Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Kim Kardashian made me do it!! Chanel Black Pearl!

Ok I was going to let any desire for this beauty of a Nail polish pass me by,I mean I have really never been a massive nail polish obsessive (until recently!) and although I am admittedly somewhat of a spendthrift,spending £17 on one nail varnish is not something I have ever done before and seems like a crazy amount of money to fork out on one small bottle of polish!

But as the title says...this frivolous purchase was not entirely my fault, ooooh no it was not! After watching 'Kim and Kourtney take New York' ,I noticed Kim wearing it in a couple of episodes and it just looked so gorgeous that I couldn't get it out of my head,anyway I had a couple of hours to kill in town this afternoon while my dog was being hacked at the groomers (they literally scalped him!!!) So I took the plunge, So actually Teddy is to blame aswell as Kim ha! 

I literally couldn't get it on my nails fast enough..and here are the results... 

Defo needing a manicure by the looks of my cuticles so close-up!! But that aside,I am so happy I purchased this! It applies like a dream is opaque in two coats and each coat dries in less than 5 minutes! 
I also now feel one step closer to becoming Kim Kardashian haha! 

A couple of other purchases I made today which I have no one to blame other than myself for!!

1. Sleek Pan-Tao Blush from the Avoir la peche collection 
2.MUA Lipstick- shade 7
3.Sleek Pout Polish- Powder pink

And the swatches...

Sleek Pout Polish-Powder pink
MUA Lipstick-Shade 7
Sleek Pan-tao Blush

Im really pleased that the Pan-tao blush was back in stock at superdrug today as I was so gutted after swatching it last week when I found that they had ran out! Anyway these few little goodies will be keeping me happy for a while.
Im obsessed with Sleek and MUA at the moment especially the lipsticks and Blushers in peaches and pinks!! 

What have you been obsessing over lately??


  1. I love that nail polish...I wonder who will release a dupe first! Love the Sleek blush too xx

  2. I finally got my hands on the sleek blush today aswell! Argh I really want the chanel polish!!xx

  3. @Auctions Same here! She's stunning!

    @Zoe Its so lovely I cant stop looking at it!! I did a post on Essie yesterday and they have one that looks like it could possibly be a dupe! Yeah it's gorgeous,I was chuffed to see it back in stock no luck getting the new pout polish though:(

    @Charlotte ahh brilliant! I'm so excited to wear it...could do with going out tonight just to have the excuse to take my make-up off and start again haha :) Ooh yeah go and get it,its defo £17 well spent!

  4. I keep looking at black pearl and backing away, ugh i want it so bad now haha! glad you got pan tao :) xxx

  5. I was the Im kinda wanting the other 2 aswell eeeek! Go get it chick you can say I made you hehehe :) Ahh thanks!Im so happy with it xxx

  6. This colour looks so nice on your nails. I think I'll have to wait for a dupe thou.

  7. aww thankyou hunni :) That was my original plan but I couldnt help myself :/ If I find a dupe i will let you know xxx


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