Monday, 2 December 2013

The Christmas TAG...

Evening all, so it's December! Official giddy Christmas knickers on as of yesterday!! wooooooo!!
*calms self*
I spotted this TAG on Rosy's Blog a week or so ago, it has been sitting patiently in my draft posts awaiting the beginning of the month ever since. I think it's such a cute post to do to celebrate the build up to Christmas and get everyone in the festive mood! 

1.Do you prefer a real or a synthetic tree?
You can't beat a real tree can you? Fortunately I spend half my time at my own house and half at my boyfriends so I get to have 2 trees, Bobby gets the thrill of doing the pine needle pick up throughout the festive period while I have a lovely mess-less synthetic beauty!

2.You're in a coffee shop it's December, what do you pick?
I'm a Costa girl all the way, my fave is either a toffee nut latte or a gingerbread latte, although I tried the honeycomb hot chocolate last week off their festive menu and that was pretty special, let me tell you! 

3.What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
I like to have a white and silver scheme but I like to have a mixture of different random ornaments as well, like cute little birds, gingerbread men and candy canes.... a bit of a shabby chic mash up if you like.

4. Giving or Receiving?

Definitely giving, I love it when you finally get to see everyone's reactions to what you have got them, I'm impatient when it comes to this though so I tend to do my shopping last minute or I'd just want to give them all out early! 

To Mince pie or not?
To mince pie all day long, in fact all year if possible! 

6. What's Your Traditional Xmas Lunch?

My Mum always cooks the traditional roast turkey with all of the trimmings, she also makes the most amazing home made (Jamie Oliver) mushroom soup for a starter which I'm really looking forward to!! On a side note a friend of ours has booked a table at a local Indian restaurant for Xmas dinner which I think is such a cool idea, I'd be down for a lamb tikka masala with pigs in blankets on the side!

Along these lines...think chunkier legs and a happier face :D
7. Christmas Day Fashion?
If I stayed at home for Xmas day I would be quite happy to spend the day in my PJ's, but because we go to my parents I will probably be wearing Black skinny jeans as always (the top button will be popped by 5pm) and a cozy jumper on top. 

8. What's Your Favourite Christmas Song?

I have never liked Mariah Carey very much (and I don't know exactly why!?) - but "All I want for Xmas" is my all time favourite Xmas song!... Or anything the babe that is Buble sings around the festive period is good!

9. What's Your Favourite Christmas Film?

"Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I know him!"

      "What's a Xmas-gram? I want one!"
      "Buddy the Elf, what's your favourite colour?"
These lines just make it the best Xmas film ever!

10. Open Presents Before or After Lunch?

As soon as we wake up! It's too exciting!! 

My mouth is literally watering at the thought of mince pies now!!
Do let me know if you have done this TAG already so that I can read your answers, and if you haven't then I TAG you!
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  1. Oh Jenny always goes to Maazi for Xmas dinner. It's not new for this year lol. Thanks for the tag lovely xxx

    1. Haha I did not know that lol Nooo probs chick :) xxx

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    1. Well that's just wonderful for you Mr.Frost....Do remember to pay it all back quickly tho because those interest rates are quite ridiculous!!


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