Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sinless sun DARING tan eek!!

I have been eyeing up this bottle of fake tan in Superdrug for about a month now (mainly because I like the Soap and Glory-esque packaging) and despite having heard no reviews at all about it or really being able to find any information at all on it anywhere over the internet, curiosity finally got the better of me this week and I purchased a bottle for a little under £11.

Saturday was a peaceful one in my house, the puppies were sleepy and the boys were out footballing and what not, so I had me a l'il pamperoony day which included the application of Daring sinless sun!
My first reaction to the chocolate sauce colour and consistency of this product was terror, it's very dark and very runny and I almost decided against it, but in the interests of providing the facts, I slapped it on like the beauty trooper that I am....WELL!....I looked like I had spent a month in Greece doing nothing but sunbathing from dusk til dawn jeeeeeeeez I was dark, OK I had expected this and bought it on myself! The calming thought that kept me strong throughout was that this was the guide colour and I only had 6 hours of looking like Ross from friends after his unfortunate spray tan until I could shower it off and be transformed into a J-lo lookalike *ahem*

4 hours later in the daylight, and I was freaking out a little, I was looking a little orange and patchy and wishing I had St.Morized instead!!

After showering the (nasty) guide colour away...
Luckily the streaks that were on my hands evened up aswell,which I was shocked about!

Will I be repurchasing? 
After my terrifying OMG im gonna look like Ross episode, Im surprised to be saying that I more than likely will.The only downside is that you have to be very careful with the bottle as the tan is pretty runny and leaks out, but I really like the colour it gives, its very golden and healthy and I have been complimented on it, even from my Mum who usually lets me know when my tan looks oompa loompa-ish!  At just under £11 for 250ml it's reasonably priced and I cant see me having to apply it more than once a week so it should last a while aswell.

What are your favourite tanning products?


  1. LOL I'm so glad it worked out, I was reading it like omg please tell me she doesn't look like Ross! :P It looks really effective but I don't blame you for being scared at all! I've only ever tried St. Moriz and I think I'll stick with it, it's so easy to use :)

  2. Did I have u on the edge of your seat? haha!:) It would have been sooo funny if I had turned out like Ross and then posted a pic of a really black face with round white circles around my eyes at the end, like boo!! I usually use st.moriz and garnier summer body (for a lighter colour) Its really good esp for the price! This one is a bit darker so ill rotate the 3 :) xxx

  3. Wow--it looks like it came out pretty good! I used to be a big fan of the Clarin's tan products, although the gel does have a slight smell to it. The color is pretty natural though!

  4. Thanks chick, I have really been liking it :) Ive only ever used Clarins tan once before but it was ages ago,they are really nice though from what I remember xxx

  5. Seems like a good product overall!

  6. It does give a really good result! I was so scared though after not being able to find any reviews before trying it out!! But im pretty impressed :) xxx

  7. I love the idea of these chocolate sauce tanners - I bought one too (different brand) & am testing it out now as I speak! I like them because there's no commitment, & they're getting my legs through the 'oh-no-her-legs-are-pastey' stage quite nicely :D

  8. Definitely just a bit of moisturiser to keep from patchy fading but its wearing off lovely and I still have a nice healthy looking colour :) xxx

  9. This colour looks gorgeous! Normally I stick with my trusty St Moriz which is fantastic for a night out, but sometimes I want something that will last for longer, so thanks for the great recommendtion! And the reference to Ross' unfortunate tanning incident made me laugh, it's one of my favourite episodes.

  10. Thanks hunni its such a nice colour when the guide comes off and has lasted really well :) That episode of friends is one of my faves aswell! I love Ross!:) xxx


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