Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose,Lips and Nails day!

Hey girls!
As its red nose day today I felt inspired to do a look based on all things red to show my support for this amazing charity! 

An outdated Red Nose I like to think of it as vintage!
My son has this years at school :)

Nails-Barry M 'Red Glitter' 
Lips-MAC lipliner 'Brick' to line and fill the whole lip
MAC lipstick (a discontinued Lustre,The name has rubbed off the bottom :()

How good was Chris Moyles? I was addicted!!!
Is anyone doing anything fun for comic relief?


  1. Love the images GEE Red looks great on you.. well maybe not the nose :)

  2. GEE thanks Jim! I rather liked the red lips its not something I wear too often I did wimp out and take it off though for the school run "/ xxx
    Ahh how can u say you dont love the nose? It has teeth!! hahaha xxx

  3. have a nice lips and eyes...

  4. Love the lips and nails combo!
    Red lips really do suit you.

    As for doing anything fun...I didn't personally but I did my other halfs nails in red with little eyes and so far he's raised just over £200 which is amazing seeing as it's just abit of nail art!

    Very proud of him for doing it and getting so much for charity :)

    Fee x

  5. I love the pinky-red lipstick. It really suits you! I need to try a little harder & find a way to wear red!

  6. @auction Thanks v.much :)

    @Fee Thanks alot hun! oooh you should soooo take a picture of your boy with the nail art on and put it on your blog!! wow £200 thats wicked :)) xxx

    @25FLONDON ahh thankyou :D Yeah I need to try and wear it more,I took it off when i went to pick up my son from school *wusss* I think its a great look for night time though :) xxx

  7. You do have great lips and eyes

  8. I love the red nails! It suits you perfect

  9. red lipstick suits you so well!

  10. Aaah thanks for the lovely comments,:) xxx


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