Thursday, 18 August 2011


I think it has been a while since I last did a FOTD, I find trying to take a picture of myself such a bloody challenge that it can take all night to get a half decent shot.But tonight the boys were out I thought I'd rifle through my make-up drawers and see what was lurking in the back to take my very minimal eye make-up (MAC Naked Lunch and Woodwinked on the lid) to something a bit more exciting.
This was all very well and good and I got to work with my metallic purple from the Sleek 'Oh so special' palette which I hadn't used yet, and Mac solar bits pigment (an absolute biiiaatch for fall out!) which resulted in a gorgeous and tres glam deep purple/gold smoky that I was actually looking forward to getting pictures of had I not left my camera in the car.fml. brilliant.To the webcam!
I'm not too sure what this face is all about.
so even though the pictures are completely shit which makes me sad I still wanted to have a little ramble on here,and I needed to put a picture of something in :) The last picture is me right now, I was freezing to death, so I went and found this massive woolly (seriously ten attempts there to spell woolly!!) jumper in my boyfriend's wardrobe.I'm actually pretty chuffed it's cold I miss getting all wrapped up and cozy!
Anyway I'm not moving now, I plan on lying here all night and seeing what channel 5 are going to do with Big Brother, who's watching it?, own up! ;)


  1. It looks pretty from what I can see Natalie, you're so pretty! I miss the cold too in a strange way :)

  2. i dont think it was a fail by any means! i can clearly see the pretty picture or else i probably wouldnt have clicked on it- lol! but anyways where in heck r u where it's cold out?!?!

  3. o and thank god you dont have one of things where i have to "spell" out a word for security reasons before my comment posts...i hate that

  4. It's like a rather cute and toned down rock 'n' roll look, I love the glittery lids. :)

  5. No fail here beautiful. You're eyes look gorgeous. And you have such pretty eyes so the makeup makes them 'pop' out even more...

    What mascara have you got on?...

    Lots of love,
    Emmie xxx

  6. @Yu Thanks love :D Im sure it'll be nice and cold here when you get back! I cant wait!!

    @Erica J haha Thankyou :) Im in the UK it's nice today but yesterday I thought my toes were gonna drop off ;) Oh I hate filling those in aswell Thats why I dont have it.

    @Hannah Thanks alot lovely :)

    @Lydia Thanks alot hun:) I do love a rock n roll look, even if i am just watching BB!

    @Emmie Aww thanks what a lovely comment u made my day chick! Its the Bourjois volumiser mascara I think im doing a review on it tonight. Also thanks for subbing to my YT channel :)


  7. Oh yes please! Do the review on the mascara because it look awesome. One thing missy! You haven't entered my MEGA UBER giveaway yet have you?! Come on girlie...


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