Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What's the value of your Make-up bag?...

According to research carried out by Debenhams the average British woman carries a whopping £265 worth of make-up in her handbag!Their research was based on women carrying 13 items averaging £20 each.

Well no offence intended here but if the average british woman shopped at debenhams for all of her make-up then yeah i can totally see this being true,but im not convinced the 'average' british woman does and why would she when its always more convienent to pop into superdrug and get a trolley (ok, I know they don't do trolleys....they should though!) full of amazing brands such as Barry M,MEMEME,and GOSH !

This did get me wondering what's the content value of my make-up bag...

(This post was planned pre pro lumire so i wont include it.)

Bourjois Healthy mix foundation £9.99

MAC face and body foundation (for a mixer) £23.50
  (Paid £15.25 because of MAC pro discount)

VIE glowing beauty highlighter pen £12.75

MeMeMe blush me! £8.50

MeMeMe Correct and perfect concealer kit £6.99

Rimmel lash accelerator mascara £8.99

Barry M Supersoft eye crayon £4.59

YSL Touche eclat £25.00

Bobbi Brown lipgloss £14.50

TOTAL WORTH... £114.21 

so my everyday make-up bag worth and item count ranks alot lower than the average woman according to the research from Debenhams, even if i had the average 13 items and *each additional item cost me £20 I would still be £70 lower than average!!,although it is still a pretty pricey bit of kit to be carrying around with everyday especially when you think that my camera cost nearly £30 less than that,maybe its worth looking into some insurance....

* You could get two Ombres perlees de Chanel with that! Maybe I should consider joining the ranks of the average woman!!!!!

What's your make-up bag worth?


  1. love this post, i don't think my makeup bag is worth that much, maybe my whole handbag though with my phone and other things inside lol..

    i did a post on my makeup a while ago and although i have bought many more things since i think it ranges from £80-£100 with some expensive foundation i have brought and other little bits recently and some new mascara's i seem to keep things i dont use often in there too lol



  2. Loved this post, I saw the article aswell and may do the same post ( if you don't mind). x

  3. @ charlotte.M Hey thanks alot hun! :), I was shocked that mine was as low as this but i suppose its just everyday make-up and it does vary a bit depending on what i'm using that week...nice to know we're below average tho chick it gives us an excuse to buy more ;)xxx

    @Charlotte- aww thankyou! Of course i don't i'll be the first to have a nosey :) xxx

  4. If you don't mind, I'm going to post one of these up too...I have a feeling I will be way above average though. Oops.

  5. hey,no hun i dont mind go for it :)
    I was worried mine would be...I'm going a bit natural at the moment there are weeks where i could prob exceed the average hehe! and tomorrow i'm popping to get that Chanel palette so I should add another 30 odd quid on really ;) xxx

  6. This is a fab post! You should turn it into a tag type post. I'd love to do one too xx

  7. ooh I dont know how to do that,sounds good tho chick could ya let me know please? :D xxx
    Love Nat xxx


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