Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August favourites

I know it's an overused intro to monthly favourite post's but it has to be said...Where the beejesus did August go?, in fact where has 2011 gone? oh M G, it really will be Christmas in the blink of an eye. I am actually really chuffed that it's nearly Autumn, I love it, no more faffing around trying to decide what to wear in the morning because of the unpredictability of British weather.Oh no.Getting dressed in Autumn over here is simple Jumpers,thick tights,coats,boots.Done.excited!
Anyway Im not here to bore you to death waffling on about the weather and wooly jumpers.If you are still reading thank you for your patience ;) Now on to the good stuff..August's favourites.
Loreal super liner carbon gloss
I picked this up a few weeks ago after hearing so many good things about it around the blog/you tube beauty community.To be honest liquid liner isn't something that I often wear, I usually use gel liners or eyeshadow for liner, however I have found myself reaching for this alot since I got it.It is the easiest liquid liner to apply,goes on opaque and stays put for the day.If you are a liquid liner kinda girl and you haven't tried this yet, I definitely recommend giving it a go it is more than worthy of the hype!

MAC eye shadow 'Bronze'
Nothing overly exciting really but bronze is a colour that I have always seemed to overlook.Bronze is a beautiful creamy metallic e/s.It is so versatile, I've been wearing it either for adding definition to the crease in the daytime or as a base for black to get a gorgeous bronzed smoky eye. 

Benefit Hoola bronzer
This is a bit of a cheat, as I only got it 4 days ago but I love it so much that I couldn't help myself.Hoola is massively pigmented and blends super easily, with zero shimmer and no orange/red undertones it is perfect for contouring or as an all over bronzer. It really is the most perfect natural looking matte bronzer I have ever owned and I could kick myself for resisting it for so long.

OPI Nail polish 'Skull and glossbones'
I had to sneak this in for the 2nd month in a row, Im still in love with it! It's still my favourite nail polish of all time ever, and I still think that everyone and their nan should own it.That is all. :)

Not too many this month, I have been such a slacker on the shopping front.
What have your favourites been this month? link me to your posts or videos below.


  1. I Love that MAC eyeshadow Colour! I use that liquid eyeliner too it definetly deserves a place in a favourites post!

  2. that smoky eye looks gorgeous! xxx

  3. Glad Hoola was a hit!! I fancy it myself but I've got a couple of bronzers on the go at the moment and Im trying to be good haha. The Carbon Gloss look interesting. This Glam'eyes Rimmel freebie one is pretty crap, although i do really appreciate the brush. You saw the state of it on Saturday.... MEH xxx

  4. Love the Superliner, mine's dried up so this post has reminded me to replace! Cheers!

  5. @Thecosmeticcrave It is really pretty :) Oh yes it's definitely the best liquid liner I have ever used.
    @Fiona Thankyou hunni :)
    @Lisa It's a big hit, love it! You would love the loreal liner it's amazing :)
    @Kat Me too, I cant rave about it enough.Glad I reminded you hehe :)

  6. Oooo i love the eye makeup! Looks gorgeous! :) xo

  7. @blog chick Thankyou so much hun :) xxx

  8. Now I want mac bronze dayum you blush slut dayum youu! Now i'm just going to generally be a slut and not be choosy hahahaha! xxx

  9. @Adrienne muhahaha! I think we are all general make-up sluts who were we kidding with #blushslut LOL ;) xxx


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