Wednesday, 14 December 2011

EOTD (Shock) Adriana Lima's signature look using only drugstore products

Channel your inner Victoria's secret Angel 

*Apply foundation over eyelid then blend over with translucent powder

*Apply the palest colour from the MUA innocence trio over the entire lid and blend slightly using a fluffy brush

*Apply the mid toned colour from the trio over lid just up to the crease and blend

*Using a tapered crease brush apply a black shadow (I used the one from the Sleek Acid palette) 
onto the outer V of the eye and blend into the crease

*Apply a gel liner (I used the Maybelline drama liner) all the way along the upper lashline

*Line both waterlines using a waterproof kohl pencil 
(I cheated slightly here and used MAC Smoulder)

*Take the mid toned colour from the MUA innocence trio on a liner brush and apply underneath the lower lashes thickening the line as you reach the outer corner.

*On the same liner brush apply black eye shadow under the lower lashes starting from the outer corner and tapering off at the centre of the lower lash line.

*On a small detail brush (or a small flat e/s brush) apply a pale gold highlight on the tear duct area. (I used one from the MUA heaven and earth palette)

*Curl lashes and apply black mascara. (I used bourjois volumiser of which I am not a fan!)


If my 'typetorial' made no sense,  I made a short video on my You Tube channel
(Complete with awkward narration)

I adore the Blue eyes and dark hair combo.
I would chew off my right arm for those blue eyes!

So being a good blogger I did my research on the beautiful Adriana Lima and let me tell you if ever there was a surefire way to kickstart a diet then watching the Victoria's secret fashion show is it!
My new phrase is WWAD (what would Adriana do!) I even refused chocolate cheesecake and carte d'or ice cream when I visited the rents last night!! 


*Yesterday Babyliss tweeted me to let me know I have won one of their Volume waves stylers in the Christmas competition that they are running...I'm hoping that this tool will aid me in my mission to be a VS Angel (ahem)

* My lovely friend and fellow One direction <3'er Charli bear has asked for my address and is sending me something that she is keeping a secret (to do with Aussie haircare) through the post :)

*Also speaking of one direction loverrr's it's Hayley bear's (sense the bear theme, I can't actually stop) birthday today YAY! Happy birthday Hayley!! we are trying to get Zayn from 1direction to tweet her, so if you have time please pester him and tweet "@zaynmalik please could you give  @HayleysXO a birthday shoutout #comeonZayn :) it would make her day" 

Hopefully you aren't sick to the back teeth of seeing close up eye shot's, I promise to mix it up and pop up some reviews, quite a few of you have been asking me what I think to the Jemma Kidd light as air foundation and to be honest I still haven't made up my mind on it, I plan to wear it constantly for the next few days so that I can give it a fair review. 
Also I have a rather spesh e/s palette on it's way to me which I will most definitely be posting about!  ;) 



  1. Very pretty, I love these colours on lighter eyes, but disappear on my olive skin & brown eyes!

  2. This is gorgeous, will be trying this one out xx

  3. FAB! This I think will be my christmas make up!!

  4. Amazing look! I'd never have thought that was drug store products. You have lovely eyes x

  5. @Georgia ooh Yay! Thank you hunni :)

    @What Larry Loves Aww wow thankyou!! :)

    @Just me, Leah Thank you so much!! What a lovely thing to say. This made me smile! :D


  6. This is SUCH a beautiful look, I'm actually saving the first photo so that I can try to recreate it sometime. Really compliments your eye colour too. <3 :)

  7. @Summer Aww what a lovely comment! Thank you so much :) xxx


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