Tuesday, 1 March 2011

So i popped out for some choccie....

And came back with a lipgloss,the chance to win a million quid, and a new way to spend my wages in less than a week!!
 The New issue of cosmo is doing there thaaaang and giving away 3 different shades of Missguided lipsplash lipgloss'.
To be honest I have never heard of them and Google doesn't have a massive amount of info either,it seems that they are a new etailer that recently won Drapers 2011 best new Etailer award.

Upon further inspection, which was no hardship!!! Apparently, not just another new cosmetic line,but a mini ASOS (a bit cheaper but without the high end stuff)!!!,that opened in 2009 and has somehow eluded me!!

Well I am so pleased I nipped out for emotional comfort food at 9pm tonight as I've now got a new store to browse and I now don't even fancy the chocolate!! (I got a spots and stripes bar if anyone wants it! :))

Oooh,Almost forgot about the lipgloss!! There are as I say 3 shades,a shimmery white,Nude/beige,and a cherry red.I got the beige mainly because I don't like white gloss much and I have loads of red glosses! 
There actually isn't much point putting up a swatch as it doesn't show on camera in fact its not at all pigmented,it does however smell FAB (like vanilla ice cream!)and is non sticky!

I wont be doing a 3 cosmo purchase a la Benefit freebie months! But the issue is definitely worth a purchase as there is also a chance to win a million quid!! 

Now that'd be a blog post and a half!!!

Has anyone purchased anything from Missguided?
If you are as clueless as I am, check it out it's pretty awesome!!!!

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