Friday, 8 March 2013

Video: February 2013 Beauty favourites

Hey everyone! Long time no see! I actually have no excuse for being absent for so long and I wouldn't want to bore you with it if I did, although while I have been having myself a little blogging mini break my notebook has amassed a long list of blog posts for me to pop up soon so there definitely won't be as long between posts for the forseeable future.

One of the reasons that I can say has contributed to my absence is that I have been focusing a little more on my You Tube channel for the past couple of weeks, I don't always post my video's on here but today I filmed a new video (on my new snazzy camera swit swoo) and as it is a beauty favourites video I thought it quite fitting to pop it up here. I hope you enjoy it :) 
Anyway it's past midnight now and I've yet again stupidly managed to keep myself awake with twitter, instagram and the app that allows you to create cute icons for your phone which is quite frankly a ball ache! I have also got to be up early to cut my Nan's hair tomorrow (when I'm sooo not a hairdresser) so I may need to get some sleep now 
Night night!

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  1. Stay up as long as you want, no rest for the wicked! Btw, just want to let you know that the blog you are following that was previously owned by myself is now dormant but you can find me on my new blog; The Science of Happy. It already has 29 posts up so far so lots to read already and I've got a new feature up where you get to be nosey and see what other followers have in their bags!

    - TSOH


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