Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review:Soap and glory face massage mini mitt

Hey lovely girlieeees!

Hope you are all good! and Brit girls, hope you are enjoying this bit of sunshine the UK has been blessed with today! :D

Anyway are you prepared for some super product love?!!

So yesterday,when I was in town I popped into Boots to pick up the Chanel spring palette (I may have mentioned this!!,review coming shortly!) before I made it over to black and white heaven however I noticed the soap and glory stand looking well and truly stocked and was lured over before I had a chance to dissuade myself! 
 I got one of those huge boxes of S&G products (the one that goes on offer for £25 every xmas) for Xmas 2009 and subsequently spent the whole of 2010 lathering,exfoliating,buffing and mother puckering my ass off,so aside from sit tight (review here) I have steered clear of S&G for the past few months simply because I was 'pinked out'.

So getting back to Boots,I scanned the shelf skimming over the old stuff and having a quick nosey at the new,when this tiny box caught my eye...

Behold the Soap and glory 'face massage mini mitt'! Now I am not the biggest skincare buff out there so may be behind the door on this type of product but I can't ever remember seeing anything like it!!! 

A bit scary looking from this angle right??

It actually makes cleansing fun!!! The mitt has a little sucker on the back which you place in between two fingers then simply add a drop off cleanser and be whisked off into cleansing heaven!!! I cant describe how good this feels seriously It is the nicest cleansing product I have ever used for my skin! Sod paying £180 for a  clarisonic I'd sooner pay £4.09(?) and take the change to the NARS counter!!!!

Who you callin' a sucker????
Like I said I only found this mitt yesterday so I have only used it once this morning and cant do a review on the long term benefits it has had on my skin...but after said first use I am massively hopeful!!!!

Now prepare for some close up no make-up shots!!
Please excuse the monster under eye baggage!!!!!

I tried for ages to get some good shots but I feel that these pictures aren't showing my skin as it actually looked right after cleansing! I have been pretty blessed skin wise I think that's genetic as no one in my family has ever had bad skin even my grandparents look 10years younger than they are (good to know for the future!!)  But I do get occasional dry patches especially around my nose and cheeks,lately I have been getting more than the odd spot on my chin (this is due to stress apperently!) and a growing concern is that unless I have St.moriz'd I can look Pale and sallow ( smoking and lack of sleep DO NOT help this I need to sort myself out!!) DONT SMOKE KIDS!!!!!

There is actually a typical cute S&G message on the back of the box which says that this kind of massaging mitt is great for tired/smokeaholic skin, so fingers crossed!! But as I said I couldn't be have higher hopes than I'm having for the 'mini mitt'

*I am not affiliated with Soap and glory in any way,I just want you to get your mitts on this (pun intended)*

Does anyone already own this product or anything similar??


  1. I'm a guy and a photographer but I follow your blog for the energy and the photos.. good work on both

  2. Ohhh naughty smoking lady!

    Yep the mitt is fab - used it in the past and it does make you skin feel so nice and the mitt is fun to use.

    I stopped using it as I use to get cramp in my fingers from the way I held it lol so stupid.
    So now onto my amazing Botanics brush and soooo love it.

    Fee x

  3. I haven't seen this mitt from S&G before but L'oreal did something similar i believe recently. You get the face wash and a little scrublet with it. x

  4. aww Jim thanks that's such a lovely thing to say!!! Think my photographs are improving a wee just trial and error'ing it! would love to go on a course though,it fascinates me now!!!

    ahhh i know Fee im bad ass!!! I will quit asap tho im tired of getting lectured of my mum! (at 26!! only child syndrome!!)
    eek I thought it was new,I have never seen it before...OOPS! Yeah i went and bought that brush after reading your post aswell hehehe its fab!!!

    Hey Nicole I think i know the one you mean,but i never had a look at the scrubby thing that came with it,was it quite expensive? im sure that was why i didn't buy it! xxx

  5. Hey Nat - i have used the mitt before and found it to be really good and you are right it is wicked value for money - S and G products are smart and fun to - always bring a smile to my face
    Good work on the log
    x Fliss x

  6. oooh hey Fliss!! ahh they are always fun yeah!!
    And i'm a complete sucker for the retro cutesy packaging!!
    Thanks so much hunni :)
    Love Nat xxx


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