Wednesday, 20 April 2011

House of Harlow 1960 Lusting!

So I am now on a self imposed (crappy) month long spending ban, its been 3 days and Im finding it tough especially when I'm signed up to receive newsletters from a great load of make-up, clothing and jewellery online stores! Of course I don't have to open them, but wouldn't that be rude of me? ;) 
Want that lipstick,please!
I got an email from accessories online yesterday, forcing me to view (ok i had to click to display images!) Nicole Richie's new lines in her 'House of Harlow 1960 collection' I love Nicole Richie's style so had a little cyber wander to check it out! There is also 10% off any orders made when you are signed up to receive the newsletter *dies*im totally broke and can afford nothing! Even if there was 99% off!! But a bit of lusting can't hurt!

14ct gold plated mini Key Necklace

14ct gold plated black leather stack bangle

14ct gold plated set of 5 stacking coin rings

This is of course total wish listing as all I can think is how much stuff you could pick up in Primark for the price of just one HOH piece?! I do really need some rings though and im dying for a maxi dress maybe a little Primark spree wouldn't hurt! 


  1. I know what you mean about the spending freeze, I seem to be on an eternal one! Everything is so much more attractive when you can't have it xxx

  2. I am lusting after that key necklace too! Although, FYI, Accessorize is selling a really cool key ring that fits over two fingers--It's not House of Harlow, but a nice compromise for folks that can't afford the real deal, like me!

  3. Its rubbish isnt it? "/ I had a little slip yesterday and bought 'The Carrie diaries' book hopefully that will keep me busy ha! :) xxx

  4. @susie I love the sound of that! I really need rings at the moment and have seen a few double finger ones that are gorgeous! Thanks chick :) xxx


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