Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rock your colour with Rimmel finishing touch glitter top coat!

Hey lovelies,
I'm so in love with this glittery top coat from Rimmel's new top coat palette range that I had to pop up a quick post about it to show you it in all its glory!

I had a feeling when I picked this up last week that it would be one of those polishes that looks like nothing overly special in the bottle but would be quite something on the nail (I also did a sneaky swatch to confirm my suspicions) and I was right it's such a beauty! The polish itself is basically a clear top coat with a ton of fine multi-coloured glitter running through it, and it gives a different effect on whatever manicure you are currently sporting.

Over Nude nails it gives a subtle sparkle (Barry M nude)
Over Red tips it gives a festive golden glisten (Nails inc St James)
and over darker polish you get a really cool holographic disco effect (Rimmel salon pro Punk rock)

You get a good, even amount of glitter with one coat but I'm a two coat kinda girl, so I've been going for the extra coat for maximum sparkle! Also because the glitter is fine, even with two coats I find it takes a lot less elbow grease to remove than chunkier glitter polishes, which is a massive plus especially around Christmas time when nothing but glittery tips will do!

Available at Boots and Superdrug for £4.49 and I just spotted it this morning on ASOS for £3.59 (link)



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