells like fresh apples!!

Initially, being an impulsive shopper I picked up two out of the range the 'Goodbye dry' and the 'Wake me up' (gel formula) which I did end up putting back, but I will definitely be grabbing a tube to try when I tootle off to Superdrug for a repurchase of this!

Yes after four weeks of daily use I can safely say that I am most definitely in love with this moisturiser, it didn't break the bank at £4.99 for a 50ml tube, it didn't break me out once and my skin has felt like a ripe peach all month long, I even included it in my February favourites video <3 

When I clicked on the Garnier website to check out the range I noticed that they are giving out free samples click here to get yours

Have you tried any of these moisturisers?
I'd love to know how well the other formula's perform!


Friday, 8 March 2013

Video: February 2013 Beauty favourites

Hey everyone! Long time no see! I actually have no excuse for being absent for so long and I wouldn't want to bore you with it if I did, although while I have been having myself a little blogging mini break my notebook has amassed a long list of blog posts for me to pop up soon so there definitely won't be as long between posts for the forseeable future.

One of the reasons that I can say has contributed to my absence is that I have been focusing a little more on my You Tube channel for the past couple of weeks, I don't always post my video's on here but today I filmed a new video (on my new snazzy camera swit swoo) and as it is a beauty favourites video I thought it quite fitting to pop it up here. I hope you enjoy it :) 
Anyway it's past midnight now and I've yet again stupidly managed to keep myself awake with twitter, instagram and the app that allows you to create cute icons for your phone which is quite frankly a ball ache! I have also got to be up early to cut my Nan's hair tomorrow (when I'm sooo not a hairdresser) so I may need to get some sleep now 
Night night!