Sunday, 24 April 2011


NARS have such a fantastic range of eye shadow duo's, I debated for ages over which one to pick up while in Space NK last week. I wandered around for about 20 minutes with the swatches all over my hand like a NARS rainbow! Eventually I settled on EGEA which I couldn't pronounce to the lovely sales lady (seriously the staff in Nottingham Space NK couldn't be nicer!!) and had to stutter my probably totally wrong pronunciation across the shop to her *shame*

The annoyingly named EGEA duo.
 'long wearing crease resistant formula, in a series of uniquely paired colour combinations'
Currently there are 33 duo's available priced at £23.50 and they are definitely uniquely paired. Some of the pairings look as though they shouldn't work, like the hugely popular 'Rated R' but from what I've seen the colours compliment each other perfectly. EGEA is one of those pairings, basically its green and purple (sage green and smoky lilac), not everyone's cup of tea but one that stood out to me as both are shades that I like to wear to make my (brown) eyes 'pop'.
Heavily swatched
With flash
Without flash
I really like the way the sage green reflects the light,sadly this is the only positive thing I have to say about this duo. I find the colour payoff disappointing, the formula hard to blend and too powdery which results in alot of (shimmery) fallout and whichever way it is applied I find the end result to be just blah, its ok and that's about as enthusiastic as I can get about it. Having said that (and hating being so negative!) I really love all of my other NARS products and will most definitely check out the other duo's that are on offer.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on NARS duo's which ones are worth checking out?


  1. I found the same - mine is in Taiga and it's quite sheer. But unlike yours I had a really dark colour in so it's great for all over the lid.. I'm sure if you sit down with the duo for a bit you'll find a way to use it because I was the same I was kinda disappointed at first, but after trying it in different ways I now love it :) I actually think they look great in the pics.. :)

  2. eurydice if thats how you spell it


  3. @Yu hey chick! Yeah I think maybe im going to have to keep playing around with it see what I can do.I think next time im going to go for a more pigmented duo rather than a sheer one:) Thanks hunni xxx

    @littlemissnawtyliicious Thankyou hun :) xxx


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