Saturday, 6 August 2011

We're all a little mad here!

Even at the grand old age of 27 I still have a penchant for all things Alice in Wonderland. From the background history into why and how it was written, with Lewis Carroll apparently off his head on drugs throughout, up to the present day movie remake (Johnny Depp as the Hatter.Perfect.) the quirkyness of it all is something that really draws me in.
Anyway my Mum being as brilliant and thoughtful as she is picked me up some Jewellery from the range at The House of Fraser, and I am so in love with it that I thought I would share...
Top to bottom
Moulded key bracelet
'Drink me' bottle necklace
Hatter top hat earrings 

Obviously I wont be overkilling the theme and throwing them all on together but individually I heart each piece, the key bracelet being my favourite although I lost the little 'made with care in Wonderland charm' that was hanging from it I'm sure it's somewhere in my overgrown jungle of a back garden *sad face*

Anyhooo I hope you are all having a good weekend, me and the boyfriend are off to see the last Harry Potter tonight, for once I'm chuffed that my memory is like a sieve and I've forgotten the ending from the book.


  1. Love all those items xx

  2. That bracelet is LUSH!! I have to have it!! TO MEADOWHALLLLLLLLL!!!!! *gone*

  3. I'm soo jealous! I love Alice in Wonderland it's definitely one of my favourite Disney movies ever! I love that Drink Me necklace. How much was it? Do you think it'll be still available for purchase?
    Hope you had fun at HP, i was so bummed out that it finished! :( x

  4. I'm not too sure about the prices as they were presents but I only got them a few weeks ago so I should imagine that they are still on the House of Fraser website :) Aaw thanks but we missed the film it was on earlier than we thought, we are going to catch it this Thursday :D xxx

  5. aww gosh these are so pretty, lovely photography too lovely :) x

  6. Thanks alot hunni, taking pics of jewellery is a biiiaatch, glad I don't have a jewellery blog lol! ;) xxx

  7. Love the jewellery, i want the bracelet!!

    Sadie xx


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