Monday, 1 August 2011

Love you, Love you not #1

This is going to be the first in a little series about the products in my collection which I find myself reaching for alot and then being torn between my feelings of love and hate for. I thought I would put down in words the pro's and con's of these products and with a little help from you guys come up with a verdict on whether certain products are really worth ignoring the con's for.
Soooo this week's item in the dock is....

Seche vite-Fast drying top coat


  • SUPER quick drying time 
  • High gloss finish


  • Strong headache inducing chemical scent 
  • Warning on the back of the product that states that Seche Vite contains a chemical that may cause birth defects!
  • Product becomes thick and gloopy after a few months making it necessary to purchase a bottle of thinner (really?come on!)
  • After a couple of days wear nail polish peels off in huge chunks.

While writing up my list of pro's and con's on Seche Vite, I came up with the cons so quickly, and aside from the drying time (around 2 minutes!) found it difficult to think of any other positives. 
For an impatient soul like myself minimal drying time is massively important as without it I get bored, fidget, smudge then either find myself starting over or removing the lot and not bothering at all, this is why I have chosen for so long to ignore the negatives and persevere with "The world's finest top coat". So the jury's out until I can find a really fast drying top coat that doesn't make me anxious about putting my hands near my mouth every time I wear it (seriously what is in this stuff??).

What are your thoughts on Seche Vite?
What is everyone's favourite quick drying top coat?


  1. I am totally with you on this, it's rubbish! And it can still smudge after drying. My current favourite top coat is Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat. Rock hard in 45 seconds, doesn't smell bad and is totally smudge proof. Win. xx

  2. I think the same way as you I can't wait for the nails to dry and almost all the time I end up smudging my nail art. I bought seche vite long time ago but find that the cons you mention(and price) made it not worth of buying it again. Now I use nyc fast dry top coat and even tough it takes a bit longer that seche vite to dry the nails, it has a gorgeous gloss to it and a better price tag:)

  3. @Kimberley-Anne ooh I always forget about nails inc I will definitely try and find a bottle of that it sounds great!Thanks hun xxx
    @beautyshades Yeah I don't think I will buy another bottle after this.I only own 1 nyc polish but its lovely if I cant get the nails inc one (45 secs omg!) I might try that 1 thankyou :) xxx

  4. everyone raves about it, thanks for giving the realistic cons too!


  5. Omg! I'd rather have babies than a quick trying top coat. Serious, they dont tell you that part on QVC or websites. Thanks for the honest review. Think i'll stick to the Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat! xxx


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