Friday, 26 August 2011

Mario Testino Portraits 2:Patsy Kensit inspired wet look smoky eye

I am really enjoying this book as you can probably tell seen as though I only posted a look from it last night. But playing with make-up is what miserable rainy (AUGUST) day's like today are for right?
I am obsessed with wet look smoky eyes which are pretty unwearable but photograph so beautifully
(especially if Mario Testino is behind the camera)

Again Im no Mario (no shiz!) But this is my version...
Products used
Sleek primer palette (Gold)
MAC Dark soul pigment
MAC Solar bits pigment
Urban decay Half baked
Sleek oh so special (black)
Loreal Carbon gloss liquid liner
Clinique lash impact mascara

I actually just noticed that I forgot to line my waterline, I blame my Pug Obi who was being needy as I was applying the make-up :) Its sods law that now I have finished he's snoozing on the rug ha!

Ooh on a totally random note, Inception starts on Sky movies tonight which , If you haven't seen it (and you are also staying in on a Friday night) I really recommend flicking it on later its amazing :D
Have a great weekend lovelies.


  1. That looks great! What a gorgeous photo, I love loreal carbon gloss- so easy to apply x

  2. Thank you hunni! I love it aswell it's brilliant xxx

  3. I quite like this effect! It looks lovely!


  4. @Thecosmeticcrave Its such a shame its unwearable as it looks really cool,but fun to create for photos :) xxx


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