Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Essie polishes for peanuts!

Beauty express is a site that somehow I have managed to forget about since I worked in a Beauty salon and used to order from them for my boss,but an e-mail I received earlier on today listing their newest additions to the Essie nail polish range captured my attention... Essie Polishes £4.65 with free next day delivery (if ordered before noon) niiiice!

I love Essie Nail Polishes,the colour range is fantastic and they last for ages! I'm also a sucker for anything with a cute name! Saying this the last time I used Essie was a couple of years back when I used to paint my nails with whatever colour caught my eye in the salon,it was like having my own personal collection I really loved that!!

Anyway when payday rolls around I have my eye on these beauties!

Mink Muffs mwah haha (childish, but I bet you laughed! )

Jam N Jelly- Perfect for toes!

Mint Candy apple 

Over the top-Is this a Dupe for Chanel black pearl??
 I'm thinking its a contender!

With nearly 80 shades to choose from I could add at least 10 more to the list but these 4 are my top picks and I'm excited to try out 'Over the top' and see if it will save me £12 on the Chanel although I have got my mind pretty much set on it now, I'm sure Kim.K had it on  Kim and Kourtney take New York last week and ever since I cant stop harping on about it!!

Check out Beauty express' Essie range here

What are your fave Essie colours?


  1. I genuinely love you right now, I've been wanting to try Essie forever, this is the perfect opp! :) Would you say the swatches are accurate?

  2. aww thanks chick :)) definitely the perfect opp!! the swatches are really accurate from what I can remember. Im sure you will love them!! Let me know how you get on! xxx

  3. I'm thinking Hi Maintenance and Sew-Psyched atm :) I'm supposed to be on a spending ban so I might have to wait a bit!

  4. @Yu ooh they are really nice they would look good as a gradient nail i bet! ahh yeah of course u are you're doing really well!,oh well they are always on there :) xxx

    @Jazzy yeah I want way too many of them haha! i will check it out hunni :) xxx

  5. Thank you i go and check it out now:)


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