Monday, 23 December 2013

Review- Garnier Micellar cleansing water

Hey lovelies, 
Some of you may remember I bought this cleansing water from Superdrug a couple of weeks or so ago now, and ever since I have used it morning and night to remove my make-up before giving my skin a thoroughly good cleanse with my hot cloth cleanser.Curiosity aside the main reason I was so excited to use a cleansing water was so that my muslin cloths would no longer end up looking like panda bear Halloween masks for kids after every use!


Simply squeeze the cleansing water onto clean cotton pads and swipe over face, neck and eyes to remove make-up and general grime.

The recommended amount of product is 2ml per cotton pad that's if you are aiming to get the 200 uses stated on the bottle, I suppose the amount you need to use will depend on the kind of day you have had and how much make-up you have on and will vary accordingly, I am way too 'bottle squeeze happy' though and have generally been using around 6 or 7 pretty heavily soaked cotton pads to remove all traces of make-up.

Completely fragrance free, it really does feel like you are applying pure water on your skin.

Suitable for...
All skin types even sensitive.

£4.99 for a huge 400ml bottle... nice!

Clear plastic squeezy bottle with pink accents...not the chicest of packaging but super cute, I like it!

So far the only place I have managed to find this is in Superdrug stores, strangely it doesn't appear to come up on stores online or the Garnier website?

Overall verdict/repurchase?
I am really enjoying using this product!I love how gentle it feels on my skin while removing my make-up and a massive plus for this is that it passes the 'eye sting' test with flying colours! (seriously I literally squoze a fully soaked cotton pad in my eye and it didn't sting!) I have such sensitive eyes and so using an eye make-up remover, wipes and a cleanser usually results in them getting really sore and watery.I couldn't make this a comparison post against other micellar water cleansers because I haven't tried any other brands but I am definitely converted to them after using this one, I would really recommend trying this one out especially because of the price and I would definitely repurchase!

Are you a fan of cleansing waters? 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rock your colour with Rimmel finishing touch glitter top coat!

Hey lovelies,
I'm so in love with this glittery top coat from Rimmel's new top coat palette range that I had to pop up a quick post about it to show you it in all its glory!

I had a feeling when I picked this up last week that it would be one of those polishes that looks like nothing overly special in the bottle but would be quite something on the nail (I also did a sneaky swatch to confirm my suspicions) and I was right it's such a beauty! The polish itself is basically a clear top coat with a ton of fine multi-coloured glitter running through it, and it gives a different effect on whatever manicure you are currently sporting.

Over Nude nails it gives a subtle sparkle (Barry M nude)
Over Red tips it gives a festive golden glisten (Nails inc St James)
and over darker polish you get a really cool holographic disco effect (Rimmel salon pro Punk rock)

You get a good, even amount of glitter with one coat but I'm a two coat kinda girl, so I've been going for the extra coat for maximum sparkle! Also because the glitter is fine, even with two coats I find it takes a lot less elbow grease to remove than chunkier glitter polishes, which is a massive plus especially around Christmas time when nothing but glittery tips will do!

Available at Boots and Superdrug for £4.49 and I just spotted it this morning on ASOS for £3.59 (link)


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Soap and Glory 'The Yule Monty' is a comin!

Yep! You know? The biggie, the one we expect to see (or not depending on how quick the ladies in your town are!) adorning the 'star gift' shelves of Boots every Christmas time, Soap and glory's bumper box of treats this year is in true S&G fashion cheekily named 'The Yule monty' and as usual it is on offer for less than half the £60 RRP for just £27 from this Friday 13th December while stocks last. 

Sooo what's in the box??
Sugar crush body wash
The Righteous butter body cream
Heel genius foot mask
Hand food hand cream
Peaches and clean face cleanser
Thick and fast super volume mascara
The scrub of your life body buffer
Butter yourself body lotion
Sexy mother pucker lip plumping gloss
All packaged up in a limited edition Jonathon Saunders print bag (not gonna lie I do not have a clue who he is...oops!) 

It's worth pointing out also that all of the products are full sized, so you wont be disappointed to find any sneaky mini's thrown in there!

I've had the different variations of this gift set for at least the last three years and I have always been really happy to receive it as I love, love, loveee Soap and Glory! I'd definitely recommend this as a gift option, it would also be an idea to split it up and make up a few different mini gift sets to really get a bang for your buck!

Will you be picking this up?

Superdrug haul!

Hi di hi! 
As it's coming up to Christmas I wasn't expecting to be using the word haul around here at least until the end of the month, but Christmas means cold weather and cold weather means dry skin, dry skin means sadness and that's just not allowed at Christmas time, it's the law right?
Oh the guilty conscious, you would think I had just dropped a fortune in Chanel...

...unfortunately not, but I did pick up some nice bits and pieces.

-Superdrug Brightening hot cloth cleanser 150ml

I started using this when my last Liz Earle cleanse and polish ran out, I really like the whole cleanse and polish method when it comes to cleansing my skin and I can't say that I noticed a great deal of difference between the two in terms of what they do for the appearence of my skin, I actually prefer the smell (and price) of this one so I shall continue to repurchase it.

-Garnier Micellar cleansing water 400ml

I got so excited when I saw this! A new contender to be a drugstore bioderma dupe! I've never actually tried bioderma but the whole cleansing water concept has always held my curiosity so I shall keep you posted as soon as I have given this a try.

-Garnier moisture match
24hr hydrating moisturiser-Dry to very dry skin 50ml

I wrote a full review on this earlier in the year (here) I love it, my skin loves it, and although it is always reasonably priced it was on offer for a teeny £2.98 today so my purse now loves it too!

Also I was in the market for a new mascara....dry,clumpy lashes actually make reindeer cry, and don't let me get started on what happens to them when you pass up a 3 for 2....(Oh for goodness sake what is my life??)

-Rimmel Glam eyes Day 2 night mascara

 Nothing new here, I remember there being a massive hype around this when it first came out either last year or the year before, I can't keep up, I didn't actually give it a go back then and wasn't really planning to pick it up but then I spotted the 2 nail polishes and grabbed it to make up the 3 for 2...

-Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss 711 'Punk rock'

Around 2 years ago I was obsessed with a NARS nail polish 'Galion' was it's name, I speak in the past tense, it is still available but as much as I have ogled it on line and stroked it in Space NK that one time, my nails are pretty rubbish so I have never justified forking out £14 for it and always had my eye out for a dupe, this my friends is the dupe! A dark 'stormy' grey with an undertone of purple, this picture does it no justice it is actually the polish dreams are made of  (well my very strange dreams anyway ;)) 

-Rimmel Finishing touch glitter top coat

Who can resist glittery nails in December? This is one of the 3 new topcoats from Rimmel a clear base laden with fine Gold and multicolour glitter I swatched this sneakily in the shop, (naughty and not advised especially in certain branches of Superdrug where you will be made to feel like a reprobate for doing so!) and it has to be the most perfect sparkly yet subtle finish for festive fingertips!!

So that's it no more spending for me, the word haul is now banished from this blog until Santa has been and gone, but do let me know if you are guilty of buying yourself pre-Christmas treats (It will make me feel lots better!)


Friday, 6 December 2013

Bags and Bleach...

...Week in instagram...
I spend every weekend at my boyfriends house, I always pack light for this...
Add my handbag and a bag for my laptop and taking the stairs is a no go!
Perfect weather for a walk, crisp and sunny!
Mother gifted me her unwanted nail polishes, nice!
Amazing sky on the way to the Sheffield Xmas market
The original beauty blogger lol!
Gorgeous Xmas tree cupcakes at Bob's family Xmas get together
Greasy fringed selfie courtesy of finding my Nars deep throat blusher hidden at the bottom of my kit bag.
Latest purchase.... I will complete this ombre!
I'm getting quite addicted to doing these posts, admittedly my life isn't always the most exciting but it's the small things in life that count, I think that's why I love Instagram so much, it allows you to celebrate the little things in life! God bless you Lo-fi (My current filter bff)

Happy Friday beauties!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

MAC 'Snob' dupe

 *Dammit thurrrs fluff on my lipstick!* 

As you can see I haven't just bought these baby's home, both have lived in my lipstick drawer for quite some time, I rarely wear snob as it is so cool toned I find it hard to pull off and to be honest the only reason I bought it was because I was in Harvey Nichols for the first time and it seemed fitting, oh the logic!
 The Rimmel lipstick (101) is another cool toned Barbie pink, it doesn't have the vanilla-y delicious taste of MAC, it's more a fruity taste, or the satin finish of snob, it's a little more matte (I like both) but the fact that it is just those couple of tones warmer and those couple (or ten) pounds cheaper makes the 101 my personal favourite of the two and it makes a regular appearance in my make-up bag which must be the reason it's collected the most fluff. More logic right there! I'm full of it tonight ;)

What are your favourite drugstore dupes?

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bourjois "Iconic Glam" kit...

...Free when you spend £15 or more on Bourjois cosmetics at Boots.
4 full sized products worth £29
-Volume glamour max holidays mascara
-So laque ultra shine nail polish in 'Rouge escarpin'
-Effet 3D lip gloss in'Rouge democratic'
-Smoky eyes eye shadow trio in 01 'Gris dandy'
 So Boots happened to get in my way on what should have been a quick dash for milk this morning, as usual I didn't really need anything, I was only 'having a nosey' but the free gift with purchase offers are rife at the moment and this one from Bourjois was way too good a deal to miss out on! It's such a fitting box of treats for the festive season with everything you would need to create a Christmas party Make-up look, and the products are full sized! I picked up a new bottle of healthy mix foundation, a cream blush in 'sweet cherry' and then quickly swiped the last of these off the shelf before somebody else beat me to it. 

I thought I would get this post up pretty quickly to give you a heads up, so I haven't had a proper chance to test out the products yet, apart from the effet 3D lip gloss (in a different colour) I haven't tried any of these products from Bourjois before so I am looking forward to giving them a whirl! I will keep you posted!

Monday, 2 December 2013

The Christmas TAG...

Evening all, so it's December! Official giddy Christmas knickers on as of yesterday!! wooooooo!!
*calms self*
I spotted this TAG on Rosy's Blog a week or so ago, it has been sitting patiently in my draft posts awaiting the beginning of the month ever since. I think it's such a cute post to do to celebrate the build up to Christmas and get everyone in the festive mood! 

1.Do you prefer a real or a synthetic tree?
You can't beat a real tree can you? Fortunately I spend half my time at my own house and half at my boyfriends so I get to have 2 trees, Bobby gets the thrill of doing the pine needle pick up throughout the festive period while I have a lovely mess-less synthetic beauty!

2.You're in a coffee shop it's December, what do you pick?
I'm a Costa girl all the way, my fave is either a toffee nut latte or a gingerbread latte, although I tried the honeycomb hot chocolate last week off their festive menu and that was pretty special, let me tell you! 

3.What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
I like to have a white and silver scheme but I like to have a mixture of different random ornaments as well, like cute little birds, gingerbread men and candy canes.... a bit of a shabby chic mash up if you like.

4. Giving or Receiving?

Definitely giving, I love it when you finally get to see everyone's reactions to what you have got them, I'm impatient when it comes to this though so I tend to do my shopping last minute or I'd just want to give them all out early! 

To Mince pie or not?
To mince pie all day long, in fact all year if possible! 

6. What's Your Traditional Xmas Lunch?

My Mum always cooks the traditional roast turkey with all of the trimmings, she also makes the most amazing home made (Jamie Oliver) mushroom soup for a starter which I'm really looking forward to!! On a side note a friend of ours has booked a table at a local Indian restaurant for Xmas dinner which I think is such a cool idea, I'd be down for a lamb tikka masala with pigs in blankets on the side!

Along these lines...think chunkier legs and a happier face :D
7. Christmas Day Fashion?
If I stayed at home for Xmas day I would be quite happy to spend the day in my PJ's, but because we go to my parents I will probably be wearing Black skinny jeans as always (the top button will be popped by 5pm) and a cozy jumper on top. 

8. What's Your Favourite Christmas Song?

I have never liked Mariah Carey very much (and I don't know exactly why!?) - but "All I want for Xmas" is my all time favourite Xmas song!... Or anything the babe that is Buble sings around the festive period is good!

9. What's Your Favourite Christmas Film?

"Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I know him!"

      "What's a Xmas-gram? I want one!"
      "Buddy the Elf, what's your favourite colour?"
These lines just make it the best Xmas film ever!

10. Open Presents Before or After Lunch?

As soon as we wake up! It's too exciting!! 

My mouth is literally watering at the thought of mince pies now!!
Do let me know if you have done this TAG already so that I can read your answers, and if you haven't then I TAG you!
I also TAG..