Thursday, 3 March 2011

FREE Clinique products in April's Glamour Magazine

Hey girlies!!

As the title says,This month Glamour are giving away free Clinique Gifts to celebrate the magazine's 10th birthday issue!

There are 10 products to collect so 10 magazines and £20 quid later you will have the full collection (TOTALLY worth it!!!!) 

I only got 4 because I am trying to cut back on my frivolous spending at the minute (plus i'm off to York for the weekend and there are some amazing shops there I hear! Holiday spending doesn't count anyway!)

So here's what's up for grabs...
  1. 'Take the day off' Make-up remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips (Gentle eye make-up remover)
  2. 'Superbalm' Moisturizing gloss (Tinted lip gloss)
  3. 'High Impact' Lip colour SPF15 (Long lasting lip colour)
  4. 7 Day scrub cream (mild exfoliating scrub)
  5. Liquid Facial soap (Mild facial wash)
  6. Moisture surge Extended thirst relief (soothing dewy-fying moisturiser)
  7. 'Dramatically Different' Moisturising lotion (Best seller,For all skin types)
  8. 'Long Last Glosswear' SPF15 (Lip gloss)
  9. 'High Impact' Mascara (The one for thicker,silkier,lusher out-to there lashes)
  10. 'All About Eyes' (Eye cream)

Luckily I think I had got to my Local shop first so had the pick of all 10, something I didn't have the luxury of when Glamour did the 3 Full sized Benefit Lipgloss' Giveaway 
(Not that I still think about that or anything!!)

I decided on number 5,7,9, and 10 Although I'm really regretting the facial soap as I cant get my head around the fact that it's called 'soap' and also im in a pretty good skincare routine at the minute,I really wish I had picked up 'Moisture Surge' instead as Its the only thing that I have ever used from Clinique and I really loved it,the only thing that held me back from repurchasing was the price
 (Hmmm, I might have to pop back to the shop for that,the more i'm thinking about it)

I will be trying out my new freebies this weekend,while I'm away,
(They are perfect sizes to pack for a weekend break)

I will post a mini review on Monday of each product,so check back for that if you are unsure which one to pick up!

Oooh Also free this month in Bliss Magazine 3 Barry M glossy Tubes (and a maom sweetie!!) 
and don't be forgetting Cosmo for the Missbehavin' Gloss

Lovin the cherry red Barry M gloss!!

*We wont need to go to Superdrug this month at this rate!! 


*Of course this is a huge LIE!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. definitely buying all 20 mags! :') and im on the hunt for those glossy tubes too! ;)

  2. Ooh yeah it's Well worth it! I already want some more!! Hehehe ;) The glossy tubes are really nice definitely worth the 2.50 for bliss :) xxx

  3. I got loads of the Clinique free stuff as well. They are brilliant, aren't they? X

  4. Ahh they are fab!!:) I really need to go and get some more before they disappear,Im really loving the eye cream and mascara what did u get? xxx


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