Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A l'il FOTD

Hey girls,firstly I'm chuffed to bits that my blog has reached almost 200 readers! Thanks so much everyone im really grateful! Another thing I would like to say is that as it is the school holidays and my son is off for a fortnight ive found it hard to spend as much time on my blog and feel that my last couple of posts were a bit rushed and not as well organised as I would like them to be, so thank you for bearing with me!  :)

Anyway enough gushing! On to the FOTD...

Products used:
 Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation
MAC MSF natural medium plus
MAC MSF soft and gentle to highlight cheek and brow bones
Nars Deep throat blush
MAC Paintpot in painterley on lower lid
MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow on lower lid
Barry M brown eyeliner pencil on top and bottom waterline and top lashline
Loreal Telescopic mascara
MUA brunette brow pencil 
MAC Hue lipstick 

I have been really loving Pro Lumiere foundation (which is typical because it is being discontinued!) for the past couple of weeks as my skin has been pretty normal as opposed to its usual dry state, I haven't been drinking any extra water or eating extra healthy so im putting it down to using the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser,the Oilatum dry skin repair cream, and VIE clear thoughts night cream which is so thick and moisturising, I cant believe i have never used a night cream before. I feel like my skin has been really benefiting from all of these things. Does anybody else use a night cream?

Anyway that was a bit of a quick ramble but I hope you like it :) 
I will be doing a review of Nars Deep throat blush soon as im in love with it <3



  1. Your skin looks lovely! I got Oilatum natural repair cream after seeing it on here (and doing a quick google) and it's really helping so thank you for mentioning it!

    www.justlikeh0ney.blogspot.com :-) xo

  2. Oh thanks so much chick :) Your welcome! It's great isnt it? Im having to really squeeze to get the last bit of mine out of the tube but its lasted nearly 2 months so im quite happy with that! xxx

  3. Oooo just look at your skin - beautiful!! The new additions to your skin care are obviously working a treat :) Still want to try this foundtion too. Must remember. xxx

  4. aww thankyou Jo hunni! Yeah get it quick,its apparently being discontinued this year :( fingers crossed it will be replaced with something even better though :) xxx

  5. You reached 200 readers so fast - really well done :) now can you come and do my makeup please!

    haha Would love to have makeup applied by an actual pro (ie. you) and not one of them makeup counter girlies that always seem to be so off the mark.

    Fee x

  6. You look gorgeous :) your make up looks so flawless. I love the eyes, so pretty :)
    Congrats on your followers hun, i was your 200th follower! x

  7. @Fee Thankyou so much it was after reading your blog that I started mine (but you know that)so thankyou for introducing me to the blogging world! :) Haha I would happily do your make-up! yeah some of the make-up counter girls are shocking Ive heard loads of horror stories, Ive only ever had mine done once at mac and once at chanel and luckily the girls were really good

    @Shannon Yay! my 200th Thankyou so much for that and your lovely comment made my day chick :) xxx

  8. That is my favorite foundation--isn't it the greatest! You look so pretty in your pictures! Congrats on reaching 200! xoxoxox

  9. @Susie Its slowly becoming mine aswell, I wasnt keen at first as i felt like it accentuated dry areas but im loving the coverage and finish better than Nars sheer glow now for the warmer weather :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment hunni :D xxx


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