Thursday, 15 September 2011

ASOS Goodies! First impressions and swatches.

Evening lovelies :) 
I was kindly asked by the PR at ASOS if I would like some products to use in tutorials etc and of course accepted! So for the first time in what feels like forever, the postman actually knocked on my door this morning, I greeted him somewhat bedraggled and with last night's black eye liner smooshed around my face (this is a regular occurrence since I ran out of LE cleanse and polish!) and restraining myself from screeching in his face, took my little brown box of joy and tore into it faster than Charlie and Grandpa Joe with a Wonka bar!! (honestly, the lack of shopping just lately has sent me wappy!)

Inside the box was a Jemma Kidd Classic couture lip colour, Stila Perfect and correct foundation, and a NARS velvet matte lip pencil.eeeeeeeek!!
(please excuse the dodgy photo,the sun was so bright today!)
Stila Perfect & correct foundation
You might already be aware that I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to foundation, so when I opened this one and saw the unusual, funky helter-skelter style way that the foundation is presented in the transparent bottle I had to let out a bit of a squeal! There are a number of claims on the side of the box that made me extra excited to use this, like how it helps to control oil while still keeping skin hydrated, and is swirled with an advanced moisturising primer, something I have never seen before! Also this foundation does not contain an SPF so I am really looking forward to seeing how well it photographs.

There are 6 colours to choose from, my shade is medium, from swatching it I think the colour is too dark for my natural (NC20-25) skin tone but with some self tan I should think it will be just fine, also when blended it appeared a touch lighter. I will keep you posted on this one.

Jemma Kidd Classic couture lip colour
This is the first Jemma Kidd product I have ever owned, I have to say, loving the packaging, bright pink box and a sleek black tube with hot pink print makes a (sad) package hoarder like me v.happy! The colour I received is 06 retro a deep warm brown shade, and not something that I would ever pick for myself, but it will come in handy I'm sure when creating Autumn make-up looks.The lipstick itself is highly pigmented, gives a gorgeous glossy finish (oh and it smells amazeee!)
NARS Velvet matte lip pencil (Bolero)

To be honest anything that comes in a NARS box excites me! This bright almost neon peachy pink is gorgeous! I was going to pop up a lip swatch for this but my lips are so dry at the moment, that I know I will have to get the blistex and an old toothbrush on them before it's worth even attempting to wear anything matte.This was released as a limited edition colour for Summer but I just checked and you can still get it at asos.I can see me using this alot, so expect to see it on my face soon ;)  


  1. Can't wait to see the Nars lip pencil in a makeup look!


  2. Ooh you lucky thing! I love the look of the Nars Lip pencil :) x

  3. oh you lucky thing but so well deserved :) I can't wait to see the lip pencil in action it looks sooo pretty :) xxxx

  4. Such gorgeous goodies, the foundation looks amazing, definitely post a review on this ;) xx

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  5. @Emma I knooow, I cant wait to use it :)
    @Corrie It is so pretty :)
    @Adrienne Thanks so much my lovely!! I know! Its bloody lush, damn my dry lipsss!! I need to get scrubbing
    @Rhi I will do definitely I'm sure its going to be fab!


  6. Love the nars lip colour - so pretty - would like to see what it looks like on too! I use Lush's lip scrub (instead of the old toothbrush trick)it is a little gentler and it is only really mde from sugar so you can lick it off your lips! x

  7. @Fashion Bandit Ooh it is so pretty, I will pop up a picture as soon as my lips are smooth enough to wear it ;) D'ya know what? I had the bubblegum one in my hand the last time I went to Lush and I put it down, my lips have been dry ever since and I could kick myself haha :) xxx


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