Sunday, 31 July 2011

July Favourites

Oooh its been a long time since I clicked on that "new post" button!! Without putting you all to sleep I will explain why, I have been without a laptop charger since my last post (over a month ago) which at first wasn't too much of an issue and I kind of enjoyed being free from my computer screen and living a kind of caveman-esque lifestyle but this past week I have missed my little blog so much that I forked out a friggin ridiculous amount on a new charger this afternoon so that I could be reunited with it *hugs blog*
Well as it's the end of July a favourites post seemed fitting to get me back into the swing of things so here we go.

MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural-Medium plus

I am generally not a powder girl, as my skin type is normal/dry I really love my face to have a dewy finish.When the sunshine graces the UK with its presence however I do feel the need to add powder on top of my foundation to keep it in place that bit longer. I love this powder as it manges to set foundation into place without over mattifying and keeps my skin looking really natural.
Chanel Vitalumiere aqua
I am trying to wean myself off Chanel Pro lumiere in case the rumours are true and it is going to be discontinued later on this year *sobs* So a few weeks ago I popped to the Chanel counter and got samples of all of the foundations to see which one could replace my beloved.Luckily I have fallen for this foundation completely! It is gorgeously light-weight but gives alot more coverage than I expected and a gorgeous flawless finish.Expect a full review soon.
Lee Stafford Sea salt spray
I seriously cant tell you how much I love this spray!!! I've used it so much just lately to create the beachy style hair that I can usually only get from being at an actual beach! There are 2 ways that you can use this, either spray on towel dried hair and then blow dry which I have found makes my hair feel sticky and gross afterwards for some reason, or spraying on towel dried hair and leaving to dry naturally which really works it leaves my hair soft and with the most perfect beachy waves which stay put all day! The smell is also uh-ma-zing its love!
VO5 miracle concentrate elixir with argan oil
I have wanted to jump on the argan oil bandwagon for a while now but have been too much of a cheapskate to part with the cash and pay for a higher end brand. So when I spotted this in superdrug reduced to £2.99 (I think the rrp is £4.99) I chucked it in my basket and hoped for the best. Turns out this is actually bloody amazing stuff! I thought that this would make my hair feel greasy and weighed down but it really doesn't even when I go a bit crazy with application! It's fantastic to use on wet hair as a leave in treatment or as a serum which is how I use it after I use the sea salt spray to get the ends of my hair (which actually need chopping off!) looking nice and smooth.
Urban Decay Naked palette 
 I don't think I need to explain why this became a favourite from the second I opened the lid and set eyes on those beautiful colours!! I picked this up about 6 weeks ago and have used it every day since as the combinations are endless.Definitely worth the £30 splurge! My favourite colours are Sin, Naked, Half baked, Toasted and Hustle.
OPI nail lacquer- Skull and glossbones
This is one of the 4 colours from the Pirates of the carribean miniature set which I bought a couple of weeks ago. I really only picked it up because the packaging was so cute (sucker!!) and tbh wasn't expecting much from this colour, however it is now my new favourite polish, it's a lovely pale creamy grey which in certain lights leans towards an eggshell blue shade. I am definitely going to try and get my hands on the full size bottle as I can see me running out of this one fast.
MAC lipstick-Hue
I lost this lipstick a while ago and my boyfriend found it under my car seat, I think he thought I was a little bit mental when I grabbed it off him shouting "Yay, you found Hue" he thought I had named it Hugh haha! Anyway Just lately my daily make-up has mostly been bronzed skin and a smoky gold eye so I love to wear a simple nude lip. This is definitely my favourite nude in my collection as it is so easy to wear, I love the glaze formula for being the happy medium between a lipstick and a gloss which leaves my lips feeling moisturised and non sticky.
So those are the products I've loved over the past month
Is anyone loving any of the same products? let me know my lovely's :)


  1. LOL at the convo with your bf! I always wonder if I should get that Chanel foundation, when I tried it it wasn't what I'd wanted but now I think it's quite close! :P Very jealous you have NAKED as well ;) Glad to see you're back, I missed you !:)

  2. Love this post, my Hue lipstick is so mashed up from too much use xx

  3. Hey Yu missed you too!! Cant wait to get back to my usual commenting self haha!
    Yeah I was unsure about the foundation at first but im really surprised at its coverage its great for warmer days! you need naked in your life like now! :) xxx
    @Lauren Rose thanks chick!! it's such a fab colour isn't it! mine is on it's way to being mashed up aswell :( xxx

  4. NATALIEEEEEEE!!! Missed ya girlie!! Soooo glad you're loving Vitalumiere Aqua! Thats the one i think i will be purchasing. (When i asked the lady in Chezzie Boots Chanel she said she'd heard no such thing about the Pro being discontinued by the way). Skull&Glossbones is gorgeous too! I might put that on tonight now haha.

    And i maaaaaay have just purchased a Naked Palette too so great choices this month hun xxx

  5. Lmao that story with you + your boyfriend and 'Hue' made me laugh so much it sounds just like my and my boyf - I can see why you're so glad you found it though it's a gorge colour :) love the lee stafford stuff too - perfect!

    Love the blog - following you now :)


  6. Love the fav post! Half of yours are in mine!

    Imagining your bf's face :) mine just didn't understand why I ran round yelling, 'I have a Hue!!!' after I got mine...
    Skull and Glossbones hasn't bee off my fingers for a month - gorgeous shade, I want a back bottle, is that sad?

  7. @Lisaclaire aww thankyou hunni! :) yeah its lovely go for it! I asked at the same counter and got the same response so yay fingers crossed eh? Skull and glossbones is such a beaut I heart it!! ooh let me know if u get the naked palette you will love it :)
    @fashionismyh2o Thanks for following chick! haha he thinks im barking most of the time, they just dont get it do they?!!
    @Rachel Thankyou I'll have a nosey at your faves! aww I def need a back up in fact I might have to get a few I cant imagine ever being without it!

  8. i so want the naked palette! love this, i love so many of the products here.

  9. Get it!! You will love it chick! xxx

  10. I adore that sea salt spray! Only thing i noticed though is I have dyed hair and it sucks the color out!! So I have to only use it when my color is very faded and beachy (and due for a tint!) NEVER when ive just had my hair done! x

  11. It's Gorgeous isnt it? That's a great tip, thank you chick xxx


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