Saturday, 23 April 2011

Primark (and H&M) Haul...oops!

The oops is in reference to the fact that I haven't managed even a week without shopping, NOT ONE WEEK!!! Total fail!!! But I'm slowly getting over it because I now have some lovely Summery items in my wardrobe that have been making me very happy! Also I didn't even so much as glance in the direction of Boots or Superdrug (the only places to buy make-up in my small town) So at least I achieved something right? "/

It seemed that everyone and their Grandma was in Primark yesterday, it was evil! So I just picked up everything I liked and thought that it would be easier to try on at home and take back what I don't like, hence the two basically identical maxi dresses! £9 each.

These trousers were the first thing I saw and I love them! They are such a lightweight cotton and I love the braces! Cant wait to wear these :) At £12 you really cant grumble! 

Basic stretch boob tube £3 each
Im still umming and aahing over this yellow cardi! Part of me actually thinks its gross!! but the other part loves it! What do you guys think? It was £12.
Loose T-shirt £5.99 H&M I wanted one of these to throw over either vest tops or a maxi dress. I love new white t-shirts!
2 string/diamante bracelets £1.50 Primark
Chunky Rope and Gold chain necklace £3 Primark
How pretty is this necklace? I bought it to wear over one of the maxi dresses. £2.50 Primark
6 pairs of studs £1.50
Stack of 5 bangles £5.99 H&M 
Necklaces sold seperately at H&M £1.99 each. The lengths adjust and they look great worn together.

Honourable mention goes to my Mum for buying me this t-shirt...

Hahaha Yeah Pixies Rock!! How funny! Mum was like "I saw this and thought,you had to have it!" 
I think it needs to be my blogging t-shirt!!!

Oh I nearly forgot the BEST bit! I also bought series one of TOWIE! im so excited to be able to watch it whenever I need an Essex fix!! :D

Anyone else been hauling Primarni lately? 


  1. I love the string bracelets from Primark, the necklace from H&M and the maxi dresses! :) Very cute haul!

  2. I love the maxis and the yellow cardi is so something I would go for :) love the top your mum got for you too, so cute :o) xxx

  3. @Yu Thanks hunni have worn both maxi dresses now and they are soooo comfy so will be keeping them Yay! :)

    @Hannah these are my first maxi dresses for ages and I forgot how comfy and easy they are to wear I want some different coloured ones now! :) I actually have the yellow cardi on now and am loving it! haha glad u like my pixie top :) xxx

  4. I love the yellow sweater! I also adore that Primark necklace too. I have been shopping like crazy too and convincing myself I can shuffle around my budge...I keep thinking "it's okay, I can survive off of Ramen for a week for this" err...time to start leaving my debit card at home!

  5. Great haul, love all the jewellery!

  6. loving the string bracelets from primark! definitely will be on the look out for them next time im in :) x

  7. the yellow cardigan is a keeper. so are those cute studs.

  8. @susie I know what you mean!I just cant seem to help myself at the minute especially with the warm weather coming! :)

    @River Thankyou hunni! :)

    @Lauren They come in another 2 colours aswell :)

    @Cushy Yeah Im keeping the cardi,I really love it now! and the studs are such good value :)


  9. I have the string H&M necklace but have no clue how I'm suppose to wear it! Help!!

  10. @Jen I haven't actually worn them too much lately, but I have worn them over plain boob tube tops or with maxi dresses through the Summer :) xxx

  11. I mean literally!! I have no clue what string goes around my neck & how it's suppose to hang.

    Fashion victim. :(

  12. Any feedback on the correct way to wear that necklace is much appreciated. I've looked for photos all over the net and nothing. :)

  13. @Jen I had 3 but they have gotten themselves tangled up in my jewellry box,so Ive had to throw them away "/ from what I remember it just went over my head and I pulled the two strings at the back if I wanted to shorten it :) Hope that helps hun xxx


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